Opinions Fri, 18 May 2007

The Interior Minister Must Be Fired

The armed robbers who are killing these innocent people for unjustifiable reasons in the country should not be continue under all circumstance. Due to the inefficient performance of the interior minister to arrest these criminals from their midst, have resulted in this free for all mentality of the criminals to continue to rob and harass their fellow citizens.

Common sense tells us that in society in order to fix the economy, you have to fix crime first. We need an interior minister who is idealistic and will not entrench crimes that won’t let people think Ghana is a crime ridden, dying country where investors will discourage to invest in the country. Whenever some people are unemployed they intend to do everything they can to survive in society. In a democratic system, laws are been implemented to guide any criminal activities for those who believe that, the fact that they are unemployed they can engage in criminal acts to live without the consequences of the laws. The interior minister who has the mandate over the police force and other security agencies has failed the nation to fight these criminals. Now new crimes have also emerged in the country where criminals abducted people at gun point and drew their blood and leave them until that person passed out. They use that blood for ritual purposes. In most cases, the police and other informants know where these criminal are, but they allow them to operate due to the ethnic politics they have been playing in the country. This interior minister should take random sample of those ethnic youth who have engaged in these armed robberies and killings through police crime data, analyze the situation and meet the community leaders to engage the youth to stop these criminal acts. If the interior minister engages these community leaders, parents and other leaders, these criminal parents will never have the audacity to go to these police officers and bribe them to allow these criminals whom they have arrested to escape freely. How in the world can the interior minister sit back and allow these police officers to risk their lives to arrest criminals who are firing against them brought in to police station and walk out freely due to the influence of monies from these criminal parents. I could not care less to write about these facts that most of the crimes that are been committed daily are some youth from the Northern Region clan who live in the cities and towns across the country. This is a fact people do not want to talk about. These individuals want easy life. This is where the interior minister should meet these community leaders and resolve this delimma. Arresting these youth who are also our future leaders and put them behind bars for a long period won’t solve the problem. The country doesn’t have the resources to finance these prison facilities.

In February 2007 this year the late Mr. Samuel Ennin, the Ashanti regional chairman of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) was sadistic murdered by one Sumaila Musah and his accomplice for unjustifiable reasons. In 2005, the same youth from the Northern Region clan rampage the streets of Kumasi when police killed one of their criminal leaders. These criminals took the laws into their own hands killing and beating people in a blood day light until the four garrison soldiers got involved to restore orders; while the interior minister could not take a draconian measure to ratify it. Some of them are in charge of printing counterfeit money into the system to destroy our economy Due to the ethnic politics, if this system does not stop and see these individual as Ghanaians but not any types of ethnic groups who were wrong and need to deal with them drastically, we will destroy our nation aspiring our next generation. Recently, in America at New Jersey Newark, the Mayor of Newark, Cory A Booker who is black, realize that it is own black youth who are destroying the communities with drug dealings, robbing people, committing atrocities against some innocent people in the city. This individual decided to take some drastic measures to fight these drug dealers they even threaten his life. He did not hesitate to clear them from the streets of Newark. He did not play any ethnic politics he did what he believes is the best of New Jersey. Under this interior minister’s watch there were more then one hundred murders and serious killings in last year alone. This individual thinks it is not of the perpetual achievable of this impossibility to fight this youth crime in our nation. This interior minister is not competent; he has played ethnic politics for too long, he needs to be fired.

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi