The Mahama Ayariga Factor

Mon, 12 Mar 2012 Source: Awuni, Ben

Well? The

saying of Mr. Frog after he was question about his silence in summer, but

rather races his loud mouth during raining season, may not be applied to this

young politician who uses all his might for one aim, an aim to recapture the

Bawku Central Constituency seat at all cost, no matter the cost, regardless the

number of causalities in his bid to wining the seat, weather for his person or

to increase the NDC seat in the House of the assembly is a million dollar question.

Yes, he was

all over lobbying security capos during Kufour led regime to support him win

the seat. He together with Raymond Atugubah then used the Legal Resource Center

has a bargaining tool and was cited escorting Nigerian politicians to Bawku for

the funeral of late Hawa Yakubu, MP for Bawku Central sponsored by the NPP regime.



President, Jonh Mills, handed over Bawku to Ayariga, together with his mentor

Cletus Avoka, what did he do?


1 He influenced

the nomination and confirmation of Musah as the MCE to Promote his selfish

political agenda and that of the Kusasi’s course.

2 Distributed

Pistols/assault rifles to NDC/KUSASI tribesmen to protect their interest and

his ambition, an open secret known to some cabinet ministers under the Mills

led administration yet they talk about?

3 Declare

JIHAD (HOLY WAR) to any person who attempts to resist his parliamentary

ambition, also openly targeting his parliamentary opponent even at the

intra-party ISSAKU Mohammed young

dynamic politician so sidelined and maimed just because he wants the

parliamentary seat, and sidelined his opponents.

4 So

resourcefull through Muni Bolnaba, NDC regional chairman for upper east region,

who uses party influence and hijacked eighty percentage of upper east region

contracts and selling them outright for

fifteen 15 percentage in order to raise funds for the Ayariga ambition,

they fell out because funds generated used by Muni to

purchased land in Accra at Ashley Botwey and invested in HAWA Bolnaba, the

wife of Muni Bolnaba a notorious fertilizer smuggler who use Ayariga’s

political might to smuggle products to Togo and Burkina Fasso to the detriment

of the poor war torn farmers.

5 Has

control of police and military including other security agents in Bawku, to do

all it takes to make his movement free and to put impediments on his opponent’s



Transported Sumaila Belbel to come for contracts and help jail Adamun Sakande

because he won the Bawku central seat and gave him Raymond Atugubah, the pet of

Francis Poku, former security capo to be the lawyer of Sumaila.

8 All these

activities are with the blessings of President Mills and Cletus Avoka, the

majority leader of parliament and MP for Zebila , a Kusasi by tribe.

9. Lobbying

opinion leaders of the Mamprushie GUMAH/AKALIFA faction, to give

him the seat in exchange for peace,

sponsoring mamprushie youth at KNUST, LEGON, CAPE COAST .An advance auction vehicle


CONTRACTS FOR ZAKI known NDC activist and opinion leader of the mamprushie

using the name of presidents mills that he tasked to do all it takes to win the

bawku seat,despite attempted ethnic cleansing of the mamprushies.

Now, he

claims due to conflict situation, the municipality deserves class room blocks,

why not, they deserve tractors to farm and at the same time they equally

deserve pistols to be equitably distributed.

Details of

MAHAMA AYARGAS gargantuan hotel at west Legon will follow

soon in the second series.(a serious testimony of MARTIN ALAMISI HAMIDU assertion

of wolves in the NDC

boys looting spree ).


Part two to follow soon.

By Awuni Ben, Bawku.

Columnist: Awuni, Ben