The Rejected Verdict and The Rejected M/DCEs

Sat, 20 Jul 2013 Source: Asare, Noah

Never in the history of Ghana has any election been so vehemently challenged like the 2012 general election which resulted in the EC declaration of John Dramani Mahama of the NDC as winner.

The petitioning of the Supreme Court by the three NPP guns, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, Jake Obitsebi Lamptey and Dr Mahmud Bawumia has come to be known as the "Landmark Petition case" to show the weight the case is carrying. Some even refer to it as "The Historic Election Petition". The verdict announced by the current EC and its boss is arguably one of the most controversial verdicts ever as it has been fervently rejected and seriously challenged in the Highest Court of our land.

At the feet of the ongoing case is another development that needs some attention; The Mass Rejection of M/DCEs. The number of appointees of our disputed or at least challenged president is(borrowing a word from the NDC communication team) "unprecedented".

As I pondered over the confusion in Ghana, from the fuel price hikes and the feud between GPRTU and the drivers over lorry fares, the market and other buildings fires and the alleged work of arsonists, the sudden rise in crime, especially in the Asante region, the out of hand spreading of strike actions mostly by government workers, the burning down of NDC party cars and offices by irate youth, the brouhaha of contempt of court and all the political and social chaos, one thing attracted my attention the most; Why are the appointments of Mr Mahama being rejected all over the place?

I have still not understood why all the M/DCEs appointed y the government which won a first round victory will consistently be rejected. I can't just get it.

To make things very simple, assembly men are elected by the masses in every assembly which is made up of sub division of constituencies. With the widespread political lines drawn among Ghanaians, you will agree that people vote for assembly men who belong to the parties of their choices. Just like in the parliament if a government has the majority it is easier for him to implement his policies and to push through his programs. On the other hand if the government has less number of parliamentarians on his side, he will face a lot of difficulty in governing the country as any proposal he make will be rejected out rightly.

I am beginning to think that our challenged president is faced with a situation where he has more NPP assembly men in the districts than those from his own party.

Assembly men who will vote against anyone presented to them. The end of this scenario is indeed far from over because the assembly men still has some years to complete.

Now does the Dr Afari Gyan's declaration and the actions of these honourable assembly men raise any questions about the true verdict of the people?

To me it is doubtful that the same people who voted for the government will vote for an assembly made up of people known to belong somewhere else? Skirt and blouse is not that uncommon in our political story, but I have never witnessed it to this "gargantuan" level.

It is obvious that Mr Mahama's government is suffering to stand on its feet considering the numerous unfinished tasks, the financial situation of our economy , the corruption tags trailing it everywhere and the challenge of it's legitimacy in court, but the issue of a government without a M/DCEs is definitely the most daunting blow.

Anyway, our elders say; " if you forcibly coronate yourself unto a throne, you will hardly find anyone to worship you".

God bless our motherland Ghana.Shalom!!

Noah Asare Stockstadt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah