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Wed, 1 Feb 2017 Source: Brobbey, Akwasi

By Akwasi Brobbey

I know they are all in this country, I can feel them now. I know that they are afraid. They are afraid of Amidus law brains, they are afraid of the wind of change.

I don't know the future. I am not using this medium to tell you how it is going to end but in a breath I'm only telling you how it is going to begin. The work of the special independent prosecutor needs not to be told.


According to goggle, this is one of the popular names searched by its users in Ghana. Alfred Agbesi Woyome is a Ghanaian businessman and a former Honorary Vice Consul of Austria to Ghana and a financier of the National Democratic Congress Embattled businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, the man at the center of the controversial GH¢51 million judgment debts found him in another scandal; shockingly of a similar characteristic. Pressure group, Occupy Ghana raised a red flag over a second lucrative GH¢35 million deal Woyome benefited from the state through its subsidiary company, Anotor Holding.

According to Occupy Ghana, there exists a framework agreement dated 21st December 2015, for Anator Holding to develop deep seaports (including) industrial parks and green townships in Ghana. This new discovery enraged

Ghanaians who felt their intelligence had been insulted. The citizen vigilante, Martin Amidu has so promised to retrieve the money Woyomes owes government.


The year 2014 under corrupt analysis again comes with the Brazil 2014 world cup $4,000,000 brouhaha. The government agreed to pay the $100,000 appearance fees to the players of the Black Stars and on the matter of agency sent a sum of $4,000,000 on a chattered flight to Brazil to be disbursed to the entire team.

The fact that the team performance in the competition was not up to expectation wasnt much of a problem as compared to the bad name the country got from the International Media across the globe. Players of the Black Stars were caught in the room jubilating and kissing the money. As the same old stories were told to Ghanaians as the government set up another useless committee to investigate the actions and in-actions of the Black Stars management committee but could not yield any better outcome.

The Justice Dzamefe Committee findings received support by sports pundits and lawyers for the government to issue a government white paper on the findings of the committee but the story is no different as we speak now. In the year 2015, Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah and host of three others per the Justice Dzamefe Committee were asked to refund whopping $30,000 world cup money but as to whether should be compared to Woyomes case. In Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah response to this shame was that, any attempt to surcharge him for misappropriating government fund is wrong.


In that same year, 2014, there was an attempt to uncover the massive corruption that shook the whole country in the National Service Scheme, Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) investigation came out with a findings that a whooping Ghc‚µ7,000, 000 which was manipulated to have been paid to 22,212 service personnel in more than 100 districts across the length and breadth of the country.

The prosecution alleged that Alhaji Imoro, within the said period at the NSS headquarters in Accra, dishonestly appropriated GH¢ 28,749,395.80 belonging to the state. The former NSS boss is said to have, on August 1 to September 26, 2014, given GH¢ 25,000 and GH¢ 15,000 to one Charles Kipo, Bureau of National Investigation (BNI)Investigator, to influence him. The accused persons have pleaded not guilty before the court presided over by Mrs. Justice Georgina Mensah Datsa.

Prosecution said in July 2014 the BNI commenced a nationwide investigation into the operations of the NSS with regard to the payment of monthly allowances to service persons. The prosecutor said a report received by the Bureau indicated malfeasance in the postings and payment of allowances.

According to prosecution, investigations established that from September 2013 August 2014, the payroll of the NSS was bloated by 31,516 names for

both the national service postings and the national voluntary service. Justice delayed as we al know is justice denied.


If you dont vote for NDC, I will go to jail under NPP these are the words web in fears from the former transport minister Dzifa Attivor. The investigation which was made into the Rebranding of 116 Metro Mass Transit (MMT) buses which involved a whooping Gh₵36,000,000 revealed that the Ministry of Transport which was responsible for the management of these buses contracted a company by name Smarttys owned by a member of the ruling NDC activist Selassie Ibrahim to rebrand 116 buses. It was revealed that the rebranding of the buses cost the government Ghc‚µ36,000,000 which is more than the purchasing money used in purchasing the 116 buses.

This shameful act could onlyt happen in Ghana! The company was to overbill the government with an amount of Gh₵1,900,000. Minister of Transport to

escape the shame which can never be erased resigned and what blew me away was her immature tribal comments she made in response to the corrupt scandal. She later took the position of Peter Ahiapor as the new chairperson of the Eco Medical.


Joy FM senior broadcast journalist Manasseh Azure made a very credible investigation to uncover the massive create, loot and share that was happening in the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA) which came to replace the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP). This initiative in the year 2013 was meant to close the gap solution to the growing youth unemployment which was on the


In view of that, the then Minister of Youth and Sports set up a Ministerial

Impact Assessment Committee to probe the allegations which was uncovered by Manasseh, the committee was to evaluate and investigate the accounting and administrative procedures of the agency among others. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in March, 2016 revealed a huge Gh₵429,000,000 corruption in the operations of GYEEDA.

To shake off the shame from the crown of parliament as part of its reforms passed a hasty law to regulate the operations and rebranded it as Youth Employment Agency (YEA). Those who were involved in this corrupt scandal are still walking freely while innocent souls are being imprisoned daily. Monies in excess of Ghc 300million had illegally been paid under dubious circumstances and as at December, 2014, only 14.5 million had been retrieved, according to the deputy Attorney General Dominic Ayine.

Akwasi Brobbey

(Senior writer and Editor at TIC)

Writer's e-mail: mr.dbrobbey@gmail.com

Columnist: Brobbey, Akwasi