The Marine Drive Project: Catherine Afeku ain’t looking back

Wed, 20 Dec 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

“They couldn’t come up with such a project in all the 27 years that they were in Power, even if they tried,” I heard that hearty voice chuckle. I turned to look back, and it was Hon Catherine Afeku, the substantive Minister of Tourism.

“Ana wonho?” She hollered a question at me in Akan that seemed to seek my affirmation, after the quick felicitations that ensued. And she got the right person for that because I have an arsenal of anecdotes to tell the malady of the unrealistic thieves of the NDC.

I must say that the NDC has never been a party with level-headed people who can think of anything better to develop the country except Create, Loot, Share, and Destroy! Why do you suppose I am not even surprised at all that the NDC Party is a congress? After all, some experts in the English Language claim that a congress is a gathering of baboons!

I must say that this is the beginning of the physical change of the topography of the land. Rubbish is everywhere, a disaster that had spiraled out of hand due to the lazy government of the corrupt former president John Mahama and his scavengers, but with Hon Catherine Afeku at the wheels, we can be assured that she would be an ace curator for the museum that the Marine Drive is going to become – truly a developmental project that would propel our Capital City to heights hitherto unimaginable. It will be a constructional piece of art with sections of the puzzle fitting in their right slots to make for a work that the world will applaud.

And it is happening in several other places, too. The hinterland will witness such tourism related developmental projects to manifest the President’s vision of transforming the nation from a hopeless and hapless lot to a vibrantly excited people happy with the turn of events.

They will never regret giving their votes so magnanimously to the NPP in order to effect proper change. I, am enjoying every bit of governance under His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and if there should be any dirty laundry in our party’s basket, I will never be the one to wash them in public. Chai!!! Catherine Afeku was slandered and falsely accused in a stalled attempt to push her away from making the nation proud and implementing her innovative projects in less than one year from assuming office.

The NDC had over 27 years to do something of this nature yet failed woefully. Why? Well let me begin by saying that the minute an honourable person joins that party, they automatically become fools. And what can an NDC fool do except destroy “its” surroundings like a pig, mixing food with dunk and feeding on this blend of filth.

I call on Ghanaians to put shoulder to bumper to help this government achieve the greatness that was merely a dream until we voted Akufo-Addo to Power! I want us to discard the empty noise of kokoon, ntetia, babies with sharp theeth, and other empty coconut heads that are parading themselves as knowledgeable people with big ideas. They had three decades to prove their salt and exhibit the mettle that they claim to be made of, yet against all these years, they have less to show than the achievements of Nana Akufo-Addo and his government in less than one year.

There will be skyscrapers, gardens, malls, coastline walkways, driveways, and playgrounds for all manner of people, including the confused faggots of the NDC, albeit that coming with a cringe! Watch out for the safaris and drives in the conservation forests of Ghana.

I mean this is going to be massive. Herh, this woman has got muscle paaaaaa! Honourable Catherine Afeku will not be distracted by the nuisance of the toothless hyenas. They have lost their dreaded bites. All that is left is their stench and the once- upon-a-time fake matcho image that they have long desecrated, and is no longer a myth.

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi