The Next NDC Court Case Is?

Wed, 30 Mar 2011 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

From: Stephen A. Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

You may not like Openin Katawre just for the reason that in every movie he acts, he is simply a litigant. But if you have watched series of his movies where he perfectly acted his litigant role you will realize that they taught a big lesson.

For instance, the movie titled ,”DIE ADIE WONO NA ODIE”, where he was the family head, he tried using all means to wrest the vacant chief stool from the queen mother to an outsider who was not qualified to be installed as a chief.

In the struggle for the stool at one point, he made a statement which I want to draw strength from in developing my piece as I ask the ruling party the simple question, what s the next court case against the former NPP government officials?

Openin Katawre, in the movie stated,”se okwata ni towo twedie na anpai woanim a obre neklo ani” to wit, “when a leper punches your face and it doesn’t create a sore the leper worsens his sore.

Right in opposition campaigning for the presidential slot, the NDC made everyone to believe that the NPP government officials serving at that time were corrupt and that when voted into power will prosecute all of them and throw them to jail.

Right to their words immediately the party was sworn into office as the new government, it started to go after former NPP government ministers with a whole lot of allegations of causing various financial lost to the state and began to put them before the law courts one by one.

The Asamoah Boateng’s,Kwadwo Npianim’s, Wreku Brobe’s were either arrested by the state security apparatuses or hauled before presidential enquiry commissions of which after were given many charges and put before courts.

But after the full scale of prosecutions in the law courts what happened? Were the NDC holier than thou probity and accountability guru’s happy about the court pronouncements on those cases? I do not think they were but they were judgments from our competent courts.

Everyone was made to believe that as for the rice case where the former deputy foreign affairs minister Akoto Osei was going to be jailed for allegedly causing huge financial lost to the state but at a point in the case what was the shock to the NDC hawks? The state prosecutors dropped series of the charges except one waiting to be dealt with soon.

When one look at the way things are going he will not be wrong to say the government was not happy about how it was losing almost all the cases in the law court that was why it reshuffled the minister of justice and attorney general Betty Mould Idrisu.

She was getting all the knock outs from the accusers in the law court and not being able to win a single case has to be changed but even the one who succeeded her might be getting worse of the punches as he maybe throwing in the towels in the early rounds of the match.

Breaking News, March 29, 2011 Court Acquit And Discharge Ya Naa Suspected Murders? I heard myself repeating this headline to myself. But what I further asked myself was so what is the next NDC court case and when is it coming on?

It is always said that when the politician want to win election he will say all sort of things or do all sort of things to convince one to vote for him to rule.

When they are on the political platform and see a big crowd of supporters shouting in their support they get incensed and make certain promises that later are not fulfilled only to bite them back.

During the 2008 general election campaigns the NDC gurus hungry for power used Ya Naa murder as a campaign tool against the NPP of which it promised to arrest the suspect and put them to jail which made the electorates to vote for it.

Then like Jephtha in the bible making a promise to God that if he protects him and Israelites to defeat its foes he will sacrifice the first thing that will come to welcome him only for him to fulfill his promise of sacrificing his only daughter to Gd.

The NDC had to fulfill its promise to the people by arresting the suspects. It did arrest some innocent persons and put them before court and today the court has acquitted and discharged them which have infuriated one side which has allegedly burnt down a party office.

Why do you think the president invited the former president J.A.Kufuor to the castle? Possibly to reconcile with him over matters that did not go well between them. So why can’t the party faithful sit back and reassess its performance and chart a different course instead of hauling innocent opponents to court?

Here the NDC hawks have been throwing the punches thinking it will create sores on the faces of the NPP elephants but instead has been worsening its already created sores.

The ace Ghanaian boxing legend, Professor Azumah Nelson, after he has defeated Jeff Fennec of Australia at Madison Square in U.S.A. Jeff didn’t want to accept defeat challenging that he was cheated.

During the post fight interview, Jeff called for a rematch which Azumah Nelson responded by telling Jeff he was even ready to start the rematch with him straight away if he, Jeff was ready.

The boxing professor, stated” I have defeated you, in Ghana I will beat, on the moon I will beat you and even at your backyard I will beat” and what happened at Australia during the rematch you know it.

After the Ya Naa court case what is the next NDC court case?

End. March 29, 2011

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.