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The NPP National Executives Must Fired or Else!

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Chairman Peter Mac Manu and the national organizer Lord Oblitey Commey should be fired from their executive positions before their term in office expires. If not there will be no unity in NPP party, period. This is the result of their dubious tactics they employed against the visionary leader John Alan Kwadwo Keremanteng at the national delegates’ conference at the University of Ghana Legon.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is cynical for all the NPP members including the founding members, constituency chairman and delegates who represent their various constituencies across the nation to sit quietly without saying anything about these nefarious criminals Lord Commey and Mac Manu who rigged the elections for this arrogant and visionless Akufo Addo. This is a total disgrace to our ancestors who died fighting for the UP tradition and its current NPP party. A candidate like Akufo Addo will never win a general election. A candidate who has caused a huge chieftaincy crises in the northern region in Tamale with his dirty politics against the vice president. A candidate who held a private criminal meeting with the NPP chairman Mac Manu and Lord Comnmey in a secret hotel in Accra before the national delegate conference to cause violence if they see him losing the nomination. A candidate who is surrounded by criminals as his followers to whom he will give orders to act stupid on his behalf. Lord Commey's action in the delegates' conference hall is a case in point. If this stupid Lord Commey thinks that he will get away with rigging the election for his Mafia boss Akufo Addo, I promise we the followers of John Alan Kwadawo Kyerematens will never allow this arrogant impudent to get off scott free. Now this troublemaker Akufo Addo thinks everything is well with him by orchestrating this criminal activity against a man who has the vision to lead the country to the Promised Land and whom we vitally need to become the next president in Ghana. Akufo Addo has not seen anything yet.

The essence of Alan Kyerematen's supporters who have remained quiet about this criminal Lord Commey and Mac Manu was to wait and see which actions the NPP elites and member will take against these criminals. We want Akufo Addo to be aware that very soon he will see a signal that we are determined to fight back big time. The whole world knows it was Akufo Addo and Lord Commey who organized this criminal action and threatened the delegates to vote for Akufo Addo although he still lose the nomination. Everybody who went to the National delegate's conference last December knows the delegates early voting was going to go Alan Kyeremateng's way and that he was going to be the winner. Akufo Addo is not the legitimate NPP nominee; he is there due to his criminal activities, which were carried out by this idiotic Lord Commey. Alan Kyerematen is our man. We will continue to support him. He is still the right person to lead the country. How in the world could that election slip from the hands of the nations electoral commission (EC), which monitors the election, into the hands of the NPP party organizer who has no authority to grab a microphone in the middle of serious election to make false announcement's to discredit John Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen and his supporters and threaten delegates to vote for Akufo Addo.? This is very outrageous and political nonsense for all Alan's supporters. We have determined to fight back if these idiots Lord Commey and Mac Manu continue to stay in office.

I wrote an Inside Edition article warning the NPP members, delegates and Presidential Aspirant, stating that the delegates should be extremely vigilant with Lord Commey during the election time. He has tendencies to rig some parliamentarian elections for candidates who pay him to do so. This individual also had had a criminal record before NPP elected him into such position. All that I told them has come to pass. The day after Loud Commey rigged the elections for his Akufo Addo, this criminal was proud to say that he didn't need to apologize to anybody. I am here to proclaim to this scheming enemy of the people that we the supporters of Alan do not need apologies from a criminal, and he will be sorry for his actions. He will never get away with this one. Lord Commey will be held accountable and will have to answer before this generation and the next generations of Ghanaians for his criminal deeds against their interests. The voice of the people is the ultimate law of the land.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)
Email: nanamank20012002@yahoo.com

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi