The Politics of Mudslinging - the Case of Ghana

Wed, 5 Mar 2008 Source: Adomakoh, Joseph Smith


The politics of mudslinging in Ghana faulted by the NDC bloodlust leadership appears to be the only anti-democratic tactics left for the “Mills/Rawlings” (M&R) Team to compete for the presidency in the upcoming presidential election. The desperate act of Team M&R and particularly, Rwalings’ eagerness for the NDC to gain back power by any means necessary, clearly indicates that, were it to be the time when Ghanaians were somnambulant, Rawlings would have taken guns by now and invoke these fallacies as justification to overthrow the ruling government. But, alas! Notwithstanding the embryonic stage of our democracy, Ghanaians are awake and bold to declare that the “Buga-buga” behavior of Rawlings in years gone-by will never again be tolerated on the shores of Ghana. Hence, his stooping so low to concoct lies to implicate the NPP flagbearer with drug peddling, etc.

NDC’s Libelous Innuendos

The negative and mudslinging campaign being run against the NPP includes among other things, the accusations that: (1) Every member in Kufour’s administration is a thief; (2) The adminstration has brought untold hardship to Ghanaians; (3) The administration has put the economy in shambles (4) The administration has deliberately severed unemployment to punish Ghanaians; hence, “Yewuo” (5) The administration has made cocaine king and brought its usage and sales to ascendancy even, within the top echelons of government; (6) Kufour has spent over $4 million to refurbish his home. The list goes on albeit, without any proof.

The NDC elected its party flagbearer approximately 15 months ago and accordingly, had an early start to bring Ghanaians to the known of what they would do better to change the “godforsaken situation” they claim the NPP has brought to the country, if elected. But to-date, the NDC is yet to come up with any innovative idea to combat the so called shortcomings of the NPP. This represents not just the NDC’s leadership vulnerabilities but, a real danger to their creditability and authenticity.

Thorny Problems

Here we are with thorny problems facing Ghana - Electricity, Water, Job creation, Education, Roads (Inter-regional highway network system), Healthcare, and Poverty eradication, among others. And, the best the NDC can offer Ghana in solving these problems is libelous innuendos? Definitely this can cut it. This election is not about leaders who can twist the truth; it's about who can be the best leader, one who is ready for the task of moving the country forward, but not a leader who out of political expediency will go to any length to malice his opponent to score cheap political points to impress questionable followers. The stakes are too high for us to naively follow a political party which lacks innovative ideas, especially in macro-economic development, foreign policy and good governance. The NDC talks about libelous and innuendos but, lacks the technical wherewithal to back up their rhetoric. We were once bamboozled with these types of propaganda gimmickry in the days of yore, and almost blindly gobbled such lies. But now at 51, we have reached adulthood and, have learnt that reality is what governs life, not falsehoods. The risks to our country from within and beyond are many and without a doubt, it is only bold leadership and experience which will save us from economic collapse, poverty, or worse.

NPP’s Achievements

In this regard, the record shows that Kufour’s government has demonstrated in no uncertain terms a staunch push for economic development and accordingly, has addressed key economic challenges by fostering Increase Participation in Global Trade and Investment; Improve Economic Policy and Governance; Increase Private Sector Growth; Increase Agricultural Productivity; Strengthen the Financial Sector’s Contribution to Economic Growth; Improve Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Expand and Improve Access to Economic and Social Infrastructure.

In view of the above, we ask: Does the NDC have what it takes to lead Ghana to compete successfully in the highly competitive global marketplace and bring prosperity to Ghanaians? Can the NDC uphold the truth and safeguard human rights for all Ghanaians? Can the NDC guaranteed Ghanaians that, its leadership will not bring merciless savages in the form of Private Army/Commandos Unit, to protect a person whose known rule of governance is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and individual properties?

These are legitimate questions whose answers are imbedded in the 20 years past performance of the NDC. And, when contrasted to the 7 years performance of the current adminstration, the NDC fall short of all expectations including, economic development, international trade and investments, foreign policy, human rights, and good governance. Therefore, it is not worthy to bring the NDC back to power again only to destroy all that have been achieved for us in this short period. But, given the NPP’s success as described above, it is quite certain that they will ensure continuity, growth and advancement in its economic development and bring lasting prosperity to all Ghanaians if voted again to power.


Finally, true enough, when in the course of a country’s development, there comes a time for a necessary revolution which inevitably causes havoc to innocent people. Nonetheless, it is also necessary that after the said revolution, peace is brought to prevail to ensure unity and peaceful coexistence among the citizenry; hence, the creation of reconciliatory forums to allow those who are aggrieved to petition for redress, with the hope to bring closure to their nightmares. But, in the case of Ghana, Rwalings --- the key reason for which the 2002 National Reconciliation Commission was formed, in order for him to express remorse for the atrocities he brought to Ghanaians --- still remains adamant, recalcitrant and non-penitent. Ant yet, wants back power in the disguised of Dr. Mills. This must not be tolerated, because as Thomas Jefferson once said, “A prince, whose character is thus, marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. Vote against Team M&R/NDC, and vote for Nana Akufo-Addo/NPP.

Joseph Smith Adomakoh, Jr. Wall Street, New York, NY March 1st 2008

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Columnist: Adomakoh, Joseph Smith