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The NDC, a party in crisis

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Wed, 22 Oct 2014 Source: Abdul-Fatawu, Fuseini

It has often been said that political parties fortunate enough to be in government are always stable and progressive. Opposition parties are often seen to be divisive and disunited. However in Ghana, the opposite is the reality. The ruling party is totally disunited and fragmented whilst the opposition with the exception of minor and insignificant skirmishes is totally stable and united.

For about a month now, the major news that we are always hearing is about the leading members of the NDC heading to court to place an injunction on their own internal elections. They claimed that their elected executives have intentionally overstayed their term and have placed Ebola clauses to deliberately frustrate and disqualify persons they perceive they are their threats. 

Other interesting news coming from the NDC is about how their own appointed DCE’s frustrate the work of our elected MP’s in order to inherit and dislodge them. The situation is so bad that it affects the development of communities who have overly ambitious and cunning DCE’s. This is what the Chronicle of October 3, has to report on this developments in my region, “In a related development, Musah Umar Farouq reports from Wa that some members of Parliament of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Upper West Region face being challenged by their DCEs, in the upcoming parliamentary primaries.

The Chronicle has gathered that some of the DCEs have introduced their favourites into the rank and file of the executives and have gone to the extent of sponsoring their nomination and campaign during the constituency executive elections.

The DCEs for Sissala West, Moses Dramani Luri; Sissala East, Juasuglo Johnson Saborh; Lambussie-Karni, Bom Kofi Dy-yaka and Wa East, Abdul Karimu Abudu are all lacing up their boots to contest their incumbent MPs in the upcoming NDC primaries.

It is alleged that the Sissala East DCE, Juasulo Johnson Saborh had sponsored some candidates who have been elected into constituency executive positions. The MP for the area has some of the executives on her side.

The Sissala East DCE has reportedly told delegates that NDC party gurus had allegedly promised to foot all his expenses for the parliamentary bid, once he gets the nod as parliamentary candidate for the constituency.

Information gathered by The Chronicle indicates that the presiding Member of Sissala East, Mr. Bapulah, who is also the District Health Director and Mr. Mohammed Batagila, a personal secretary to the former MP for Sissala East, are to contest the upcoming parliamentary primary.

The DCE for Sissala West, Mr. Moses Dramani Luri has confirmed his intention to contest his MP in the upcoming NDC primary to The Chronicle saying: “I have full support in the constituency to make me contest the primary”.

According to him, a lot of people are calling on him to contest the upcoming NDC primary. Meanwhile, Alhaji Anim Animdu Sulemana, MP for Sissala West, who also doubles as the Upper West Regional Minister, has indicated in reaction to intended plans by the DCE that he was not afraid of competition and welcomes other contestants for the parliamentary seat.”

These developments didn’t go unnoticed by political watchers and the MP’s are preparing to meet the challenge. The incumbents have begun organizing themselves and the Sissala West has taken the lead to boot their DCE out of office. As at the time of writing this piece, NDC vigilantes in the Sissala West District, allegedly linked to the MP who doubles as the most unsuccessful Road Minister in the history of Ghana and now the Upper West Regional Minister, has staged a violent demonstration to topple the DCE. The vigilantes to show their seriousness and aggressive nature, typical only to the ruling NDC allegedly destroyed properties and assets belonging to the District Assembly. The DCE was also allegedly chased out of his office. Interactions with most NDC youth from the Sissala West indicates that though they felt Alhaji Sulemani has performed abysmally poor and need to be replaced, it is totally wrong and premature for the DCE to begin lacing his boots and dare even dream of becoming a MP. They alleged he, like Alhaji Sulemani has performed poorly and his hands are allegedly soiled with many corrupted deals or acts. The leadership structure in the Sissala West District is broken and the centre can no longer hold for even a second.

In the Sissala East District the MP is equally watching developments closely. Despite her camp losing the NDC primaries to that of the overly ambitious and cunning DCE, she still holds sway of majority of the delegates. Already allegations are spreading about the DCE who is allegedly gunning to become a MP being divisive, autocratic and anti-democratic. He is alleged to have totally sidelined the MP and any person he thinks belong to Madam Alijata’s camp. So divisive is he to such an extent that any community he perceives leans towards the incumbent MP is rejected in terms of developments to show them where the real power lies.

In Jirapa, the story is not different. News is abounding about how the DCE tried to bribe any one he thinks opposes him. In fact the story is the same in all parts of the Upper West Region. 

With such a situation, one wonders what at all the Kwabena Adjei - Asiedu Nketia led NDC have achieved. The NDC is as divided now as never in its abysmal history and performance. Everything the NDC touches turns into dust. The party is failing and its government is worse. Ghanaians are now dearly paying for the mess we pushed ourselves into in 2012. The NDC in failing to put its own house in order is now hoping for a miracle which we ardently pray will come after January 7, 2017, when they hand-over power to the NPP In Sha Allah…

With the over 90% endorsement of Nana Addo, which has never happened in any political tradition, the NDC is shivering and mourning on their way to opposition come 2017 In Sha Allah….

I shall In Sha Allah be back soon….

Fuseini Abdul-Fatawu


Acting Secretary of Young Patriots in the Sissalaland

Columnist: Abdul-Fatawu, Fuseini