Opinions Fri, 4 Dec 2015

The Magnitude of Corruption In The Country

It must be our ultimatum duty to uphold the fighting of tigers and flies at the same time, resolutely investigating law-breaking cases of leading officials and also to a great extent willing to resolve the abnormal and harmful inclinations and corruption problems which happen all around people.

The economy of Ghana is at its worst since it independence. Most of our people poor and they are wallowing in stark poverty and starving on account of the expensive consumer goods.

Basic commodities prices are always on the increase however wages for workers still remain. It is inhumane and unfair for all the hardships the people are going through. All basic needs are continually increasing and the present NDC government is not taking actions but to corrupt!

The economy is down owing to corruption as it is very rampant at high places. The problem with our society is that we can not absolve ourselves from the evil practice. Almost the entire country is caught up in the menace as we find ways to engage in the act.

I sincerely believe that most people will fall prey or get compromised if they had chance to get to the position where they have access. I could vouch that about 75 percent of the people are compromised. Although corruption could be said to be very prevalent among the citizens however, it very sickening to observe the profligacy exhibited by these officials. The least said of them the better.

The generation of leaders as of now brings to mind how corruption has been nurtured. The plain truth is that these people who have found a way into politics are amassing wealth unprecedented in the history of the country. They have no shame as they see no wrong stealing.

They see the elderly among them doing it without sense of shame as such see it as normal. To the elderly ones that should know better, understand that, you are the worst people only thinking about your own good and comfort. The problem with the world to me isn't about our own corrupt officials but corrupted officials of the so-called developed countries who mastermind must be considered to be the evil of every country.

Stealing is crime and those people who steal should be placed behind the bars as a deterrent punishment. Why is it that corrupt officials are still enjoying life out of the prison, if in fact stealing is a crime? Does that mean this crime has exception? That it only applies to common citizens of the country.

It is very nonsensical to allow such to prevail when it involves politicians and other public officials.

What the hell! If this is the case, then all rules shouldn't be imposed. I believe that officials are voted and chosen to rule a country not to take all the money of the country for own good and benefits.

It is very disappointing that all promises during campaigns are broken when they have been elected. They always tell that they will help the country fight poverty when they are actually making the country locked with poverty. The present problems confronting us are that poverty and the people are like Siamese twins. Whenever you hear about Ghana what comes to every persons mind is poverty, and that of its many corrupt officials.

For the past seven years living in the country has been ridiculously expensive and unfair, as officials are caught up extravaganza and profligacy while about 90 percent in the country are struggling to cope with the conditions of poverty.

The people are just managing to live on the meager wages. It was once said that Ghanaians are magicians. You will have higher expenses than earnings.

The magnitude of corruption in the country allude to and give a picture of how the people feel bad about the future and that our country will still be one of the poorest countries around the world and among the most corrupt countries.

It is the duty and responsibility of the youth to challenge corruption for their very future is at least at stake.

Columnist: Akwah, Nana