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The NDC’s desperation to win election 2020 knows no bounds

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Mon, 2 Mar 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

Like a drowning person who will clutch onto anything he chances to find in the hope of staying afloat to avoid sinking, so is the position of the NDC at the moment. In the moment of drowning, one will surely clutch onto a straw, a snake or a stick that comes their way without realising such things are helpless or dangerous at that particular moment.

They have since day one of going into opposition not ceased staging their come back to power by resorting to all dubious means they deem in their little-mindedness as the way forward.

They have never stopped their destructive criticisms of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and his NPP government. They unceasingly fabricate stories, twist facts and throw dusts into people's eyes all for the sake of getting NPP hated by the Ghanaian electorate to usher back in the NDC come election 2020.

May I pause to ask, are the NDC born to be heads all of the time but never to be tails even for once? Why are they so desperate to continue to rule Ghana despite their marked incompetence to managing the economy and their undoubtedly established infatuation with gargantuan corruption?

They have hatched plots, and continue to plan evil ways, to get the NPP out of government. They care less if their plots resulted in the death of many innocent Ghanaian citizens. If it were not so, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, their National Party Chairman, a fake Christian Elder at the Church of Pentecost, would not have been arraigned to answer questions on a leaked tape containing his voice about plots to kill, kidnap and insult people in Ghana as well as causing arson to bring insecurity into the nation.

By their planned actions, they want Ghanaians to accuse the NPP government for being weak on security to finally vote out NPP to bring back NDC to power.

They are vehemently opposing the decision by the Electoral Commission (EC) to compile a new electoral register for election 2020 and onwards. They cite the cost, the limited time available for registering people and the fact that the current voter register was used to conduct election in 2016 to bring NPP to power and continues to be used, to justify their opposition.

They keep on organizing national demonstrations, press conferences upon press conferences, with their Members of Parliament walking out of parliament on the President during the February 2020 State of the Nation Address (SONA), all in attempts to achieving their objective of coming back to power in December 2020.

As their plots keep failing contrary to their expectations, and as disgusting opportunists as they are, they have today seized upon the devastating coronavirus outbreak to demand the immediate stoppage of the avowed intention by the EC to register Ghanaians afresh for election 2020.

The outbreak of the disease demand that people stay away from public places, or reduce their public places interactions to avoid catching or spreading the disease. The NDC, sorry to say, as desperate and intellectually-deficient as they are, although loudmouth, are vociferously asking the EC to stop the impending registration of Ghanaians because many people will have to queue up to register and there will be interaction of persons.

Sorry again to say, a fool will always remain a fool if he fails to realise that he is a fool and that he has to change his ways to be wise. Who do the NDC think they are fooling if not themselves?

Consider our current level of public interactions in our local markets, shops, lorry stations, in public transports, in our schools, churches and mosques. Do people not congregate more in these places than going to queue up to register their names onto the intended new voter register?

Have the NDC ever suggested earlier that our public schools, markets, public transports and places of worship be locked down because of the coronavirus disease? If they haven't, then their contention that the EC stop their intent to prepare a new voter register is preposterous to say the least. Additionally, have the NDC not being organising press conferences since the outbreak of the disease? If they had, then they have pierced themselves on their own sword.

Do they think they are wiser than those Ghanaians who are not part of their political party? They must be kidding. Their desperation will take them nowhere other than into the abyss of political dungeon.

In an Akan proverb, it says, " Se wa ni te bebrebe a wo ma aponkye akye" Literally translated as, "If you become too intelligent, you end up greeting a goat" When you come across them, you will think it is just decent on your part to greet them to portray to others that you are very polite or wise. However, goats are not humans and if you do greet them, they may not understand you unless you have trained them. But can they acknowledge your greetings? This is NDC for you.

They are too intelligent to end up being seen in the eyes of many a discerning Ghanaian as fools.

They can arrange to import double portion of the coronavirus disease into Ghana, the EC will still conduct the new voter register.

What at all is in the new voter register that scares the NDC shitless? They can hatch the mother of all evil plots, they can cry the tears of crimson, but the EC will come out with a new voter register.

To let them drink from my overflowing fountain of wisdom, I shall suggest to them to come out with a better alternative policies and programmes to those of NPP to persuade Ghanaians to vote for them rather than sticking to their nonsensical hallucinatory ideas and utter criminal agenda bordering on death to the Ghanaian electorate from whom they expect winning votes.

A Chinese doctor, as confirmed by a French doctor, says that chloroquine is good to heal one from Coronavirus attack. Check on the internet and on WhatsApp for more information on this latest news.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo