The “Pot-and-Kettle” Politics and Hypocrisy!!

Tue, 15 Dec 2009 Source: Opare-Asamoa, Yaw

Yaw Opare-Asamoa


I believe the Akan equivalent is “kutu fre dadesen tuntum” which loosely translates as ‘the pot calling the kettle black’. Of course we substituted ‘kutu’ for ‘pot’ and ‘dadesen’ for ‘kettle’ but the general point of this ‘Pot-and-Kettle’ business is that it is ridiculous, disingenuous and almost laughable for anybody to accuse another of something that he or she is even more guilty of. The good Lord admonished us to look inwards first before we point at others but that message was lost on some people in Ghana, it seems! It is rather unfortunate but that is the sad reality of the political landscape in our dear country today. Some people, I think, cannot live without some form of hypocrisy in their lives. I will go through a few in this article:

I have commented, previously, on the choice of words of one Nana Biakoye in his articles. But the issue goes way beyond that-it actually has to do with the general tone of the articles. Of course he has the right to write and he is entitled to his opinions. In much the same way, I believe we all do have rights and are entitled to our opinions as well. So how come an article by one Akilu Sayibu about the political fortunes (or misfortunes) of Atta Mills should elicit such a response from Nana Biakoye? Since the NDC returned to power it has been one article after the other, ‘bashing’ or trashing’ the former President and anybody associated with him. I would not bother to repeat such here but those interested can go to ghanweb’s archives and read articles under Nana Biakoye’s name and find out for themselves. If Akilu Sayibu says Spio Garbrah and not Atta Mills would be the candidate for 2012, you have the choice to either agree or disagree. Apparently Nana Biakoye thinks otherwise and that’s fine. In response to Akilu Sayibu’s article, Nana Biakoye wrote one with the title “Why President Mills will be President in 2012”. The following quote formed the opening sentences under the said article by Nana Biakoye: “When the likes of Akilu Sayibu, sit behind their PC and hit the keypads, I am sure they think that what is in their head, is what is in the head of others. When they make very judgemental statements, they must really be thinking very highly of themselves”. Really? Apparently Nana Biakoye’s assertion is not ‘judgemental’ but Akilu Sayibu’s is. Later he (Nana Biakoye) admits that his is also judgemental but ‘based on empirical evidence’. Seriously? So Nana Biakoye can analyze the NDC and come out with his ‘empirical evidence’ but no other person can do likewise. What is it with some people? Was it really necessary to refer to the ‘brain cells’ of Akilu Sayibu? I will repeat my call to Nana Biakoye; that it is important that the elders in the society set good examples for the next generation coming after us. One can make one’s argument without recourse to ‘insults’ or ‘caustic’ language. A word to the wise, they say, is way down south!

As far as Nana Biakoye is concerned, the NDC MPs never held any Press conferences to protest or register their disagreement over something the then NPP government had done or was doing. Or maybe these press conferences by minority MPs only become “useless” (Nana Biakoye’s word, not mine) when they are held by NPP MPs. There are a whole lot that I can discuss but I believe the point has been made.

J.K. Rawlings is still calling for the prosecution of individuals he considers as ‘thieves’ and ‘murderers’. Yes Rawlings, calling for the prosecution of thieves and murderers. Is there a better case than this of the ‘Pot’ calling the ‘Kettle’ black? I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I do believe that Rawlings more than qualifies under either category. Facts are sacred (apologies to Kwabena Yeboah) and the truth cannot remain hidden forever. With all the individuals that “went missing” under his administration, he has the temerity to label others as ‘murderers’. This is a guy who killed others for no reason but jealousy. He couldn’t stand to see others doing well whiles he and his family starved. So he decided to take the one route he knew would bring him the ‘comforts’ of this life that he’s so yearned for for many years. Did he really believe that he would survive if the same measure that he meted to others had been used for him? Will he still be alive today if the same standards (as per Roger Feli and others) had been applied to him? And if he believes that people being murdered under his administration does not make him a murderer, then where does he get off with calling others murderers because people died under their administration? And we are not even talking about the same kinds of deaths!!

Okudzeto Ablakwa Samuel may have understudied Rawlings or not. This young man is gradually carving a niche for himself even though I am not too sure exactly what he seeks. As far as his job is concerned I think he is performing creditably. Of course if he is on your ‘side’ you will expect similar services. My ‘beef’ today has to do with the report that he is ‘fleecing’ the State by ‘misappropriating’ the State’s resources for his personal gain. If there are no such laws governing public officials in non-official activities within official hours, Parliament should immediately work on it and get one in place. I have no problem with what they do on the weekends or even after work; that is their prerogative. They can decide to go to school or do whatever else they want to. But if you are being paid with our taxes and you are supposed to be working on our behalf please don’t use our resources (time and fuel) to further your own interests. That is ‘stealing’ from the State and it constitutes corruption! I guess Okudzeto Ablakwa has never looked at it in this manner but now that he knows, I hope he will do the right thing. Can anyone even begin to imagine the sorts of words that Okudzeto Ablakwa would have used for any NPP minister who was going to school during official working hours, and using government vehicle on top? When he was asked about it he actually defended his actions by saying that he was spending only some few hours to go to school. I don’t believe that can be found anywhere in the ‘service contract’ that the President gave him. He can school during the weekends or after work hours if he so wishes. And by the way how do we know he is not using State resources to pay for his fees?

So Akwesi Pratt went to South Africa with our money eh? I was not surprised at all to hear that because, unlike so many others in the country, I do know who and what Akwesi Pratt really is. He is a very good student of the Communist/Socialist idealogy and tactics: Make the masses believe you are on their side and that you ‘eat and drink’ exactly what they eat and drink. Meanwhile the reality is so far away from this façade. That was exactly how the communist bosses dealt with the people during the soviet era and that is what Akwesi Pratt has mastered so well. Do we remember he had something to say when some NDC guys took a trip to Cote d’Ivoire for a football match? He was right then to criticize for it was blatant waste of resources but I guess in his case, he would have some ‘tangible’ reason why he had to be there. O yes, his presence was so much needed!! It was that important!!! Then how come he was not accredited? If he truly was on ‘official’ government business why was he not part of the Nyantakyi-led delegation? Or maybe he was there to cover the event as a journalist; in which case I would ask, since when did Mr. Pratt become a Sports journalist?

I just can’t understand these things. The hypocrisy is too much in this country. Why can’t we practice what we preach? And why don’t we take the ‘log’ out of our own eyes before we attempt to take it from others?

Written and submitted on December 12, 2009

Columnist: Opare-Asamoa, Yaw