The Politician of Ghana – A tool to Drive or Dive The Nation?

Fri, 5 Dec 2014 Source: Rashad, Sumaila Mohammed

Politicians are fortunate that people do not want to think- Adolf Hitler

A politician, in its undiluted conceptive meaning, should have been a person who will be the compass to the promise land of economic freedom. An advocate for equality, a wiper to clean the fog-web on a country, a tool for massive transformation. As well as a merger of factions to form a big united family and zenithly, an anchor to freedom and justice.

However, mournfully, in Ghana , our very herdsmen and/or political Messiahs who should have led us to change have rather ended us in chains.

So, why can’t the bigwigs in Ghana deliver like their equals in the burgeoning countries we all wish to have hailed from? Why? Ever tried to answer this bugging question of the Ghanaian? Why do they keep performing less than the word little? Why are we constantly ill-treated and alienated in our own country? What do you think? Do you think the political circle is frosted with the astuteless? The greedy? Incompetent? Undeserving?

Perhaps they only know how to do one thing best: what they can do best-flattery and lip service? Or de novo, maybe they do not simply construe the rules of the political game? The answer? All the above. Yes! That’s it if you guessed so. For my reasons, kindly peruse the following.

Hitherto, our beloved country is still wrestling with stone –aged unemployment index, increasing housing deficit, laffing working class, death traps labeled roads, erratic power supply and what have you problems. Our colleague countries like the Malaysia and Singapore are now miles away. Their magic? Just constructive political leadership. Nothing less and nothing more. But what do we see in Ghana? A seed of giant beanstalk of political mistrust and bleeding sowed, watered, and now reaped by our politicians. Instead of empowering the teaming youth technically to make them self sufficient, create jobs in agriculture, tourism, commerce and fisheries, they are rather interested in enriching themselves and their cronies. We definitely need a rewrite of the lines of our destiny.

Sur, we leave on a land that does not even need fertilizer to boost yields and nail hunger, yet our kingpins cannot design any innovative policy in that direction. All they do is to endorse the importation of products that can be produced in the country like onions, cabbage, cattle, carrot and the list goes on unabated. Sometimes, these products are imported from countries that naturally should have been our nannies because they have far less resources than we do. An example is our sickly cousin Burkina Faso. When we can simply create district –based farms considering the dominant crops produced there to be manned by our very district agric officers who seem to be on virtual holidays. For instance my district-Atebubu is nationwide noted for growing maize, groundnut and yams predominantly. We can have a district farm that will employ the youth and provide food galore both for export and indigenous use. How long are we going to rely on imported food supplies?

Bluntly put, our parliamentarians are a very disappointing organ of our government system. They never descend any bill in as much as it favors them without even a dinky consideration of their employers- the voters. With their chorusal “ yeeeee ye’, they echo their support to even neck-breaking policies. When it comes to ‘sika die’, no party colors are flagged. Truly the dishonorable- honorable are not honoring themselves at all and even the word itself. Each belonging to various ‘chop-mittees ‘, we are only reminded of the dream of the zaphnathpania –Joseph in the Holy bible or Anabi Yussif in the Glorious Quran.

Hope you are surfing through the pile of scriptural stories in the department of your remembering and thinking affairs to uncover that dream. Got it? Yes! The small swallowing the entirety right? The voodooist or the traditionalist should kindly find Christian or Muslim comrades to confirm the story.

As for the executive, discussing it will be a deliberate signing of my death warrant or simply selling out my birth right as a hypertension patient.

However, I shall opine only and I mean only on the poor supervision by the executive. Please make follow ups and be impartially stern. Deal justly with those caught in exposés of stealing from state coffers without tainting them with political paints to deter sprouting ones.

The judiciary? Ohhh ! I fear Atuguba. I dare not spew a word. Tip-toeing by snappily not to be caught for contempt of court.

It is now unmasked that , the only time we the ordinary are fetched back from the dust bin of the minds of the leaders is during the electioneering time. Ere every balloting fiesta, they quickly gather their entire energy of false fabrication, lies, flattery and serpent deceit just to be anointed with the thumb in the win or burst race. But ones they win and cement their success, the smoke- being promises they give suddenly sublime into thin air. This nudes them of their zest and zeal for only the next election and not the next generation.

With grand intent and zilch delivery by the politician of Ghana, we the ordinary are made to settle the score with suffocation like the proverbial fifteen (15) men on the dead man’s chest whiles they are fetished daily. Sufficient they are.

Obviously, our onerous situation is politicians- inflicted subjoined by a marginal ill-attitude of the rest of us. But fortunately, every Ghanaian is statistically dogmatic. So, the African traditionalist should asap poor libation and sacrifice by slaughtering to seek aid from ‘asaase yaa’ whiles the dogma-drunk Christians and muslims also celebate to supplicate ceasinglessly to Christ and Allah respectively for divine succor. Because the political class in Ghana is striped to be a mere assemblage of failed, flunky and foul- hearted mobs. How long must feverish birds tremble in silence before their keeper?

Hitler, upon your beastly life lived, I still doff my cap to you in adoration for coining my foreword sentence.

Salam alaik !

The writer Mr. Sumaila Mohammed Rashad, is a youth activists from Atebubu. sumailamhmmd@gmail.com 0246640183

Columnist: Rashad, Sumaila Mohammed