The Journey So Far With Akpah Prince.

Fri, 2 Aug 2013 Source: Akpah, Prince

Good Day reader, you welcome to THE JOURNEY SO FAR, a motivational interview hosted

by the young writer and speaker Akpah Prince. Today, I host one of the young people

working towards achieving the unity of Africa.



Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Abdul Razak Yakubu my guest.

ARY: I am Abdul Razak Yakubu, Born on the 3rd of March 1984 to Ex-Staff Sergeant

Yakubu Moro and Hawa Yakubu in Tamale into a family of 8.I started my primary

education at the Tamale Military Barracks, when in 2000 I gained admission into

Tamale Secondary School to read business and completed in 2002.

AK; Before you continued your education, what happened.

ARY: I moved to Accra, to look for opportunities, continue my education and also

gain some knowledge in Computer. Because then in Tamale we had only UDS and the

Tamale polytechnic. Whiles in Accra, Madina to be precise I joined a Football team

named the Vision Football club who were then a 2nd division club from 2002 to 2003.

But seeing the trend of how people make it in football, that is for a long time you

will find only one person coming out, I decided to think twice about my life. But I

was then earning 2000 cedis, GH¢2 equivalent which wasn’t enough though but I also

manage to save part of it.

AK; How did you continue your schooling?

ARY: One day during one of our football matches in IPS now UPS one of the masters

discovered how I was very fluent in the English Language. So he approached me and

after our conversation he advised me to take up a diploma course that the institute

was running. So with the help of an uncle, I raised 800000 cedis also GH¢80

equivalent and I enrolled in 2003 and got my Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) after

two years in the institute. After that I did my industrial attachment at Internal

Revenue Service Adenta branch for a year and that was 2005 to 2006.

AK: how did you get to develop your passion to help people?

ARY: Whiles in IPS, I met a group called the Students World Assembly, so during

their international convention in Legon, I met an American who was interested in

putting up an NGO. I helped by Volunteering, to campaign and rescue slave victims in

Accra Kwame Nkrumah Circle. In 2008 I became the Programs Officer where I was

promoted to the Programs Director and became a Director till I left in June 2012.

But Whiles working there I also got enrolled into the Wisconsin University College

in August 2009 to read Business Administration and completed in December, 2011. I

was then posted to do my National Service at National Youth Council, Greater Accra

where I now serve as the Administrative secretary. But I have also gained admission

into a university in England to pursue masters in Conflict, Governance and

international Development.

AK: And now your NGO?

ARY: Ok. I co-founded Youth Movement for African Unity with Clifford Owusu Gyamfi

who is currently doing his masters in Switzerland, here in Accra on the social

media. We are currently doing educational projects on Human Rights, Youth

empowerment, citizen Right. We have visited 20 schools so far and have organised the

Gift OF Life Annual Health Fair. On December 1st this year we would also be

organising a condom give away and health fair to commemorate the international AIDS

day. We have being holding online campaigns too on Facebook, sharing scholarship

opportunities with youths also in Africa. We currently have 7 regional coordinators

and 15 country directors across Africa but hope to have it soon in all 55 countries

in Africa in the next ten years. We have about 15 objectives which are all

strategies in letting Africa have its unity. Some are to establish a youth movement

in all African states and to advocate for African unity and integration defend

women’s right in Africa, to develop the abilities of all African youth to work

towards protecting the sovereignty of all African states and to push all

governments in Africa to respect human rights and dignity for all persons etc.

What are some of positions you held so far?

ARY: In secondary school, I held the health prefect whiles in my second year and

also became e the cadet RSM. And other positions in EPAWA as director and now

president of my NGO and administrative secretary of National Youth Council.

AK: So far so good, are you content with what you have achieved?

ARY: Yes, as a young growing person with aspirations. But I am looking forward to

achieve most importantly African Unity.

AK; Have you heard of any impact your work/achievements have had on someone, do you

mind sharing with us?

ARY: Yeah all our programs and partnership, one was with ABAN where we went onto the

streets to pick girls and gave them training. Our library project which also took us

to the streets to teach hawkers how to read but unfortunately because of funding we

have paused it. Our visits to schools have also created great impacts.

AK; What were the challenges you faced on this journey?

ARY: Never had it come that easy, from my family to what I do now there have being

challenges on the way. In a family of 8, we have to make way for others to also to

continue their secondary education which made me had to work before paying my fees.

My life in Accra was a surprise to me because I thought I could just make it very

easy here but the story became different when I came. Even three square meals a day

was also there. But now to my organisation, challenges are there and we are still in

them where we don’t have adequate funding for our projects if not from our personal

contributions as members. We also have transportation problems.

AK: What greater achievements have you planned for the future?

ARY: to contribute to the economic independence and empowerment of Africa. When

Africa unites it would be my greatest joy and also to be part of the new generation

of world leaders. President of Ghana is also my very dear dream.

AK: Any mentors?

ARY: I draw inspiration from leaders who have worked for Africa’s liberation, Martin

Luther King, Kwame Nkrumah, Mandela. Mr. Emmanuel Abeliwene programs Director of

EBASE Ghana and Adwoa Bane, executive director for women initiative for self

empowerment have also being an inspiration to me. They are my mentors.

AK: Are you married?

ARY: No.

AK: What are your final words to your mentees and readers?

ARY: they should always be honest, never say never. You must motivate yourself

through within. It must not always be people who should motivate us with what they

do or say. Learn to challenge yourself, do what others haven’t done.

AK: before we go do you have anything to say about the ongoing Supreme Court

proceeding in Ghana?

ARY: it is a good choice and very commendable because we wouldn’t have contained the

violence. It also shows Ghana is practicing democracy to the fullest.

AK: What are your advices to Ghanaians about this?

ARY: we must live peaceful and work hard to see Ghana develop. If we choose war we

would loose everything we have worked for, love ones, brothers and sisters may

become victims too so we must be very careful.

AK: In your political life which you want to become president which political party

do you belong to?

ARY: for now I am studying them or may be if in future none of them are doing the

right thing I might put up my own political party in help people I want to.

AK: If you should be ranked by Forbes, what category would you like to be?

ARY: mmmmh, new generation of leaders, but I would like people to recommend me about

the things I have contributed to the world.

AK: Any acknowledgements to some special people?

ARY: yeah, Mr. Emmanuel Abeliwene have being very phenomenal in my life. My parents,

brothers and sisters have being very supportive. To all people who have work in the

area of liberating Africa and all my friends. Thanks to you all.

Thank for your time and see you on the next edition.

Akpah Prince



Columnist: Akpah, Prince