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The Nigeria Bashing Of Ghana Continues

-This Time On Big Brother Africa 2009

Ghana and Nigeria are two countries that are known to be and often called ‘competitive neighbours’. The ‘competition’ gotten greater especially these last years as many companies that used to be based in Nigeria have relocated to and many planning to relocate to Ghana much to the annoyance of the Nigerian government and people.

Not long ago, we read about Senior members of the Nigerian government making very disparaging remarks about Ghana. Despite the abundance of evidence that this had happened, The Nigerian High Comissioner to Ghana was all over the place saying it hadn’t and that Nigerians had nothing against Ghanaians. Funny!!

The Bashing of Ghana by Nigerians continued recently on Mnet Africa’s Big Brother Africa 2009. One of Nigeria’s representative to the house, a lady by name Nkenna, had this to say about Ghanaian women;

• That Ghanaian women are very cheap. She also told the housemates they will be surprised how very cheap Ghanaian girls are

• That you only have to take a Ghanaian girl to a bar, buy her a drink or two and that’s it. You then take her home for sex if you want

• She also talks about Ghanaian women paying men to have sex with them in Ghana almost everywhere you go

With no reason whatsoever, she just went on and on with very negative things about Ghana to the surprise of some of the housemates.

Unfortunately, Wayoe, Ghana’s representative to Big Brother 2009 was not there to defend the country(he went into the house as a ‘Rastafarian’ and got evicted first week).

Why are Nigerians so very jealous of Ghana’s progress? We as a people have been very tolerant of them despite the shame they bring to the image of the country with their 419’s and armed robberies. We have allowed them everywhere in Ghana to do all sorts of things with the decent ones trading in our markets yet they show great ingratitude.

They enjoy our girls, water, electricity and general hospitality yet are ungrateful to us. If Ghana is that bad, why do they keep relocating here in their numbers daily? Nigerians should wake up and solve their problems like Ghana is doing and stop the JEALOUSY and unnecessary bashing of Ghana. STOP THE GHANA HATING NIGERIANS!!!

John Musah


Columnist: Musah, John

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