The Inspector General of Police Must be Fired

Mon, 5 Dec 2011 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

This do-nothing Paul Tawiah Quaye the Inspector general of Police (IGP) should not only be fired but he must be arrested as well and that includes his top senior officers who have turned the nation’s police headquarters into a bribery office. Is the essence of police duties within the nation to uphold or to break the law? The police administrator who are supposed to protect and enforce the laws of the land are now the law breakers. They should arrest themselves! Instead of the frontier, our freedom and of our respect for the rule of law should be expanded in the nation.

This Paul Tawiah Quaye (IGP) who is the NDC puppet is diminishing these principles by allowing some of his subunits to collect bribes throughout the country. Nobody will recognize the importance of the performance of his duties in the face an endemic corruption that has become a cancer of its police administration in Ghana.

This Lazy ass IGP, who bases his decisions on the decentralization of the system and has implemented this policy within the police force, is not man enough to confront the most difficult circumstances imaginable and overcome them. As a result of these aforementioned reasons the NPP members should make sure that he has been removed from office before the 2012 general election. This IGP is there to protect the NDC political interest, but not that of the nation.

During my covert operation in Ghana this summer I discovered how some police prosecutors who are supposed to strengthen the rule of law are the most corrupted individuals in the nation. Before a case is send to the court, some of these prosecutors, will meet with the accused persons secretly, arrive at a deal and then charge them a huge amount of money before they prepared the dockets for the court day. Some of the accused persons who pay this bribe in the police headquarters will in the end walk free. We all believe in the due process of the law that says a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction.

however, under this current (IGP) police administration, most the complainants who are victims have their cases thrown out. Some poor innocent people are going to jail while the criminals walk free. In my covert operations I realized that some of the armed culprits who have means to bribe the police officer often walk free . This shows one that under this do- nothing police administration police malfeasance and corruption has become the means of their sources of the day.

Instead of this police administration creating revenues for the State, they are now creating revenues for themselves from the M.T.U. division who are collecting one, one cedi from these law breaking drivers on a daily basis. This do-nothing (IGP) wanted to tell Ghanaians that he did not know what his officers are doing out there, collecting these one, one cedi bribe from these taxi and Trotro drivers . In middle of my covert operation I was able to talk to some of the police officers who secretly told me that they don’t remember the last time they went to the bank to removed money from their wages. They say that at the end of the day they go home with enough money in their pockets. In Accra, Kumasi and other places across the nation these criminal police officers begin their duties around 4:30 in the morning. They take one, one cedi from taxi drivers till 7 in the morning. This is what the majority of these officers are doing on a daily basis. This is a disgrace to the entire nation.

However, in Kumasi, Accra, Ho, Sunyani, Cape coast and Tamale from the north to the south these police officers mount barriers and stop these drivers. They ask for their driver’s licenses. These drivers know what the police want one, one cedi. The driver will then attach one cedi to his driver’s license and hand it over to the police officer who stops him. The officer will then remove the one cedi and hand the driver’s license back to the driver without checking if the driver’s car lights or mirrors are okay.

Now on behalf Ghanaians the question or the theories we want to use and ask this NDC puppet do-nothing IGP is the “IF theory” If Ghanaians have to do this covert operations and police Ghana’s police forces, who are have become law breakers under his tuner, what do they need him for? If Ghanaians have to stop going about their daily business in order to watch these police officer’s dubious practices to the government, then what do they need him for? If Ghanaians have to do his job, then what do they need him for?.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi