The NDC Will Never Collapse Around Rawlings

Thu, 5 Aug 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement


All those who sit in the studios of the various radio (FM) stations to always speak before they think must know that Ex-President Rawlings’criticism of the Mills administration was always done in good faith because he expresses the feelings of the people nationwide. However, when he desended to the gutter by describing the President as a “Konongo Kaya”, nobody supported him to continue insulting the President because it was too bad. He must respect the President for others to emulate, no matter his bitterness and differences with him and rather unite the NDC for 2012 and beyond.

Rawlings’ concerns have always been concrens of the people perhaps his appraoch to issues might be questionable to others but that does not mean that the NDC will collapse around him as his detractors are saying on the various FM stations. These apologies must change in their own interests for they all appear to be more arrogant and snubbish than those they accused of in the previous NPP government from 2001 – 2008. If anything at all those NPP ministers and DCE’s started being arrogant during their 7th and 8th years in office but some NDC appointees have started their arrogance on their first term in office and the people are watching every step they take, every speech they make and will surely reply them come 2012 general elections with their thumbs through the ballot box. If you want to know the real character of any person, just give him an appointment with a posh 4 x 4 vehicle with FREE PETROL to match and you will see his TRUE COLOURS and the people are seeing all these with their naked eyes both day and night including week-ends. All those foul mouthed apologies who hate Rawlings must leave the NDC because we know where we came from, where we are going and how to get there without deviating.

Rawlings campaigned vigorously for the NDC in the first and second rounds in 2008 and 2009, Nana Konadu, his wife also campaigned vigorusly for NDC in the first and second rounds in the 2008 and 2009 elections and they finally voted for Professor Mills and NDC parliamentarians. The cadres forming the United Cadres Front also campaigned vigorously in the first and second rounds in the 2008 and 2009 general elections and voted massively for Professor Mills and NDC parliamentarians. Today, the NDC is in governement and some MCE’s and DCE’s including some greedy Constituency and Regional Executives have suddenly targetted some ardent NDC members notably CADRES as Rawlings boys and grils who are rather out to destroy the NDC party. Are they getting intoxicated with power or they are day dreaming? If you bury the TRUTH with MALICE, it will germinate with VIOLENCE and this explains why so much confusion and violent confrontations by some NDC Supporters in parts of the country.

A typical example is the Obuasi Constituency where the Chairman has appointed outsiders and those who sat on the fence during the 2008 general elections to the Municipal Assembly. Mr. Francis Koffie the Constituency Chairman has sworn that he has nothing to do with any cadre in Obuasi and as such no cadre is an Assembly Appointee in the Obuasi Municipality. If the cadres had not worked hard to establish the Dirstrict Assemblies in 1987, would such a character be showing the cadres where power lies? If the 10 Regional Chairmen are on warpath, Obuasi is a typical example for them to tackle because several petitions were written since January 2009 about this injustice through the party structures and nothing has been done up to date. The chairman is now leading a completely divided party in an orphan constituency like Obuasi and they are very happy with the situation since 2009 to date. Mr. Francis Kofi, the Constituency Chairman and his chique whose eyes are green with ENVY have flatly refused to acknowledge the REAL NDC SUPPORTERS who fought fearlessly to bring the party to power, but RATHER favours those who contributed NOTHING towards the victory of the party, but were sitting on the fence when the party was in opposition. The current chairman of the party LACKS the TRUE SPIRIT of a REAL member of the NDC since his general behaviour doesNOT depict a TRUE vibrant NDC leadership style as he falsely claims ever since the NDC returned to power. He once wrote a secret letter full of FAT LIES to the Regional Minister the Sector Minister for Youth and Sports, the National Youth employment Co-ordinator about the Municipal NYEP Co-ordinator’s resignation, which turned out to be false when he was invited to Accra, together with the said NYEP Co-ordinator and 9 other Constituency Executive Members including Alhaji Sanni Junior, Regional NDC Organiser on 9th June, 2010 where they were exposed before Hon. Abuga Pele as dishonest liars and they returned to Obuasi with a 207 Benz Bus fully loaded with Disgrace, who respects them again in the Constituency? Who will respect cheats and liars? How can such characters unite the party in Obuasi?

Seondly, some six party supporters were sent by him to beat up the NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy in their office and they really beat them up and the case is pending before court in Obuasi. As if that was not enough, some seven constituency Executives again ganged up and brutally beat up the NYEP Co-ordinator and his deputy once again under his watch on 4th March, 2010 and the case has also been reported to the Obuasi Central Police. With all these nasty state of affairs in the party, the constituency chairman BRAGS that he and his MACHO executives have the FULL BACKING of the Regional NDC Secretariat with Comrade Yaw Obimpeh as the Chairman. How true is this wild allegations comrade Obimpeh? I doubt it, but the ball is now in your court, since your constituency Executives believe that deception and lies are the best virtues in life and they do everything in secret and they are non-transparent you have a big problem to solve or ……………..!

People treasure JUSTICE more than WEALTH in this country, since RIGHT and WRONG do not co-exist because they are in two opposing directions. As cadres in the Obuasi Constitutency, we CANNOT sit down and allow the Constituency chairman and his Mafia Club Members to appoint those who NEVER sweat at all during the 2008 general elections in the NDC to be enjoying whilst the cadres are completely sidelined and ignored. Let them deny a single word from this article, and I will add more and more facts. We shall fight back and continue to fight on from the Constituency through the Region up to the NDC National Headquarters until the 2012 general elections if the Regional NDC Secretariat refuses to intervene to ensure that the RIGHT things are done in the Constituency.

How on earth can a Constituency chairman instruct his Executive members to go and beat up party supporters who dis-agreed with him and his executives and there are 3 court cases hanging over the necks of these executuves. We wil NOT sit down and allow them to destroy the party and do what they like neither will we allow Baboons to sit on the fence for Monkeys to work only for them to come and chop without sweat because those days are gone forever. The battle line has been drawn if they should RESIST, we will defeat them as well, since they cannot see anything beyond their stomachs.

If such greed, non-transparency, lies and dishonesty are going on in Obuasi and the various Constituencies of the NDC nationawide, who is collapsing the NDC. Is it Rawlings or whom? Some people are joking. These, Obuasi Constituency Executives brags that they can only be removed after 4 years, so should we allow them to beat up party supporters, tell lies, misbehave and fool about until the 2012 general elections or what? We beg for answers from the NDC top officials in Kumasi and Accra as the party is in serious crisis in Obuasi.


Most DCE’s and MCE’s have distanced themselves from the very people who voted for the NDC to come to power and when they are confronted by the party supporters and their backs are pushed against the wall, they easily single out the cadres as their scape goats but we shall fight back and make them very transparent for the President to see the sort of black hearts they have inside their chests just to show them that we are more politically matured in grassroot organisation than some of them, so if they are lucky to get such appointments they must recoginse and respect the cadres who went to Hell with Rawlings and his wife and back after Rawlings AFRC military junta handed over power to Dr. Limann in September 1979. Incidentially, the NDC is heir to the June 4 uprising in 1979 and this is enshrined in the NDC party constitution. You can never teach an old dog, new tricks, you lie bad. What the Regional Chairmen said about the behaviour of some chairmen, appointees being behind the confusion by the party supporters in NDC is 100% correct, for they have hit the Nail right on the head.

Now since they are Regional Chairmen, what are they also doing about the numerous petitions, complaints and what nots, sent to them from the various Constituencies for redress nationwide? If they also fail to address those numerous grievances, they have NO RIGHT to blame government ministers and MDCE’s in this country since they are part of the problem – is that clear? See “Ghanaian Chronicle” front page – Tuesday July 27th 2010. The 2012 general elections is just around the corner and there is still infighting, suspicions, hatred, nepotism and greed in the NDC one and half years after winning the general elections there is a serious work to be done.



After winning the 2009 general elections, the NDC is hatching on some ROTTEN EGGS whose stench is tearing the party apart in the various Constituencies and if these rotten eggs are not identified and buried, its stench will drive many supporters away from the party. There is a greedy minority including some DCE’s/MCE’s and even some few ministers of state with a misconceived agenda in the party whose main agenda is to identify out spoken NDC members and expose them to public ridicule, intimidate, frustrate or harass them to leave the party by spreading false and unsubstantiated stories about them in order to completely destroy them and then do their own things. We must identify such rotten eggs and bury them deep before their scent destroys the entire NDC. From now onwards, Any NDC member be he an MCE, DCE, Constituency or Regional Executive or Minister of State who will describe the cadres as Rawlings boys in the party must be seen as some of the rotten eggs in the party described above. The greedy minority in the party are also those who claim to be NDC members and yet use Ex-President Rawlings bitterness with President Mills to create disunity in the party, they must stop that because it is the duty of the Council of State to thrash out that matter and not ministers of state because the NDC IS BIGGER than any individual in the party. Therefore if you are a governement appointee and you cannot perform, please, for Heaven’s sake you better resign honourably, but if you blame the cadres, we shall open friendly fire on you no matter who you are. Is anybody listening? I am done.

Aluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

United Cadres Front

Obuasi C/O Box 32


All Media Houses


E-mail: clementsang@yahoo.com

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement