The Most Adorable MP of the Year, Kennedy Agyapong, Needs Protection

Sun, 12 Feb 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I will appeal for spiritual protection through earnest supplications to God by all sensible Ghanaians for Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, the MP of Assin North in the Central Region. The voice of the people is mostly or always the voice of God. Therefore, if we unanimously pray to God wishing Kennedy healthy longevity and safety from all political evils, God will grant our wish. Ghanaians currently see Kennedy as that long missing, but yearns for, ray of hope for ending the official corruption besetting Ghana governments.

Kennedy has unearthed the multiplicity of gargantuan corruption within the most incompetent government in the annals of Ghana's socio-economic emancipation. Former President Rawlings has oftentimes addressed President Mills' NDC government as mediocre and full of Team B Ministers. This government may be mediocre when it comes to delivering on her promised policies to alleviating the majority of Ghanaians of their financial worries, joblessness, homelessness and health care headaches. Nevertheless, the government excels in engaging and expertly executing acts of gargantuan crimes to enriching themselves.

Ken decided it was about time the obnoxious acts of corruption in government ended. . He did therefore not hesitate to convey to the public's attention the ridiculously executed daylight robbery on the country's Consolidated fund by one Alfred Agbesi Woyome. Alfred in all probabilities defrauded Ghana with the tacit support of some elements within the NDC government.

When Ghanaians investigate the supposed payment of judgment debt to Woyome, they will find it was masterminded by the NDC. It was to provide the NDC sufficient funds to enable them indulge in vote-buying come December 2012 elections. Under President Mills' administration, the Finance Ministry has fraudulently paid many such purported judgment debts. Ken is doing everything possible within his God-endowed power to oblige the extremely corrupt NDC government to make public the list of the beneficiaries. Ghanaians will be shocked to learn that the government has not only made some payments to dubious persons working for the interest of the NDC party but also, to totally ghost names.

Anyway, President Mills by obliged protocol following from the audacious revelations of the rot in his government should offer Kennedy protection and security. In the event of Kennedy suffering any physical calamity, of say, death, under mysterious circumstances, Ghanaians will hold Atta Mills and his government squarely and roundly responsible. The aftermath of such occurrence will not be palatable for the government and Ghana. It will become free for all "All die be die" As the country's Ewe-Voltarians are foolishly demonstrating and remonstrating in attempt to pile pressure on the NDC government in which they are very dominant, to release Woyome, so will the entire country go on rampage when Kennedy is harmed dubiously.

The staunchest critic of President Ferdinand Marcus of Philippines, Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., was assassinated on August 21, 1983 upon returning to the Philippines after three years in exile in the United States. His popularity was likely to bring down President Marcus hence his hurriedly assassination at the airport barely when he had stepped out of the aircraft. Subsequently, the anger within the people translated into the People Power Revolution that eventually ousted Marcus and brought widow Corazon Aquino to power in 1986.

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan was assassinated in a bombing on 27 December 2007, after leaving the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) rally in Rawalpindi. She was contesting for elections to become the Prime Minister once again. Her premature death finally forced out the Military President General Pervez Musharraf from power. Her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, stood in and won the general elections on the ticket of the PPP to become the President of Pakistan until today.

For all I know is, whenever dubious schemes lead to the assassination of the people's favourite, the ensuing people's anger leads to the ousting of whoever hatched that plan. It is in the context of this that I appeal for his protection and safety by the NDC government.

Many NDC activists I have spoken to about the Woyome saga, still feel President Mills and the NDC will win the December 2012 elections landslide regardless of any known or perceived corruption within the government. I laugh to see them continue to take Ghanaians for fools.

I know all Ghana politicians are mostly corrupt and they need People's revolution to instill sense of discipline in them, I will not personally vote for NDC based on their incompetence, insatiable greed for wealth, and their propensity to insult the public.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson