NPP has lost its flavour

Fri, 22 Aug 2014 Source: Ablordeppey, Samuel

I wish to call on supporters of other political parties esp the NDC to draw serious lessons from the current leadership bubbles in the NPP.

The opposition had shown over these few days, their abhorrence for amicable solution to small problems and leaves much to be desired.

"The family that is not United cannot stand." On this quote I dare say the NPP has lost its "flavour"

The disappearance of the "flavour" went with the terror that occurred at the party's HQ.

How on earth could supporters of the same party attack it's HQ, threaten the lives of its leaders, journalists and innocent citizens all in the name of dissent.

They have painted a gloomy picture of the party and has left the silent majority and floating voters alike in doubt over the party's readiness to come to power any time soon.

The NPP could only restore hope if, and only if supporters of the CPP, PNC, and especially the ruling government play in their hands by taken the path they took.

The voices of reason came rather late to calm the stormy waters. Both pre and post violence attitude by some old and new executives were rather heartbreaking. Competence levels challenged and all those things diminished the hopes of Ghanaians esp the apparatchiks of the NPP.

The writings were on the wall even before the Paul Afoko led administration took office; to the extent that people were called bad names and tags. A stitch in time the old lady said saves nine.

It is incumbent on the other parties to show the way by adopting ingenious measure to solve problems when they arise.

Though it's an intra party affair, the show of physical strength and the exhibition of machetes, guns and cudgels left a lot of residents shiver in their spines.

Not quite long ago, it was alleged that the Ashanti regional executives of the same party molested some innocent citizens on a Bolga bound bus in Kumasi all in the name of politics. I ask, what is the real agenda of the NPP in the country's body politic? We must find out.

No wonder a stalwart of the party calling himself Kofi 1234 spoke like "terrorist" when he said what happened at their party HQ would be the posture of the NPP ahead of the 2016 elections. In other jurisdictions that Kofi would have been banished or invited by the national security to apologise or otherwise for his childish and terrorist like talk. Talk is cheap indeed! Yes! The guy must be questioned.

To this end I ask, what action could the police take in this circumstance? Can the party arrest and punish since the perpetrators are caught on video and stills to avert future occurance?

Violence is a deadly venture, let's avoid it!

A journalist view on the happenings with the NPP.

Samuel Ablordeppey

Columnist: Ablordeppey, Samuel