The Mind-set of Kumawuhemaa

Mon, 13 Jan 2014 Source: Adofo, Rockson

...and Her Cronies about Kumawu Chieftaincy ? ?Pondering over the most recent attitude and action by Kumawuhemaa simply leads me to reminisce about my own experience with a family member. Many years back when my younger brother and I unfortunately decided to run transportation business in Ghana, with both of us resident in Europe, something suspicious and unpalatable happened

?.A family member originally assigned to a Benz bus as the owner/mate was later redeployed by our then newly appointed representative to an Urvan bus. This family member refused the order of redeployment outright. His excuse was, "I shall not be able to cater for my wife and children should I move on to the Urvan". However, he was assured of the same pay and daily allowance as he was taking working with the Benz bus when moved over to the Urvan. He still refused and chose to impound the Benz bus; stopping it from working for two weeks. He insisted on working with the Benz bus despite all assurances to him from our new representative.

?When I learnt about the situation, I ordered him fired, fuming with anger. What came straight into mind was, he was dubiously availing himself of money he was not due. What else could explain his reason when he was assured of receiving the same officially known wages and allowances whether working with the Urvan or the Benz bus but still refusing and went ahead to seize the key to the Benz bus for two weeks? The Benz bus being bigger, could make more money than the Urvan so he could steal more, I should think.?His perceived motive is similar to the recent line of action taken by Kumawuhemaa which I want to bring to the attention of the general public.

She went to Asantehene in the company of some rich men from Kumasi. Their plea to the Occupant of the Golden Stool was she has spent a lot of money on the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute so Otumfuo should allow the candidate of her choice to become the Kumawuhene.?I was peeved to hear this story. What do they imply by pleading that she has to be allowed to enthrone the person of her choice as the paramount chief of Kumawuman because she has spent an awful sum of money bribing some chiefs and the like? Are they indirectly helping her to attain her selfish objective of availing herself of some Kumawuman money sitting in the bank, share the money among some Asanteman chiefs, and keep the rest for herself and her puppet chief while Kumawuman is left to linger in ruins as usual? Do they still take us for fools even in year 2014?? ?What is the real motive behind their mission to Asantehene with that flimsy excuse as already stated? I leave it to Kumawuman citizens to deliberate over it. She will NEVER attain her evil intentions no matter what she does. The people of Kumawu Traditional area will no longer sit by while she connives with her lovers and friends in crime to inflict total ruin on our land of birth. ? ?Did she not promise Kumasi Akyempemhene and others billions of Ghana Old Cedis if she succeeded installing her candidate as the paramount chief of Kumawu? No wonder,Akyempemhene, Mamponghene, Offinsohene, Manso-Nkwantahene, Ejisuhene and others were so vociferous in their plot to turn Kumawu chieftaincy history upside down. That was only how far they could go. We shall stop them in their evil tracks, I promise. ? ?Anyway I am not going to discuss things in detail as I am still feeling poorly and have not the energy to do so now. Nevertheless, I shall come back stronger but with a new approach.I hope Asantehene will not allow his personal relationship to Kumawuhemaa to take precedence over his readiness to allow justice to reign supreme. Kumawman people will not countenance any roguish attitudes and decisions from whomsoever. We have had enough of sitting on our lap while a few so-called powerful leaders take us for fools. This is a warning to all those secretly planning with Kumawuhemaa to underrate the intelligence of the citizens of Kumawu Traditional area. ?We shall not accept any delays from Asantehene. We shall not allow any meddling in our affairs by dubious persons working in tandem with Kumawuhemaa to inflict daylight robbery on the people of Kumawuman.?

?I shall call it a day. A word to the wise is enough.?

Rockson Adofo? ?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson