The Strange Case Of Dr. Gabbas And Mr.Buggery

Sat, 22 Nov 2014 Source: Mohammed, Inusah

Those who shrug off fictional literature may not have appreciated the fact that it is the produce of the human brain. They may not have realized that the most efficacious organ in our Adam’s body is the small, miraculous meat-like structure in our skulls. One of the most striking descriptions ever given to the brain was by Benjamin Carson, the famous Pediatric neurosurgeon who led the team of doctors who separated twins joined in the head successfully in 1986.

In an interview, he was asked why he wanted to be a neurosurgeon and he answered “The brain is a miracle………. Imagine Hendel! How could he compose something like The Messiah in three weeks?” Solid!

How could Chinua Achebe write from head ‘Things fall apart’ in response to a book cleverly written to conceal the inherent racism against Blacks in it, In the Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad? More surprisingly, how could Jules Verne produce from the same brain in the year 1865 the book ‘From the earth to the moon’ which was truly actualized in the year 1969 (a century and more later) by Neil Armstrong and his colleague Buzz Aldrin when they spent two hours, thirty one minutes exploring on lunar surface? That is the power of Jules Verne’s brain.

Now to the crux of this piece, how on earth did the Scottish writer, Robert Louis Stevenson envisage that a medical doctor at Effia Nkwanta Hospital will be a reference point in diligence and philanthropy and simultaneously be a merciless sodomite and anal-consuming beast?

In 1886, the book ‘The strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ was launched. In the said book, a man who commanded much respect as a medical doctor in his town doubled as the most loathed harbinger of wickedness in that same town. The book’s highlight was its association with the mental imbalance that was rare, known as “Split personality” which psychiatrists term ‘dissociative identity disorder” which shows how a person can exhibit “vastly different moral character from one situation to another.” Dr.Sulley Ali-Gabbas seriously epitomizes this mental disorder.

The Jekyll side of Dr. Sulley Ali Gabbas.

When Saeed Jallo, the representative of the Muslim Community on the Western Regional Peace Council spoke to Joy fm about Dr. Sulley Ali Gabbas, I nearly cried a gallon full of tears. He stated “When you go to the Muslim communities, you will see that every place is quiet because Dr Sulley Gabbas is one person who has helped the religion of Islam. The youth and student body of Ghana Muslim Students Association have been supported by Dr Sulley Ali-Gabbas both physically and financially.” The Staff at the Effia Nkwanta Hospital have also attested to the hardworking character of the man. He was a man who was far from being indolent. He was always diligent in his work. Interestingly, when the Executive Secretary of Narcotics Control Board, Mr. Akrasi Sarpong earlier this year hinted that marijuana should be legalized, Dr.Sulley Ali-Gabbas spoke vehemently against it.

He raised the fears that the youth will use the NACOB boss’ statement as a safe haven to smoke with untold impunity. He therefore appealed to the government not to legalize it since it is malignant to the human health. This was Dr.Sulley Ali Gabbas’ good side. Genteel, demure, calm, cool and collected man of repute and much reverence. No wonder he wanted to mentor the young victim when they struck an acquaintance on Facebook.

The Hyde side of Sulley Ali-Gabbas

On the flipside, a sixteen year old boy finds himself despondent and forever adrift in pain in his anal cavity due to five painful, unlawful and inhuman bouts of sex with a sodomite called Dr.Sulley Ali-Gabbas as alleged. The boy is also suffering from the dreadful HIV/AIDS; a disease the doctor denied infecting him with.

For the boy to look up to the Doctor for a mentor-mentee relationship only to end up being mentored in his anus shows how wicked, vicious and unforgiving Dr. Sulley could be. It was shocking to the marrow when he stated that it was the boy who pestered him. It was reported that he even refused to give the boy money to fend for himself when he started having complications in his anus. This action of Dr.Sulley Ali Gabbas is repugnant and condemnable by all standards. It is sour to taste and unpleasant to the ear.

Way Forward

With these actions occurring frequently, I believe the nation must come out clear on Homosexuality. The nation cannot continue to be ambivalent over its stance on this dreadful, barbaric sexual orientation. If the nation does not come out clear on this, we will continue to have more of such cases. No scientific theory can explain homosexuality. It is simply inexplicable!

When Blakk Rasta of Hitz fm fame hinted that Sigmund Freud, the father of Psychoanalysis, had described homosexuality as “a mental disorder”, the ignoble proponents of this bad act came out to say it could be as a result of the genetic make-up. Blakk Rasta therefore couched it in a way I like the most:

“Homosexuality is a mental and genetic disorder.”

Inusah Mohammed

NB: The writer is a National Service Person at the Graphic Communications Group Ltd.

Columnist: Mohammed, Inusah