The N.P.P On Course To Committing A Political Harakiri.

Wed, 19 Dec 2012 Source: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele


Death is inevitable but suicide is not so said an old adage. Events unfolding after the recent general elections are clearly pointing out that the N.P.P (Nasty People’s Party) are on course to committing a Political Harakiri----a form of ritual suicide.

In life, if you find yourself in a hole the wise thing to do is to stop digging, otherwise you keep sinking deeper and deeper and eventually get drowned or suffocated.

To think that our brothers and sisters in the Nasty People’s Party aka New Patriotic Party who keep reminding us of their high intellectual acumen can neither add up simple figures nor use their so-called superior brain-power to reason out logically goes to confirm that these pseudo-intellectuals have been educated far far beyond their comprehension and the capacity of their brains to function logically.

What a waste of resources—money and time. No wonder Mr.Kofi Wayo use to call them ‘educated illiterates’.

Their inability to come out with concrete and definite figures as the numbers that they were supposed to be cheated out is comical and hilarious were it not for the fact that we are dealing with serious issues here.

It is so sad that they simply do not know how to do elementary arithmetic such as additions and subtractions. According to their General Secretary Mr Owusu Afriyie ( Sir John ) a whopping number of 1,000,000-viz one million votes were added to that of President John Mahama whilst Mr Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu claims 150,000 was the figure and Nana Akomea’s figure was 84,000. The pity of it all is that these guys are so useless and confused to the extent that they are not capable of singing from the same hymn sheet hence the discordant notes they keep chalking out. As the saying goes, they are so useless and hopeless that they cannot even organise a drinking party in a brewery.

As if the above is not bad enough, they are now talking of having a mammoth demonstration tomorrow ( Tuesday 18th December 2012) on the principal streets of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region after which a petition will be presented to the Ashantehene. Why stop at the Ashantehene?

One would have thought that the next person to who they will send their other petition should be God as they kept telling us before the election that the ‘Battle is for the Lord’. Perchance they do not know God’s e-mail address, I can freely give it to them. It is ‘god@wailing wall.israel.org.

It really beats ones imagination what these idiots think the Ashantehene can honestly do in terms of changing or influencing the collective decisions of the majority of Ghanaians. In any case the noble Ashantehene is one of the many noble Paramount Chiefs in Ghana, so why single him out and ignore the others.

These tribal bigots are so blind that they cannot see the damage they are doing to their cause however genuine their grievances may be. There is no better ways of alienating the other non—Ashanti/Akyem tribes than this.

I sincerely hope that the noble Ashantehene is smart and wise enough to see the trap these tribal bigots are trying to set for him.

Under our constitution, the NPP has all the right to go on a peaceful demonstration devoid of violence, they also have the right to go to court to ask for justice if they feel hard done by as well as petition whoever they want.

However, they have no right whatsoever to go about killing, beating ,intimidating, threatening and preventing innocent Ghanaians from going about their lawful daily activities.

Unfortunately these thugs are indirectly or directly being goaded on by the utterances of their leadership,the chief culprit being ex-President Kufour. His unguarded and irresponsible statement that the Electoral Commission and not the politicians should be blamed for any mayhem caused by disappointed members of the public as an outcome of the election results is most unfortunate to say the least.

While these hoodlums are terrorising innocent citizens of the country, the likes of Pastor Otabil, Rev Palmer Buckle,Rev Prof Emmanuel Martey –Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, the Christian Council of Ghana, the Ghana Bar Association and other Civil organizations prefer to keep silent and not utter a word of condemnation as they see nothing wrong with these uncivilized mob behaviour.

To his eternal credit Pro Emmanuel Kwesi Asante----Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church and Chairman of the Peace Council should be applauded by all peace loving Ghanaians for the heroic and wonderful role he and the Peace Council have been playing and continue to play in trying to bring peace and tranquillity to our motherland----post election-wise.

It is our collective responsibility irrespective of tribe or party affiliation to join and help the Peace Council in this herculean task in bringing about peace.

We are all at liberty to belong to a different political party with different ideologies as well as being a member of another tribe, but what we are not at liberty to do is to go about killing, maiming, intimidating and preventing others from going about their normal every day activities just because the other fellow belongs to a different tribe or political party.

As I wrote in my last article posted on the web on the 14th of December, (Post Election Blues—Have we Learnt any Lessons)the Leadership of the NPP has the onerous responsibility of bringing their followers to order and to stop preaching tribal superiority and treating non-Akan members of our society as second class citizens. As long as you keep treading this path, you will keep losing elections and become irrelevant, eventually your party will be consigned to the political dust-bin.

The other thing that leadership of the NPP fails to foresee is that sooner than later some of the members of the party will come to the realization that they have been lied to and screwed rotten for all these while. Once this realization sets in, some of the members will begin to leave in droves whilst some will vent their anger on the leaders.

Because of their arrogance, cockiness and self-assured belief that they were going to win the general elections hands down, they had the greatest shock of their lives when the E.C called the election results in favour of the NDC contrary to their expectations.

This indeed was a Political Tsunami which in its wake has paid put to all their plans and expectations.

Having promised their members Nirvana on the Political Mountain and thus marched them up for it but only to realise that there is nothing there but that it was all a mirage, they are now in a quandary as to how to march them down again without incurring their anger and wrath.

Right now the leadership of the NPP is suffering from what I will call ‘Post Election Traumatic Syndrome’. Those afflicted with this psychological disease shows clinical symptoms akin to that of a bereaved person, namely anger, denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

The leadership is at the stage of bargaining and they still have two more stages to go before the circle is completed.

As Ghana have two prominent Psychiatrists in the persons of Dr. J.B Asare and Dr Kwesi Osei, I strongly recommend that the leadership of the NPP consult these two eminent Psychiatrists for treatment before it is too late.

I can foresee an internecine warfare breaking up pretty soon between the old conservative die-hards on one hand(the no turning back group) and the young dynamic and forward looking modernizers on the other hand.

When this comes to pass, remember you have been warned about this first. It is obvious that the old dinosaur’s days are coming to an end.

My final appeal is to all level headed Ghanaians irrespective of party or tribe is not to do anything on towards but to be law abiding at this trying time. Let us remember that this is the only country we have, nowhere else. We should learn to love one another and be each other’s keeper.

We change or we die, we adapt or we perish. Remember death is inevitable but suicide is not.

I sincerely hope that the leadership of the NPP read this.


Columnist: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele