The Incompetency & Visionless of Ghanaian Leaders ...

Mon, 6 Aug 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

....facilitate the supposed Chinese Invasion of Ghana

Any country that is unable to ensure the effective implementation and execution of her laws to the letter and spirit of the laws as are stipulated is a joke and a failure. In Ghana, almost all the three organs of government - the Executive (the government), the Judiciary (the courts) and the Legislature (parliament) are not performing satisfactorily as the citizens would expect of them. The current NDC government is in a different world of its own when it comes to implementing policies and laws effectively. They are rather more concerned about seeking people and companies to come forward with judgment debt claims of which they gladly pay them regardless of how dubious the claims may be. They care less about anything else as long as they are assured of kickbacks from successful claimants of judgment debt payments.

The Judiciary, speculatively or otherwise alleged to be corrupt in investigating and establishing the truth through the interpretation of the laws are doing greater harm than good to Ghana. They are fond of absurdly adjourning cases brought before the courts for no apparent reasons except probably for graft-based. The unnecessarily incessant postponement of cases brought before the courts for hearing and ruling are in effect retarding the progress of Ghana.

The Legislature are either not coming forth with relevant laws or are unable to take on the government on the floor of parliament when the government fails to implement laws accordingly.

Corruption has eaten into the very fabrics of the Ghanaian politics hence, the ease with which foreigners easily infringe our laws with impunity. Ghanaians living overseas do abide by the host country's laws. They punish us when we breach the laws in accordance with punitive measures prescribed by the laws. Why then is it that in Ghana foreigners of all shapes and forms can sneak in to commit repugnant acts without the laws holding them fully responsible? It is all because the foreigners who know what they are up to easily silence our leaders and law enforcement agents with bribes. These foreigners can easily influence anybody right from the members of government, MPs, Judges through to the police officer on the street to overlook their deplorable abuses in committal.

Let me single out the ridiculous behaviour by the squinted-eyed Chinese nationals invading Ghana to buttress my contention and annoyance at our visionless corruption-prone leaders. Most of these Chinese are sneaking into the country illegally to engage in illegal prospecting and exploitation of Ghana's mineral resources. They are all over Ghana doing illegal surface mining of gold called in the Ghanaian parlance as "Galamsey". They wield firearms and are ready to gun down any Ghanaian they perceive to obstruct their quest to exploit Ghana through their mentioned activity. They will not hesitate to inflict such a punishment on their culprit in his own country and on his own soil or backyard. What nonsense that is. They are also damaging our water bodies and entire ecosystem through their relentless illegal "galamsey" activities. Ghanaians must be very careful else, we will wake up one day to find a Chinese ruling Ghana and reducing all Ghanaians to modern day slaves on our own soil. "Invasive species are non-native species that disperse widely, rapidly, and at the expense of native species in an ecosystem".

I will be writing more on how Ghanaians will soon become slaves in their own country if the brazen lawlessness of the Chinese and the stupidity cum visionless of our leaders are not addressed sooner.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson