The NDC And The" Wahala" Demonstrations In Ghana


Fri, 3 Jun 2005 Source: Adofo, Rockson

The analytical diagnosis coupled with the comprehensive laboratory dissection of the "Wahala" demonstrations engulfing the country like a wild summer bush fire, reveal a spell-bound result of hypocrisy, lack of patriotism, stupidity and instinctive reaction to sentimental emotions, on the spur of the moment, on the part of the stakeholders especially, the organizers.

The NDC have never ceased to portray their entirety as typifying the usual African-way of doing politics, where one party sees itself as always born to win, to rule and be the head but not the tail. Therefore they seek to capitalize on trivial issues, whipping up public sentiments regardless if such actions will lead to the destabilization of the country; once they achieve their hidden aim, they feel better in their skin and shoes. The top brass of the ongoing demonstrations, the tyrants and suppressors of fundamental human rights of yesteryears, are shamelessly orchestrating, flexing their muscles in what I see as baseless demonstrations in a bid to endear themselves to the Ghanaian public. It will not even take a moron suffering from sight deficiency syndrome, thus a blind fool, any time, to realize what evil these guys are though, seemingly cloaked in sparkling innocence.

One should mark it on the wall in black and white that the organizers have it as an ulterior motive to perpetuate the Wahala Demonstration into the formation of a political party eventually to be merged with the NDC. Should the NDC that are wholeheartedly giggling, spear-heading the demonstrations, tapping and baring their chests in the streets nation wide, have not derailing the current government through the demonstrations as an agenda, then they would take to battle their disaffection in Parliament rather.

What amazes one is the interest shown by the heavy weights in the NDC whenever an occasion seems to bring chaos into the country that might seem to bring down the government irrespective of its consequential destruction to the nation in a way or the other. This attitude is bad as well as being selfishly naive on the part of its authors.

This attitude to score a cheap political point will not work for them as it has not worked for many others before them both in the developed and the developing nations. A classical case is the Tories of the Great Britain who take after the momentary expressed emotions of the people's dissatisfaction but have always been losing to the Labour Party since.

Emotions are to be understood to be for a while and then disappear as vapour evaporates into the thin air. Ghanaians taking to or going after emotions without proper in-depth-seeking thoughts for explanations of issues and their repercussions, renders one a misfit in their own backyard whatever their perceived self assumptions.

Ghanaians out of hardships always belittle themselves. They easily allow their intelligence to be underrated, their patience taxed to elasticity point and taken for any rough ride in the undulated political and economic terrain by crooks.

Yes, there is nothing wrong about the public demonstrating against government policies when done in the collective interest of the nation. It is however wrong to embark on demonstrations goaded into by a few people with mischievous intentions meant to facilitate their personal selfish goals.

The NDC have never accepted being in the opposition is also of being a service to ones nation. All that they are aspiring relentlessly for is to lead despite their metamorphosed 19 years at the helm of affairs in Ghana. Nothing apart from being the leaders will be enough to quench their thirst for power. What a shame?

One can be of service to ones nation and people in various capacities without necessarily holding the topmost position so the crooks forming the nucleus of the Wahala demonstration should take note.

The architects of the ongoing said-demonstrations seem to legalize the Wahala into a pressure group to exert a force and finally change the policies of the ruling party. Whatever one does must be done taking the interest of the nation as foremost, before it is accorded any mark of legality.

Long live Ghana, long lives the Republic.

Rockson Adofo (London)

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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson