The NDC Delegates Must Pay Particular Attention To This Advice

Wed, 18 May 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The people voted for Prez. Mills for him to provide JOBS and stop Ghana from being a drug transit country. All Members of FONKAR and G.A.M.E must conduct CLEAN CAMPAIGN without insults, lies, mudslinging, hate and character associations since President Mills represent G.A.M.E and Nana Konadu who represent SONKAR are all MEMBERS of our great NDC party. We will have to come together AS ONE PEOPLE after the July Congress if only we want VICTORY in 2012 because UNITY IS STRENGTH. Peoples’ lives were put on the live and are still put on the line. Nobody must toy with their lives. However, if both FONKAR and G.A.M.E members fail to heed my humble advice, then we will continue playing and dancing “Adowa” ignorantly and dangerously into the camp of the vengeful losers of the NPP led by Nana Akuffo Addo, whose battle cry is “All Die Be Diee” Nobody knows the meaning of that slogan more than NDC members nationwide, after the NPP was beaten with only 40,000 votes in the 2008 general elections.

Therefore both camps MUST STOP SUPPLYING AMUNITION to our political opponents in the NPP through their self destructive utterances in the Print and Electronic Media in Ghana. Ghana NEEDS STRONG political parties TO BE able to survive as a Progressive Nation. Fellow Akatamansonians, WE MUST LOOK BEFORE WE LEAP. The Real Battle for political and Economic Power will begin in 2012, so if you continue to arm our opponents in the NPP, then what will be your campaign message against the NPP in 2012? Your unguarded utterances will seriously be played back to you by the NPP in 2012. Whoever disagree with me MUST BUY THIS BOOK entitled: Chasing The Elephant Into The Bush – The Politics of Couplacery by Arthur Kennedy. If we are not careful in the NDC, another book will come out entitled “Breaking the Umbrella Into Pieces” – The Politics of Greed, Power Struggle and Intolerance”, which will be published by…………………… and it will be a best seller like Arthur Kennedy’s masterpiece – mark my words.

Destroying The Aspirants

Frankly speaking, it is only people without SELF RESPECT who will insult Prez. Mills, Jerry Rawlings, Spio Garbrah and Nana Konadu. If you DESTROY President Mills, Dr. Spio Garbrah or Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings on your campaign trail, you are rather destroying the GREAT NDC as a political party in Ghana and NOT the two gentlemen and the Former First Lady – Is that clear?

Why did we lose the elections in 2000 even though we were in power? Why did we lose the elections again in 2004 and why did we win in 2008? Come on, it is about time we all become mature in Ghana politics like this writers from Obuasi, the Golden Town with Dusty Roads and One Way Streets. You must let the message in this article be your guide to politics in Ghana.


What is wrong is wrong even if every body support it. On the other hand, what is Right is Right even if nobody supports it. This is what is happening in the NDC party. The question of NDC members becoming enemies in one party is an open secret since 2009 and I have provided the Answers. The answers are; Triple Yes, Quadruple Yes, Gigantic Yes, Hopelessly Yes, Absolutely Yes, Dangerously Yes, Psychologically Yes, Jealously Yes, Bitterly Yes, Destructively Yes and Nationwide Yes, we are not only enemies but BITTER ENEMIES in ONE PARTY who are very much in a hurry to hand over power on a silver platter to Nana Akuffo Addo and go back to opposition Never To Return To Power, if t he NDC lose power in 2012.

Who Caused All These Mess In The NDC?

We must put the blame at the doorsteps of the Leadership of the NDC, all members of the National Executive Committee (NEC), The Council of Elders in the NDC, and some members of the Council of State who should have IRONED OUT THE DIFFERENCES when it started emerging in 2009 and mended the CRACKS in the party. Some NEC members as well as Council of State members who should have been NEUTRAL have rather thrown their weights behind some particular aspirants in the race. This is the characteristics of the New NDC 2 with President Mills as the Leader. I have been compelled to cast my mind back and recall the Famous Revolutionary Question thus; Why is it so since we (the people) are the producers in this country? May God Bless Myself First, and Deliver me From the wrath of my parents and my wife from calling me a BIG FOOL Because of my Extreme Poverty Even though the NDC party that I support, since 1992 is in government, and further Go on to bless all true committed NDC members most abundantly. Having said all these, you keep your fingers crossed, I shall return when the need arise. Check it out. “Damboli Yeng – bambu Faa” – literary meaning; It is dangerous when a fool becomes wise – A Dagaaba Proverb. To God Be The Glory. I am don. “Jaambie Iwaii!


Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement