The Political Journey From The PNDC To The NDC

Fri, 10 May 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

– 1982 – 1992

When Ghana became independent, our dreams for a better life and high hopes stirred in our fellow Africans by our independence seem to have evaporated over the years leaving us a very demoralized and even, increasingly a dehumanized society.

The 31st December revolution led by the then Chairman Rawlings in 1981 was meant to restore that promise, to make good those dreams of independence which lay smouldering in ashes. It would take a firm and determined leadership to remain COMMITTED to national independence.

However, it became clear that some of our leaders soon found EASIER OPPORTUNITIES for PERSONAL ENRICHMENT even as NO REAL CHANGE occurred in the living conditions of the vast majority. It was soon evident that our own leaders had only STEPPED IN THE SHOES OF THE FORIEGNERS.

They found it easier to SELL THEIR BIRTHRIGHTS for a mess of pottage, than to lead the people to REAL INDEPENDENCE. Committee of Inquiry after Committee of Inquiry had shown how our leaders in one regime after another have preferred THE CRUMBS that came to them from the tables of the RICH rather than to lead us all to harness our riches together. During the Limann administration, serious allegations of corruption against TOP PARTY FUNCTIONARIES and PARTY INTRIGUE even in parliament became a matter of IDLE GOSSIP. Among THE BIG MEN, it was even possible to arrive at SETTLEMENTS, sometimes judicially sanctioned, of these affairs. The wealth of the nation was MERELY THE PLAY GROUND OF ITS LEADERS. The process of National Rescue which we began on 31st December 1981 will be put on a FIRM and IRRERVERSIBLE FOOTING. – J.J. Rawlings then PNDC Chairman in 1982.

Membership of the PNDC is not like the privilege of a HEIR who has come into some property after somebody’s death. It rather involves sacrifice, courage, discipline and revolutionary humility. It means working without looking at the clock, thinking night and day about the poor, the exploited, the ordinary man on whose behalf the PNDC was formed- J.J. Rawlings. The erstwhile revolutionary organs notably the People’s Defence Committees (P.D.C’s) and workers Defence Committee (W.D.C’s) which were later renamed Committees for the Defence of the revolution in Takoradi, took up the challenge and the C.D.R’s and Members of the June Four Movement , 31st December Women’s Movement Cadres and several organs of the 31st December revolution really worked without looking at the clock until the country returned to Constitutional Rule in 1992 after the collapse of the Cold War in the 1990’s which led to the breaking of the BERLIN WALL that later united West and East Germany.


It will be recalled that when the Consultative Assembly was formed to draft the 1992 Constitution, the Asante/Akyem Politicians from the Danquah/Busia tradition now leading the NPP today 2013 boycotted it on the grounds that they wanted a Constituent Assembly, but the revolutionary government of the PNDC called their bluff and went ahead with the framing of the 1992 Constitution without a single input by these tribal bigots leading the NPP today 2013.

The following representatives framed the 1992 Constitution.

1) Drivers and their mates (2) Seamstresses (3) Farmers, (4) Fishermen (5) Miners (6) Chop bar operators (7) Mechanics (8) Traders (9) Market women (10) Tailors (11) Masons (12) Carpenters (13) Lotto Agents (14) Nurses (15) Landlords (16) Mortuary men (17) Students (18) Sanitary Labourers (19) Junior Military Officers (20) Junior Police Officers and their counterparts from the other security agencies in 1992 for the so-called LEARNED MEN AND WOMEN TO INTERPRET INSIDE THE VARIOUS COURTS NATIONWIDE.

They must all be ashamed of themselves now. One is bound to ask them a simple question thus: Why did they boycott such a National Assignment? The answer is that they (the lawyers in Ghana) are more WESTERNISED THAN THE WESTERNERS THEMSELVES – period.

It will be recalled that Jerry Rawlings did not want to become a constitutionally elected President in 1992, but he was provoked by the late Professor Adu Boahen, the first SHORTMAN among the ASANTE/AKYEM POLITICIANS to contest Rawlings in December 1992, he was heavily beaten and he came out with a Criminal Publication called the “Stolen Verdict” – He was replaced by Mr. J.A. Kufour, a tribal bigot and a tall liar – Kufour was also beaten by Rawlings in 1996 – He also described that election as a “BOUGHT VERDICT”, yet when he won the 2000 election by default, he bought almost all the journalists in Ghana like bags of maize and they were rather attacking the then opposition NDC party instead of keeping the violent prone NPP government on its toes right from the year 2001-2008, so why won’t they lose that election to the late Professor J.E.A Mills in 2009 after 3 rounds? It was God sent.


Politics is driven by IDEAS but NOT a YES SIR MASTER JOB, and you become a sycophant when you say Yes Sir Master to everything within your party.

When a party is in power, there is always tension between those who join parties to amass wealth at all cost, and those who join the party to make life better for the ordinary people. In such a situation, those who join the party to amass wealth will always use foul means including back biting, character assassinations, vilifications, holier than thou attitudes, treachery, poison, “juju” and even death to eliminate those party members whom they regard as STUMBLING BLOCKS OUT OF THEIR WAY and do their own thing. If you doubt it – what happened to the late HAWA YAKUBU of the violent prone NPP some years back?

The 2012 elections are over, and Ghana’s democracy needed to grow beyond the election cycle, because once elections are held and a President is freely chosen by the people, partisan political posturing must give way to A CO-ORDINATED NATIONAL AGENDA INSTEAD OF THE LOSER RUSHING TO THE SUPREME COURT TO DECLARE HIM AS THE WINNER OF THE 2012 ELECTIONS BY WAISTING EVERYBODY’S TIME IN GHANA,THROUGH UNENDING COURT PROCEEDINGS. Yes, Nana Akuffo Addo, the tribal warlord on war path have actually seen Canaan, but he will NEVER SET FOOT on that Land – mark my words. Is anybody listening? I am done

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement