The NPP; an elitist club

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Sat, 8 Jun 2019 Source: Osumanu Abubakar

It was not for a levity and neither was it for a flippancy when our old folks said the crab does not beget a bird. They said that for a unique purpose.

In order to appreciate the above wit, let's do a short history;

The UGCC was formed and funded by George Paa Grant. He invited his colleagues to champion a course - the course of the struggle against imperialism. Nkrumah was later invited at the recommendation of Arko Agyei. It is worthy of note that all the people invited were from the working class. Upon assumption of duty, Nkrumah realized their effort alone could not suffice, therefore he brought on board, the Chiefs, youth, market women, farmers and everybody who mattered.

However, Nkrumah later realized for sometime that JB Danquah and the rest had reneged on the idea of the struggle against foreign rule because they had had what they wanted (fame, education, wealth). According to an account, they just go to meetings to enjoy tea and take sitting allowances and disperse. Nkrumah realized they had a duty to fight for the country, but not just for themselves and could not be an accessory to tokenism and elitism.

Nkrumah, on the basis of this, broke way from the UGCC to form his own political party to accelerate and advance the fight against foreign rule and imperialism. The history continues till Nkrumah won our freedom for us in 1957.

The UGCC of old, over the period, has gone through several metamorphosis (all of which had the same trait) to the last entity - The NPP.

The NPP is following the footprints of its antecedents to the disadvantage of the majority of the people who are not from the working class/ elite group.

Does a crab give birth to a bird? I leave this question to your conjecture!


1. The national voter ID card has always been a national asset for every national transaction. It was used to elect Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo as the President of this country. It was used in the just ended referendum. We accepted the outcome of these two national assignments which saw the use of the Voter ID card. Unfortunately, these same people have circumnavigated 360 degrees to tell us boldly in the face that the same Voter ID card is not a viable document to be used to possess the Ghana Card. They are requesting birth certificate. Now the question is, we have people who are even older than our septuagenarian President living across the country. Is the NPP government telling these people to go and register for birth certificates (over GHc 100) in order to possess the Ghana card? How many of these old men and women in our thick villages and towns can afford to pay? If this is not elitism, then what could be more elitist?

2. The NPP government is, today, telling Ghanaians that, in order to own the Ghana Card you must have a GPS address. The NPP government which lied to the people that it cared about them was charging Ghanaians a whopping GHc 50.00 in order to get the GPS address for their residence. How many average Ghanaians can afford to pay a GHc 50.00 for a GPS address? After a failed attempt, they then said it should be free, by which time it had already eluded those who had no money to pay ab inito. Now the NPP government is telling us straight in the face that we should download an app onto our phones to register for the GPS address. Is the NPP government telling you and I that every nook and cranny in this country has internet accessibility? You and I know the answer is in the dissentive. If that is the orientation, then how can the people residing in these areas be able to register for the GPS via the internet? Is this not profiting only the elite society at the expense of the majority of people who are in the minority? If this is not elitism, then what could be more elitist?

3. The Electoral Commission has always had a precedence. Essentially speaking, registration centers have always been erected at the various electoral areas to facilitate easy identification and registration for voter ID cards. In previous precedence, nobody had to travel kilometers to district centers to register. Transportation cost and traveling risk were not issues. Now the NPP government is telling us to travel (in some places, they have to navigate the sea) from far places (thick villages and hamlets) to the district office in order to register. How many people will have the opportunity and transportation cost to do this? Are they not trying in a subtle attempt to disenfranchise innocent Ghanaians? If this is not elitism, then what could be more elitist?

In all of these, the people who mattered in the affairs of this country few years back have resolved not to matter in the affairs of Ghana now. The "anyansafuor" of yesterday have gone dead silent! Their loud and deafening silence is stinking to say the least. God is watching them! But, you see, there is this famous quote from the gods are not to blame: quote, when the elders we esteem so highly can sell their honor for devil’s money, then let pigs eat shame and men eat dung, unquote.

Kwame Nkrumah, this is your Ghana ooo!

Columnist: Osumanu Abubakar