The Inside Edition of NPP Aspirants IV

Tue, 5 Jun 2007 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The majority of the NPP presidential aspirants have not realized that some of their public negative comments had profound effects on their chances to win their party’s nomination. The use of such language also comes from the executive branch of the party, which will not bring any better result to the party as a whole.

Recently, Dan Kwaku Botwe claimed to be an aspirant as an NPP presidential candidate, but many of us believe his campaign is the wing of Akufo Addo’s campaign affiliations. Working on behalf of Akufo Addo, said “Rawlings did not kill any relative of mine for which reason one could say I am in the party because I suffered under Rawlings.” Firstly, the essence of his statement justifies that those who are fighting in the same course in NPP party are there to seek revenge against Rawling’s brutalities. Secondly, Kwaku Botwe did not realize that those UP traditional members whom he wanted to follow in their footsteps were tortured and murdered by this same Rawlings. His victims were Victor Owusu and many others. As former general secretary of the NPP party he should never make such a statement in public for the simple fact that those he wanted to follow in their footsteps in the same traditions were victimized by Rawlings. Such a statement is an insult to those who had suffered under Rawlings regime.

The NPP Party Chairman Peter Mac Manu whose similar statement in public that their party will rule the nation for the next 30 years is totally groundless. Does this chairman use any reasoning before making this impresslistic conclusion? The evidence he had to substantiate his assertion on that vision should be explained to the country. He should rather use his common sense to create new ideas that will be beneficial for these underclass people who helped the party to win power for two consecutive times. The country needs a person who will get us turned around from ethnic politics with a vision of the future and not the past. His declarations should inspire the grassroots of the party rather than making statements without any foundations. The party underclass who have been putting their hope on the party, need jobs so that they will continue to protect the party’s base. This should have been his major concern in where they can establish a solid base for their party. On behalf of all the UP traditional members the current Foreign Minister Akufo Addo should emerge from his political closet and explain his socialization with Jerry John Rawlings and Kojo Tsikata. This should send a strong signal to the party’s members about his self serving interest. Sometime ago UP traditional members were tortured, harassed and imprisoned by the aforementioned individuals. This individual was their secret allies. Akufo Addo had the negative mentality like Socrates of Greece the architect of democracy. Socrates was the one who took strong initiatives to fight these aristocrats in his time to establish a democratic code of government while he ignored the conditions of this underclass from his own community. Akufo Addo who went and solicit the underclass in his constituency to vote for him in two consecutive elections after winning his parliament seat he did not give a damn about their socioeconomic welfare. How much attention this guy will give if they allow him to become the president?

The Trade and Industry Minister Alan Kyerematen is being recognized by many as an Ashanti, we the Ashantis do not inherit from our paternal side only from our maternal side. Therefore, Alen Kyerematen is a Fante. Now people should understand the subtext of the question about his roots in the Central Region period. Alan Kyerematen has done nothing in Ashanti Region to deserve the 390 delegate’s votes in that area. There is this idea that the turf in Ashanti Region belongs to Kyerematen. It does not. He has no business in that area. This individual is still dealing with IFC, a private sector of World Bank. While he has previously refused to answer questions about his dealings with the institution, this individual is not credible to run the country. Ghanaians demand a person who will maintain a balance between yesterday and tomorrow and cherish traditional values- ethical concern honesty for the community.

Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi