The Infidelity of the Ghanaian Women Abroad

Sun, 20 Dec 2009 Source: Adofo, Rockson

My New Year resolution is to highlight on the disparaging infidelity of some Ghanaian women abroad. I am very optimist that such an endeavour may greatly assist in the fight against marital unfaithfulness, as these habits which are although anathema to our enviable Ghanaian culture, have crept fashionably into the lives of many a Ghanaian ladies abroad. Some of our Ghanaian ladies, especially the married ones, are a total disgrace, to start with.

All the underlying cited instances highlighting the abhorrent attitudes of the present day Ghanaian hustlers abroad are nothing less than the absolute truth. A childhood girlfriend of several years was conveyed abroad by her boyfriend with the tacit support and blessings of her parents. They got wedded and had been living happily together for over eighteen years. The woman out of the blue started complaining about the unethical libidos of her friends. Least did the man suspect that his wife was herself essentially a participant in the reported unpleasant acts. "Bad associations spoil useful habits" so the Bible says. Her elder sister who was once more of a whore than a decent married woman, arranged to give her to another man through what a footballer will say, "a back pass". The new man is seven to eight years younger than this inglorious wife.

Her new love, first proposed to her elder sister thinking the elder sister was the younger judging from her immaculate but deceiving outward beautiful features. She told the young man she was engaged in a serious friendship with some man, thus, she has a boyfriend. She has a boyfriend indeed! This lady who finds it difficult to pull her two thighs closed for a second, really had a husband in Ghana but again decided to possess a serious boyfriend in London. Was she not the same lady who was more of a married wife to the paramount chief of her town whenever she proceeded there on visit from Accra, although she normally lived with her wedded husband in Accra? In the end, she passed her married sister to this then young man of thirty three years in what is a similitude of a pass back in football parlance.

Whenever her husband was away to work, she would spend the entire night phoning almost every ten minutes into the boy's radio station's studio to have a love chat with him. An old lady chasing a young blood! For the first time in history a married woman was chatting up a man instead of having the development in the reverse order. Wow! She was in the end caught out when one morning her telephone bill arrived and the husband opened the envelope. Oops, ouch! What am I seeing? Am I losing my vision or what, he said? The entire itemised billing was overflowing with the telephone number of that young chap. The husband called to the number from the woman's phone to alert the prowling wanker that daylight has dawned on his nefarious activities with his wife. The long and short of the story is the woman lied to get her entire family to back her up to move out of her marriage into the bosom of this young guy who is seven to eight years her junior. Whatever she found admirable in the boy, she has been dumped six years later. This London FM radio station's presenter playboy has left her for another unsuspecting lady. This guy had the guts to insult the woman's husband when they were initially caught to be having an affair all because the woman's parents had given them the green light to proceed with their ungodly libidinal relationship. I would have been more elaborative on this issue was I writing a script for a screenplay. What stops me from writing that script? Time will tell.

There were also two Ghanaian women doing night cleaning job in Canary Wharf in London. One was a supervisor whilst the other, pregnant of course, was an ordinary cleaner. These two ladies are both married to their husbands. But one can just imagine what lowlifes they are/were. At work place, they were both having an affair with another male cleaner-supervisor from Kenya. The pregnant woman was dropped off at work every night by her Ghanaian husband in his car. She has such elegant body features that make her the apple of every man's eye. One can hardly take their eyes off her when they come into contact. This Kenyan guy would not mind the other woman until this highly dishonest but fair-skinned succulent damsel had left or did not attend work that night. The two women became highly antagonistic and wouldn't hesitate to be at each others throat had the opportunity occurred. They were permanently bellicose, casting insinuations at each other. What a shame, married women behaving unfaithfully behind the back of their husbands? Why should she, heavily pregnant as she was, still fighting to receive sexual gratification top-up from another man as though she was topping-up her pay-as-you-go mobile phone? Was his husband not performing satisfactorily in bed when making love to her? Who then was the biological father of the foetus she was carrying? Only DNA could decide but was his real husband at home aware of her insincere double-game playing - having a spare husband at work?

On this other day, a married Ghanaian lady-cleaner was caught in the act having sexual intercourse with a Nigerian cleaning supervisor. These Nigerians who think they are two inches taller than the Ghanaian have taken their "419" antics a step farther. They are sweet-talking the Ghanaian ladies into sleeping with them at any least opportunity. This guy however got his comeuppance for his misbehaviour when he was caught as early as one 04:00 hours making love to a married Ghanaian lady. The Nigerian had been mistreating a male Ghanaian cleaner who luckily caught them in their frivolously sleazy conduct. He told them he was going to reveal it to the lady's husband whom he knew very well. The Nigerian begged him not to, but rather entered into some mutual agreement with him. He promised not to harass him any longer but also would mark him to be paid extra more hours everyday that he worked. As though this was not enough, the guy always threatened them with, "I will tell the woman's husband", to squeeze more favours out of the Nigerian. At a point where the Nigerian had exhausted all avenues to pacifying this once maltreated sly Ghanaian who now had the upper hand to exact a pound of his flesh, he resigned his job in utter frustration. The evil that men do lives after them. The Nigerian was made to taste the bitterness of his own pill similarly as administered to others.

On another occasion, a Nigerian security officer was disturbed by a member of staff. This man had stayed late into the night to complete an urgent office work. Hardly had he left at around 03:00 hours when he realised he had left a vital document behind which needs picking up at all cost. Just as he had left, this Nigerian security officer signalled to a Nigerian lady with whom they were an item to meet him in the copier area. When the man came back into the building, the security officer was not on his reception post. Where could he be, he might have questioned himself? He wondered where he could have disappeared to within such a twinkle of an eye time that he had left the building. On his way back to his office room, he could hear some subdued love-making moaning coming from a room not far from his. He pushed the door open and lo and behold, he could not believe what he was seeing. The lady was bent over with the man standing closely behind her with his hands on her hips, his trousers dropped down to his ankle, trailing on the floor. His then erected manhood deeply inserted in her private part probing the uncharted oceanic depths as though it was an endoscope, suddenly lost its erection. The staff member was shocked beyond belief. He stood still for about ten seconds as though he was electrified, watching but completely absent-minded with his mouth wide open and the lower lip droopy. The security officer was instantaneously drenched in sweat with the heart pounding out of tempo against his rib cage as soon as he heard the door swung open. He slightly turned his head backwards, looked at the direction of the staff member and said, "Oga Sir, sorry ooo". The man slammed the door shut, went to his office to retrieve the document and made his way out of the building. Getting to the reception, he picked up the phone, informed the security officer's headquarters about the unsightly scene, and ordered them to have him removed from site immediately. The Nigerian lady was as well a married woman, doing the usual night cleaning job to earn an income to supplement the household's expenses. What has gone wrong with these cleaners? Is it a curse to be a night cleaner? If not, why all these incidents of unfaithfulness involving our Ghanaian night cleaners? The unpalatable behaviour of these night cleaners is so disgusting to continue to write about.

There is another sad incident where a pastor of all people, has snatched a married woman from her legally married husband. This "One-man Church" pastor sojourning in London made friends with that family. Little did the husband envisage or suspect that the pastor by his frequent daily visits to their home was actually after his wife. He would pop around every evening when the husband would be leaving home for work within same hour. Was the timing for his arrivals not a crafty ploy devised to continue to bed the woman without the husband ever noticing? This supposed Man-of-God, would pray with them, start some tortuous bible teachings until the husband asked to leave for work leaving the wife to finish the teachings with the pastor. Sooner had the husband left for his Cabbie (taxi) job than the pastor finished the teachings with the wife in bed? At times after church service, the woman would pick up some church members in her car including the pastor. The pastor was always the last one to be dropped off. In a nutshell, when the man finally discovered their ongoing immoral activities behind his back and confronted them, the woman denied it. However, she blamed the husband for accusing her falsely and for that reason; she would allow the pastor to have sexual intercourse with her. She is now married to the pastor but still living in the former husband's house. One may ask why? It is all because the husband has five children by her, bought and completely paid for their five-bedroom semi-detached house which the woman wants to claim ownership of. The law being an ass tips the balance in her favour. What a double slap in the face of the husband? He did all he could, pleading with other pastors, chiefs both in London and Ghana, and the woman's parents to intervene to get his wife back but all to no avail. The pastor is never ready to let go the woman because she is not only beautiful but also rich. The husband who does full time at the Post office (Royal Mail) during the day and tops his household income up working night shift as a cab driver has provided the woman with all the financial comfort a Ghanaian hustler-family requires abroad. Here is a pastor indulging in immoral sexual activities with no less a person than a married woman, whose husband he knows very well. The Ever-Patient Almighty God will surely answer him

Read this last story if you still have the stomach to digest it. I suffer headache and feel nauseated when I learn about such abominable true stories. Once a Ghanaian "burger" from Germany went to Ghana. A Good Samaritan came his way after he had run aground and could in no way clear his goods from the Tema harbour. This Good Samaritan offered him food, free accommodation and money to take delivery of his goods from the harbour. He went further to support him with half of his plane fare to Canada when he decided against going back to Germany. He never returned the plane fare as lent him by the Good Samaritan.

The God Samaritan decided a year later to migrate to Canada to hustle for a better living as does most Ghanaians. A year later, he invited his wife over. No sooner had she landed in Canada that she miraculously got her landed person's residence. A day never passed by that the wife did not do something to upset him. She persistently harassed him, casting insinuations about how petite he is. She said to feel ashamed to go into public places with him although they had children together. There was a secret behind the woman's misbehaviour. That "burger" the husband helped, was later to be discovered to be having an affair with her. When she was caught, as usual, she lied to get her parents to side with her. She has since been married to that burger with whom she has relocated to the United States.Was the "burger" sleeping with her in Ghana when he was invited into their home as a stranded person or what? I can't get my head around this. Is it better to do good or evil, or the vice versa? I don't want to be more graphic about this particular story in order not to open up warts or old wounds as they hurt badly. The lady told her original husband, "You are a midget and I can't continue to have the type of you in my family by continuing to produce children for you". Quitting the husband on this note or pretence made him cry unto the Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient God not to grant the runaway wife any children by the opportunist husband. Lo and behold, the Most Faithful God has listened to his prayers. She would have been barren had it not been for the children of that supposed smallish husband. Whenever she was in the kitchen preparing food and her cell phone rang, she would switch off the gas cooker; lie to her husband that she needed to hurtle down to the corner shop not far away to purchase say, onion. Instead of five minutes walking distance journey, she would rather jump into her car only to return in about two hours later. All this while, she was sleeping with her new love without any least ignition of suspicion in her husband.

Over here, the Ghanaian woman's perception is, the man who offers her two or three free rides to work or the market is kinder and more serious than their husband who spent millions of Cedis bringing her over to the Whiteman's land. Shame on you such ignorant adulterous infidels!

A Ghanaian writer says in his novel, "Not even God is ripe enough to catch a woman in love", but here we are as human beings catching women having an affair. In part II, I shall reveal how to catch a woman having an affair. Those Ghanaian and Nigerian women who for free meat are having affair with those Turkish and those Arabs of North African descent in Seven Sisters and Daltson Markets should please put a stop to it. It is very shameful of them.

I have a nervous disposition. If I start something, I have to see it through to completion. That is my character. Stay tuned for more correctional articles. It only takes evil to triumph for good people to sit down doing nothing but twirling their fingers.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson