The NPP & The NDC, The Heynar & The Dog.

Thu, 14 Jul 2011 Source: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

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My Travel to the east of Africa brought me into contact with a strange natural reactions between animals. Paramount among my experience of animals against their fellow animals was that between the hyena and the dog. Different animals reacts differrently at the site of other animals. Animals of the same species does not run from each other. Sometimes they fight for territories but they are never naturally scared of each other. The tiger never run at the site of a cheeta neither do the fox flee from the wolf. The leopard holds his cool when the lion takes a stroll around. But strangely when the dog sees the hyena his look alike, it urinates and sometimes even messes up itself. The dog breaks down, lies flat on the floor, piss and ease itself for fear of the hyena. Because although they look alike, they are not the same.

At the just ended NDC national delegates congress, there was a shocking revelation that many people took for a joke. It was a serious development that need to be looked into.

Before the congress started, one of the Ahwois, Ato Ahwoi? Yes Ato Ahwoi, the man perceived to be the one holding the remote control Rawlings should have been handling now, colapsed on the congress ground. When the announcement came I was disturbed because I was thinking maybe the elderly man was not well, but a few minutes later he was resucitated and placed in a chair where he stayed to the end of the programme. I later realised that he was not sick, otherwise he wont have even travel all the way from Accra to Sunyani a congress they had already ochestrated. A congress heads had gone into to finally switch off any blinking light of the Rawlingses. A congress where one candidate declared himself a winner before the ballots were cast. The cause of his fall was dizziness which could be caused by the sudden fear that voting was deceptive brought into him. Fear that if all the plans they had made for their "boy boy" to retain the flag-bearership failed, what could happen to them. The anticipated doom made his limbs shake. He could not stand immagining The NPP will find it more easier beating The NDC if Nana Konadu won. Thinking of the rot left behind, and the no nonsense Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo coming to scruitinise him and his like colored folks. He fell flat on his face, shivering with cold of fear.

Although enough arrangements had been made to give Prof Mills the 90% or above votes so that the tax law specialist will mentain his promise of holding on to power if only he had such a convincing win, he was still afraid because in election anything could happen. Despite the measures of intimidation and cctv close watch of votes, he still could not hold his peace. What made him loose the stand really is that the end had been revealed to him clearly that no matter the results of that congress, Nana Addo will beat anyone who will emerge winner in that contest. This made him fall and was breathing from both mouth and nose.

As proceedings were going on it came to a time for the other parties to read their solidarity messages. The names of the other parties were not scary to anybody but when the name of the New Patriotic Party was mentioned, the other Ahwoi; Kwamena Ahwoi stood to his feet and crouching, he headed towards the toilets. He nearly messed himself like the dog does at the sight of the hyena. Other leaders on the row asked him what was happening because his facial appearance and his actions showed he was really in trouble. When they pesterred him with too many questions he confirmed the fear of his senior brother. He said and I quote; "when I hear NPP I just want to go and urinate". When the hyena sees the dog do you rember what I told you happens to him? He urinates and messes up itself. Kwamena had to visit the gents immediately at the hearing of NPP.

That is how much these NDC gurus react when they hear of Nana Addo and the NPP. They know his kind of man and what he can do. They know he is so just, honest and straight forward. They know he will not "scratch anybody's back". They know he hates cheats. His short term as Attorney General athirsts to his strictness and incorriptibleness. The only man who rejected the car loans, the plots and the Ghana at 50 awards. He does not want to have anything to do with corruption because if he gets hold of you doing same he won't spare you. Knowing the rot they will be leaving behind by 2012, the name of the party of which he (Nana Addo) leads made him loose heart.

His limbs shook, he trembled, his heart beat faster and his bladder was weakened he could no more hold the wastes. He had to crouch and visit the gents before spoiling himself.

The dog is afraid of the hyena because although they look alike, they are never the same. The hyena is purely canivore, he does not impost any other character apart from that of his. The dog is omnivores, it eats anything you can think about even excuse me to say "sh*t". The dog pretends to be humble and respectful but when you turn round it could bite your heel. The male dog flirts with any female dog. So are their females. These charracters could be traced among the dogs. They pretended they love the Rawlingses right from PNDC till now, but look at what they did to them in Sunyani? They ate from Rawlings so they showed him cosmetic love, now they are eating from Mills and are pretending again that they love him too. NDC has gone to bed with every political ideology in Ghana. It is full of people from other parties who joined in order to lick some of the flowing honey. Mills should better go and take advice from Papa J. He saw more love than what he Mills think he is receiving today. Rawlings was a god, they worshipped him. See what they are doing to the founder? How about you? A dry wood? Time will tell.

Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo is just the opposite of these. His yes is yes. He wont say am the father of all and look on whilst one side kills the other. When Nana Addo tell you I will bring fast track court, he does it. When Nana Addo said I will let us expand our electoral college he did it. When he said I will dismiss my security men for assaulting someone he did it. They know him and so when they remember he is coming to power in 2012, some collapse whilst others catch diarrhoea. They know the corruption that has gone on. Papa J gave us a tip. He said and I quote "After we won, President Mills came and sat in my living room and was elated. He said a few things I will not repeat but I was sad when he said 'I've been advised to let things be and the money will flow". Who advised him? Those falling, shitting and collapsing. Is Pres Mills corrupt like this. Its not all who say Lord, Lord.......... All these hunt them.

The dog sh*ts, piss, fall and collapse at the sight of the Hyena. NDC gurus does the same at the hearing of NPP and especially the name: NANA ADD DANKWAH AKUFFO-ADDO.

God has appointed Nana Addo for 2012. And he will bring us true change, relief, justice, rule of law and transparent governance.

Noah D Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame