The NDC Huu Huu, and Mahama silence

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Wed, 5 Dec 2018 Source: Alhaji Bayola Bayola

I HEARD A LOUD noise from afar while I was at a lonely siren location outside my house to grasp fresh air.

The noise was so loud that the fresh air I was enjoying , got polluted. Left with no option, I got in to the compound of my house, hoping to avoid the polluted noise, sadly nothing changed as the noise got increased and more polluted than before.

I went indoors and locked the doors and windows, guess what, to avoid the noise and safe my ear drums. AHHHH, I still hear them loud and clear. Who are these? I asked rhetorically. Mysteriously, I heard a voice from no where! THE BABIES WITH SHARP TEETH, THEY HAVE JUST RETURNED FROM THE MOST EXPENSIVE SHARPENING MACHINE CENTER. Said the voice.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) since it shameful, pitiful and disgraced historic defeat in the 2016 general election, nothing have been heard of it, except noise and personalized attacks.

The attacks are so gargantuan that no one is spared, not even the revered PAPA J. Yes papa J himself. the party never hit news headlines except for bad reasons.

It is either Uncle Alban Bagbin is heard attacking people living with disability, General Mosquito sucking and infecting Rawlings’s blood, Mahama boys defending his disgraceful defeat. The list is endless.

As an opposition party, having lost to a man no one ever thought of becoming president of this country, with a very wide margin, what the umbrella party, needs now is nothing than UNITY.

Unfortunately, the opposite is what we see. Every one seems to be struggling for recognition at the expense of the party.

The immediate past president, John Mahama, have suddenly become a tin god, and anyone who refused to recognized that and worship him, is labeled as anti NDC. May be the N D C have suddenly forgotten of how the NPP was narrowly defeated in the 2012 election when Nana Addo was made a tin god over night, with the likes of Wontumi and Kennedy Agyepong leading the pack.

The alleged Alan boys, were humiliated and kicked out of elected positions. Even president kuffour was not spared either.

The NDC, a party that lost the 2016 owing to corruption, mismanagement of the economy, families and friends government and the imported infamous INCOMPETENCY, should have been busily rebranding and organizing and not disbanding and disorganization as we are witnessing.

Per the rules, the N D C announced the opening of nominations forms for presidential hopefuls who are interested to pick up forms, file and put up themselves for the contest. It appears the party has refused to learn from the just ended poorly organized and ‘compromised’ national executive elections that has kept many murmuring and fuming. As we all were waiting to hear from the party, every one had a shocker when the party’s autonomous generally secretary shamelessly in a press briefing announced that the cost of the presidential form stood at 20000k and the filling fee at 400000k, summing up every thing to 420,000k.[four hundred and twenty Ghana cedis]. Really, a party in opposition? There and then, hell broke loose, the babies with shape teeth went to town, biting every one who comes their way.

As I tried to hide in my room, to avoid the ugly noise, my ears wouldn’t forgive me because am rather doing more harm to it than good as the television stations wouldn’t allow it to go. Many among the contenders expressed as shock, considering the sum involved. Some described it as huge and unreasonable.

Uncle Spio suddenly joined the disabled society to catch a favour but was mocked by the general secretary of the party. The party’s founder, am told was petitioned to look in to the matter. He was equally not spared as the general secretary mocked him too.

Many are asking, if the NDC, raised the price of the forms to automatically disqualify some of the aspirants’ in favour of Mr Mahama?

As if that is not enough, Ghanaians were shocked to see hundreds of NDC sympathizers gathered at the shrine [office] of the tin god [Mahama] , Deeping their hands in to their pockets rolling out the alleged stolen monies they accumulated whiles in office to pick up the forms and file on behalf of Mahama. There I asked, is the N D C ready for power come 2020? Is Manama ready to go down as a worst performed politician in our history books? ABUGRI from BUGRI wants to know.

Columnist: Alhaji Bayola Bayola