The Trauma of Ascending to Presidency Through the Backdoor

Mon, 18 Feb 2013 Source: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

Over the past four years, there has been a frequent catchphrase amongst supporters of Ghana’s political factions, most especially the NDC which reads as: ‘Se Onyame ensii wo ohene na se wokofa ahenkye hye a ……’. This translates as a person must have been chosen by God or the gods to wear a fitting leadership Crown. The frequency of this statement from the lips of especially NDC communicators across Ghana has pervaded the airwaves ever since Prof Mills contested the 2008 Presidential elections against Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, in which case, the insinuation directed poignantly to Nana Addo, apparently for posing out confidently as the better and more capable, therefore an obvioue choice of the people to succeed His Excellency J A Kufuor. Indeed Nana Addo was of a better disposition to win the 2008 Presidential elections, the always magical fingers of Kwadwo Afari Djan and his Electoral Commission, their fingers and equipment that have the potency to always transmute figures and situations for the worst and never for the better, catapulted Prof Mills from defeat to triumph. Jaws dropped in wonderment as the results of the elections were read to Ghanaians through the airwaves by the congenital rubicund-eyed and from the burned mischievous lips of dare-devil evil may occur Kwadwo Afari Djan. In less than a hundred days afterwards, there were visible signs of majority discontent with the Mills-led NDC administration through songs and in open public discussions as people began murmuring as to how Mills managed to become President of Ghana instead of Nana Addo. Was Mills the one chosen by God/the gods to wear the leadership Crown and if so how long would he last as civitatis ghanaiensis conduitur?

An uncanny election rigging plan had been hatched by the NDC, different from the usual use of violence and intimidation by way of a prank to snatch ballot boxes that would be stuffed with pre-thumbprinted ballot papers and later recovered for counting. Meanwhile, since 1992, voters register and corresponding population census have been inordinately bloated such that anybody indenting to challenge votes cast would have little proof of over-voting. With the coming into operational force of a newly hatched hard-to-detect vote-rigging plan, NDC supporters and communicators through the medium of the airwaves would have been envisioned to state categorically that their candidates is the one onctioned by God/the gods, in derision of an obvious peoples’ choice.

John Mills became President of the republic of Ghana through an unguarded postern to apparently settle comfortably and rule but was dogged with the self-inflicted misfortune of trumatic stress of leadership through the backdoor. In his own words, John Mahama states that his boss, John Mills, delegated his entire Presidential powers to him, except for the fact that he did not assume his name as well. Mills, though President, to whom all national allegience was owed, transformed success, triumph and happiness into becaming the most miserable, regretfully wistful for who he was as lecturer and the unhappiest person in Ghana. Aptly put by our savvy elders as ‘whim whim ade ko sro sro’ which translates as ill-gotten treasure dissipates and withers into thin air the quickest, John Mills could not live even his ailing life any longer, let alone a full one term in office as President. The through the backdoor mechanism continues to persist in which situation John Mahama apparently ensconces at the castle through the frontdoor in disguise, election 2012 sees an advanced form of vote-rigging ever to be recorded in the world. The ever pervading derisive insinuation of Onyame ansi wo hene catchphrase against an overt peoples’ choice Nana Addo drops from the lips of NDC communicators when indeed there is overwhelming evidence that John Mahama couldn’t have been the winner of the election 2012 Presidential slot. In spite of all the earlier bragging of they have no evidence, the President cannot be sued, any idiot can go to Court, swearing-in has already taken place etc, a President made through the backdoor is battling with the truma of an imminent shame of being branded a Crown thief.

Even in cases of a back-pass from an adored winner to a colleague who could possibly not have won had he been initially in the saddle, as in the case of British Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair and successor Gordon Brown, subsequently sought recognition for frontdoor entry proved unacceptable for the British electorate. Nigeria is currently undergoing a state of national disintegration as the Goodluck’s Yar’Adua/Goodluck goodwill waned and waned though Yar’Adua controvertially won as the world was made to believe. Others in places across the world have, through the use of violence, unconditionally foisted their rulership on their discontented people and ended up at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands where they battle with justice accordingly. There are also others who face the wrought of the overwhelming majority and pay for their wrongful and unwaranted entry and stay with their life.

In the current Ghana situation of postern entry, people’s discontent have occasioned the invocation of the all powerful, unforgiving and fearful deity of Antoa Nyamaah, whose justice administration is so prudential and circumspect though Rhadamanthine in his infliction and enforcement of punishment that all backdoor entrants their accomplices and complicities who have already begun feeling the nettlesome anger of this most dreaded deity amongst deities. This notwithstanding, these backdoor entrants et al must of force and by law, appear before the Supreme Court to defend their entry as lawful and in accordance with the Constitution without any breaches of its provisions in any way possible as their accusing petitioners stand tall against them. On the international front, development partners across the world sense the Ghanaian feeling of discontent and may not be giving their full sense of cooperation to a bully who breaks-in as a burgler with intent to subvert the constitution Even before all encumbering prelimnaries are cleared, heart pulsation has gone higher and higher for some with wearisome physionomy whiles others feel so much relaxed and smiley. Is the Presidential crown made-to-fit its current wearer; is it forced to fit him rather hurtingly from day-to-day occassioning sleepless nights, uncomfortable days and uneasy moments or is it just hanging on his skull with straps apparently keeping it in place? What is likely to follow after everything is found out through the on-going juridical process at the Supreme Court if in fact the President ascended the Presidency through the backdoor will be shameful, disgraceful and loss of honour publicly, nationally and internationally. However, in the mean time only time will tell.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa; (London, UK)

John Mahama’s Obstinacy, yet Silent Inward Confession to the NPP, Ghanaians and the World

We hate the way you think accurately ahead of time; we hate your sense of moral, ethical and intellectual supremacy in Ghana; we hate your bright perceptive ideas for a future Ghana; we hate your excellent ideas for Ghana’s development; we hate your sense of artistery and unparalleled aestetics; we hate how you set high development targets that we cannot match, not even if we are allowed a century to be in office; we hate how our NDC Party is composed of savage mediocritic non-entities who cannot reason for themselves with the highest sense of herd-mantality, and we hate how all reasonable, well-meaning and sensible people in Ghana appreciate and talk well of NPP. The real reason is that we love what you do, your composition and disposition and who you are. We would want to be like the NPP but we can’t no matter how hard we try, so we envy you, that is why we hate you because we are paranoid. The above is the un-sung confession in the heart of ‘President’ John Mahama and the NDC as a political party. This is an extremely zoilist-pocessed Party that would criticise everything including even a candid advise given to them to shelter themselves from a heavy tempestuous downpour. Their conduct in relation to their mental disposition is that, they would eventually shelter themselves but would do so after having been heavily soaked

Within a space of four years, what has changed about the celebrated Jubilee House, the magnificent edifice built by the J A Kufuor-led NPP administration? NDC raised several red flags about this Jubilee House as Presidential Palace including being too proximate to the Nima Zongo community of Accra; so, have they managed to distance the Palace from the Zongo people? John Mahama’s NDC Party’s position was too cynical, including using the edifice for a poultry farm whiles on a milder note, they would use it for a hospital. None of these came to pass whiles at the same time nothing has changed, neither in real nor dramatic terms. Therefore, what has prompted John Mahama to all of a sudden decide to move into the Jubilee House?

There are four theories; one, two, three or all of which could apply for this shameless change of mind. As a preamble to the first of the theories, it is said that, whenever a toad is seen jumping about on broad daylight, an assailant predator might be after its life; this is a nicely loaded sentence taken from Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’. The first theory is that after murdering Professor Mills in his office at the Osu Castle where his office remains closed to this day, vengeful and vindictive Mills as he has been known to be keeps on haunting his murderer, John Dramani Mahama and all accomplices who assisted in any way to facilitate his killing. This situation has evoked an unanimous concensus that the Osu castle be left alone as a haunted place. The next option for a Presidential home and offices would have been the Peduase Lodge yet various factors militate against it for a seat of government including the psychological obviousness that would pervade in the minds and eyes of the public of having fouled the Osu castle therefore a U-turn to move into the purpose-built Jubilee House had to be made to save the situation. Mills, it is said, hated even to cast a glance at the Kufuor-built Jubilee House so he would live his principle not to haunt Mahama if he moved into a place he abhorred so much but hei! Mills will be there.

The second theory is that Mahama and Amisah Arthur, his vice-President need to be closer together for a probable he-man wife and he-man husband to be closer together for a most comfortable and convenient proximity of reaching for one another to satisfy their lust for their bisexual gratification, whiles the third boarders on Mahama, an eudaemonist, sensing that he has a short time left to enjoy all the good things imaginable in Ghana, hence ensconcing at the Jubilee House must one day be counted as one of the life’s enjoyments he has experienced. Fourth and finally, John Mahama is dissociating himself from the thoughts and thinking of the NDC by frowning on and scorning their decision in regard to what the edifice might be used for. He has therefore, contrary to NDC insipience, settled for the Jubilee House as a Presidential Palace and seat of government by even insisting to retain its maiden christening by Kufuor as ‘Jubilee House’ instead of a Flag Staff House. It may be recalled that several countries and international organisations have metronymic references such as the White House for the US administration, the Kremlin for the Russian, No 10 Downing Street for the British etc. Whereas Jubilee House would be unique in reference to Ghana, Flag Staff House is not unique to Ghana, so cannot be metronymous to Ghana as it should be

George Orwell, aka George Arthur Blair, whose clever Muse as we all now know from his ‘Animal Farm’ political satire novel, that after taking the Manor Farm from Mr Jones into Animal Farm, the animals agreed that the Pent house, which was Jones’s residence and office would be used for a museum so no animal would live there. Afterwards, when Napoleon had succeeded in kicking out Snowball and had gained control over the animals, to tha jaw-dropping amazement of the less equal animals, Napoleon and the pigs moved in to settle in the self-same Pent house. Napoleon’s explanation for the U-turn can be as obscure and too distanced as John Mahama will have to give. Never did any person, let alone clear-minded, within the ruling fraudulent NDC think the seat of government would be moved from the 17th century-built Christianborg Castle that was transformed into a slave-holding warehouse, into the purpose-built Jubilee House magnificent edifice. Big square-mouthed Asiedu Nketia and his like-minded miscreants had informed the whole world that the NDC would use the US$56 million Jubilee House Presidential home and offices and ceremonial grounds for a poultry farm and grazing ground.

Most times, it is easier to identify the weak-minded fool not by the the answers they give to sensibly asked questions but by the questions they themselves ask as well as the comments and suggestions they make. For the NDC with their so-called ‘Dr’ Tony Aidoo, general secretary Asiedu Nketia, Oko Vanderpuje etc to make comments and suggestions that would eventually bounce back on them can overtly suggest to anybody the sort of academic qualifications claimed by most of them, the mental faculties possessed by the Party members as a whole and their king pins. Jubilee House is now officially the official Presidential Palace and offices of the presidency but not a poultry farm as posited by some weak-minded nonentities. Any idiot can go to court has had its lashing back as Asiedu Nketia finds himself begging to go to Court with some frivolous matter, several of his applications thrown out whiles he doses off in Court. Oko Vanderpuje must be awake from his frenzied overdose of fanaticism and see things objectively with both eyes and with open mind.

It is a welcome news that ‘President’ John Dramani mahama has at last defied his Party’s position to live and work from the Jubilee House. It wouldn’t have been a matter for political give and take commentary had the NDC not made such prior unsavoury comments and suggestions about the edifice however it is better late than never. John Dramani Mahama must shirk his haughtiness, pride and arrogance that has inebriated him, sober himself and apologise to Ghanaians, his Party and the international communities for licking back his own sputum.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa; (London, UK)

Dishonest Ghana?

Some people, certain communities, gangs and even nations pride themselves in negative attributes without shame. We often see people beating their chest we hear them bragging about proudly as being killers. Such statements as ‘Look, do you know me? If you don’t, ask anybody and they will tell you that I am a killer; I am really bad and I can show you where power lies! Sheegelege banza’! Such a negative attribute and others amongst them such as lying, insolence, rudeness, haughtiness, indiscipline, bestiality, paedophilia, necrophilia and the most recent development of homophilia as a growing cultural desire do not augur well with well cultured people, societies, communities and nations. These cannot go without mentioning hipocrisy and indeed dishonesty which, including all of the above are gaining stronger buttress roots in Ghana.

Aside ranking high on the world’s corruption index, Ghana is persistently and alarmingly leaning towards a culture of dishonesty, a culture in which hypocrisy, prejudice and paranoia are given extra strength to militate against truth, sincerity and honesty. Tax-payers’ money is spent on the education and further higher education of individuals who show the potential and capacity to learn and acquire knowledge and wisdom to serve Ghana beneficially yet these same emerge as public officials only to further exploit the already indigent Ghanaian society through a wide array of dishonesty in their official capacity. Tax payers’ money from the public purse is used to fund political parties only for us to realise no sooner than later that politicians come out to display their prejudices and paranoia. Religious leaders of the established churches shirk their responsibility to lead by example such as being honest, sincere, truthful and faithful and rather fancy and adore hypocrisy. Ghana’s cultural institutions are dramatically corrupted and adulterated such that culture is only given a lip service. Though dishonesty is used to describe any instance of lack of probity, cheating, lying or being deliberately deceptive or lack in integrity, knavishness, perfidiousness, corruption or treacherousness, intellectual, political, moral ethical and cultural dishonesty transcends the ordinary meaning as applied. Intellectual dishonesty implies not living up to the expected standard. This might happen because of laziness, superficiality and other "lesser" evils however, when these evils manifest themselves in fields such as science, engineering, etc, they are qualified as Intellectual Dishonesty because in these fields everyone is expected to strive for higher standards

As stated above, countries like Russia and South Africa would unwittingly pride themselves with being the world’s highest murder-rated on the world’s crime index with about 50 murders a day yet no positive steps seem to have been taken to curb let alone abate it. Their institutional organisations have been so made that reversing the ntrend is virtually impossible so murder in these two countries is taken for a cultural and traditional status quo though punishable. In the same vein, honour-killing is traditional in especially Pakistan whiles suicide is a daily occurrence in Iceland and the Scandinavian countries. Homosexuality and prostitution are accepted norms in the Netherlands whiles eating frog legs is natural and normal in France. Dedicating one life to hard work to build a stronger national economy is a German virtue whiles North Korea is synonymous with propaganda. The English amongst the British on the other hand are the all time cunning and exploitative and that is a fact. When we mention Nigeria, it cannot go without the stigma of fraud of all kinds, high profile corruption and cheating. Where then would Ghana be on the virtue/stigma attribute index?

As a once upon a time very respected people imbued with hospitality, honesty, sincerity, modesty, disciplined and brainy intellectuals with a rich culture united for peace, tranquility, freedom and justice, Ghana today stands at the crossroads of collapsing under a yoke of dishonesty. One may ask why all the above virtues hither-to attributed to Ghana have waned and disappeared? The answer lies all in all in politics and the breed of politicians and political tactics Ghana has come to know over the last four decades.

Some Institutions in Ghana are Half-blind, Half-deaf, Stammer and woefully get Everything Wrong

President Barack Obama found a growing hope and confidence in Ghana’s institutuins so he made a whistle stop in Ghana on 10th July 2009 to encourage for further strengthening of national institutions. “’We’ don’t need strong leaders; what ‘we’ need is strong institutions” The American President did not talk to Ghanaians and Ghana’s Parliament on a ‘them’ and ‘us’ basis by using objective clauses and referring to Ghanaians as you Ghanaians needing strong institutions; rather, he included himself as a Ghanaian, as an America partner in democracy and the ‘civilised’ world as a community striving for fairness, justice and equality. John Evans Atta Mills had barely been sworn-in as President of Ghana who proclaimed himself to be ‘Father for all Ghanaians’ and went ahead to form and established what he called as ‘National Peace Council’. The composition of this institution and their selection criterior remains in arcanum to most Ghanaians to this day.

Some communities to the north of Ghana have often been in internecine wars and conflicts usually over trivial matters that could easily have been solved had our institutions been that strong and fair, others have been of more grievous nature involving chieftaincy factions which could similarly and equally have been solved by fair minded strong institutions. Aside these above mentioned fracas, other communities have seen relative peace over several decades. The formation of a Peace Council institution in regard to the above as a way forward to forstall future conflicts as well as resolving present and past conflicts would have been in the right direction as a most welcome idea. These notwithstanding, a so-called National Peace Council of whatever composition has never made a single statement of proposal, neither have they ever sat on the most pressing, controversial and seemingly irresolvable but resolvable Yendi skin conflict, a conflict that has persisted for well over 60 years. Other minor community conflicts have cropped-up ever since the formation of this so-called NPC yet hardly does any well meaning Ghanaian hear of their involvement in joining other relevant institutions in mediation for calmth. What then does the NPC stand for? What are their aims and objectives? What is their understanding of ‘Peace’? How do they promote, establish and foster Peace and what modalities do they apply to bring Peace?

The relevance of the NPC could in fairness also be felt in dealing with other institutions that abuse their powers either through omissions/negligence of their duties, commissions/malfeasance or misfeasance of their public duties to ensure fairness to all in Ghana, citizens, straigers and visitors alike. Yet since the NPC has an ambiguous job description ascribed to them and only have a particularly prescribed interest that has no relevance to promoting Peace in Ghana, they can only see what is stained inside their looking-glasses, smell only the scent that they have been conditioned to smell and react to, hear the tunes that they are made to love to enjoy hearing, stentor and trumpet-out grievances not for the general good of all but for particulars whereby they would come into public even in pyjamas or bath towels wound around their waist to make emergency statements. National Peace Council sees nothing wrong with Police negligence when other equally-regarding citizens equally entitled to protection are abused and brutalised by their favoured group. NPC, the Police and other security forces etc see something wrong with statements made by an unfavoured group and so rushe to make emergency statements of condemnation but see nothing wrong with their favourites who emerge in amulets-riddled battle smock, indicative of war readiness. To this, they see, hear and say nothing because either they stammer badly and have not gathered enough gas to push their statements out or that they have developped aphonia by earlier shouting in emergency. NPC and other concerned institutions of State see nothing wrong with a wanton command by whosoever to parade National arsenal and armoury across the country. NPC and others see nothing wrong with political thuggery, gangsterism, hoolinganism and the baculine approach of some identified rubble-rousing group against all others irrespective of. The police especially had glaucoma in their eyes so could not see anybody to make any arrests for breaching public order rules.

What then does it take to promote Peace? Naturally, it takes avoidance of conflict through encouraging and maintaining a culture of fairness and justice to promote Peace both in situations where a conflict has occurred or is nigh, and this can only be achieved through mediation by well-informed elders or through appropriate juridical processes in the established Courts of law. If so, then how does the National Peace Coucil see mediation and the law Courts and what image do they cast for these approaches to peaceful settlement of disputes? From their conduct, the NPC see all jural institutions as monstrous and dangerous mosters. They have portrayed themselves as ant-mediation, anti-intervensional and anti-Court and juridical. In effect, the NPC is amorphous in shape, in thought and ideas, in aims and objectives, in functions and foresight. Their understanding of ‘Peace’ need to be redifined and knocked into their brains so they need proper erudition to merit their so-called titles with which they are encumbered, with little significance as manifested by their mis/malperformance. It is rather unfortunate that Ghanaians have come to acculture themselves with a strange fear for people who are wont to apply a jural process to seek redress for wrong once done rather than taking up arms and combat. Such people are referred to scornfully as litigious and shunned. The person who is combat-ready for a similar wrong done as a way of claiming justice is hailed as a hero and a no nonsense man. This latter approach to seeking justice in the ‘might is right’ mentality is what makes the difference between civilised people as in Western Europe and North America etc and the savage stoneage mentality of others, typically of African and developing countries of lesser development that have lost their goal and keep wandering about without finding what they are looking for.

The following could be tips for the National Peace Council if they truly are for peace and not real hipocrites hiding behind the veil of peace. All of them are presumed to be parents so they must know that children live what they learn. Therefore taking themselves as parents of Ghana by appointment whiles Ghanaians represent their children, the following would go for them:

? If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight

? If a child lives with fear, she learns to be apprehensive

? If a child lives with envy, he learns to be covetous

? If a child lives with criticism, she learns to condemn.

? But if a child lives with fairness, he learns justice

? If a child lives with tolerance, she learns to be patient

? If a child lives with security, he learns to feel confident

? If a child lives with honesty, she learns to be truthful

? If a child lives with encouragement and recognition, he learns to have a goal

? And if a child with approval and friendliness, she learns to love the world.

Friendliness and acceptance as the mainstay of world love is the reason why the American President, the most powerful man on earth moved down to Ghana in 2009 to encourage strengthening of our State institutions for Ghana to move ahead amongst developing countries as a beacon of hope for democracy. It is rather unfortunate that President Obama came to waste his time and his voice delivering a brilliant speech with a cohort of non-starters in democracy, led by the worst hipocrite the world can ever think of in the person of John Mills as then President of Ghana. Obama stressed on the possessive pronoun ‘we’ in his statement ‘We need strong institutions’ by reason of world love; a world envisaged for fairness and equiparity which includes Ghana but not a world of partiality, envy and paranoia; not a world of injustice and insecurity with little or no confidence in even people living next door to us in our communities.

With eyes still focussed on the so-called National Peace Council that had been presumed to cause to make a difference in the operational functions of Ghana’s institutions for whom the above ten statements go, I wonder the nature of training and teaching they give to their own children at home. From the above, the NPC must either be up and doing or bow down their heads in shame as the most hopeless, useless and tracklessly confused institution that does not deserve to exist. If up and doing, the National Peace Council can be seen and recognised in a similar capacity enjoyed by ‘Medicine sans Frontiers’, with unlimited powers and capacity to intervene and advice any and every institution that matters in promoting Peace through fairness. They can cause to make a difference to merit their establishment else they must resign and not waste public time and money.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa; (London, UK)

Delusive John Mahama / NDC are in Extreme Paranoia

Paranoia is madness of a certain kind. It is a self-inflicted disease of the mind occasioned by overt lack of confidence. Paranoid people have a mental illness characterised by a delusional belief of self-importance and prominence. In this regard, desperate John Mahama and his group have hitherto had delusional beliefs that have been proved to be wrong. They have wrongly believed that his ‘regency’ position, much the same as his spare tyre Presidency was above the laws of Ghana so could not be brought before the Supreme Court of Ghana. They have believed, albeit rightly or erroneously that the Courts of Ghana have been established for idiots etc. NDC as a political group do not only think, behave and talk crazy, their scribe, Asiedu Nketia and others fascinate them by combining craziness and stupidity in thought, conduct and talk, a blend that provides them with a strange, rare, weird, uncanny and peculiar moral and ethical personality and culture that they adore as normal in this modern world of growing and constantly improving civilisation. Several types of paranoia are manifested in the NDC culture but this script will concentrate on six of them including irrationality, delusions, fanaticism, monomania, fear and vexatious litigation.

Irrationality in both general and psychological terms is equally a form of cognition, thinking, talking or acting but without inclusion of rationality. It is more specifically described as an action or opinion given through inadequate use of reason that is replete with emotional distress, or cognitive deficiency. Regarding NDC general outbursts, the term irrationality fits them because they can be pejoratively described as acting before thinking on matters and issues that are, or appear to be less useful, or more illogical than other more rational alternatives.

Irrational behaviours of individuals within the NDC Party include taking offense or becoming angry about a situation that has not yet occurred with such example as Nana Addo’s intention to go to Court over the election and some detected frauds was simply enough to bring them to their tantrums then subsequently parading national security armoury. They have engaged in irresponsible conduct akin to problem intoxication whereby non-NDC members of the public have been attacked and badly assaulted in unprovoked incidents. When it comes to planning for good and beneficial purposes, ‘regent’ President Mahama and his Party are disorganised but can be extremely extravagant. These are people who lack confidence and have several complexes so they fall victim to confidence tricks. One such scenario is whereby they cobbled up responses and legal support to go to Court with inadequate preparation.

Pre and post-2012 elections as traced through the campaign messages delivered to the electorates suggest clearly that NDC are in delusion by holding on to a belief with some strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary they had not the least convincing let alone credible message passed on to win the elections. NDC delusion is pathological because it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information. They knew the public had rejected them yet confabulated from their usual dogmatic cheating culture of the past that has already begun proving rather illusive after-all. Two forms of delusion are common with NDC followers in the manner of grandiose religious delusion whereby they belief that their Party leaders are chosen to act as a god. They also portray somatic delusion by simply showing apathy in their actions and utterances for as long as the mouth would speak and the body would act. Just imagine the unthinkable of a pregnant woman and children in NDC thuggery nonsense in baculine readiness against NPP supporters who show no aggression in the vicinity of the Supreme Court building. The participants in this thuggery could clearly be seen to have been engaged only in their somatic performance without their minds presence as well

The uncritical and unchecked zealous behaviour of some NDC followers can be aptly referred to as fanatical paranoia. Philosopher George Santayana defines fanaticism as redoubling one’s effort by incidentally forgetting one’s aim whiles Winston Churchill’s version describes a fanatic as one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject even if it is clearly leading to disaster. By either description NDC fanatical cranks display very strict standards of indiscipline, disrespect for public order and little tolerance for contrary ideas or opinions. These cranks behave and appear ludicrous and indeed wrong by holding on to odd and weird beliefs and conduct whereby they are quick to apotheosise any vindictive hypocrite as a son of God and an impudent pompous and kleptocrat as humble, honest and a man of integrity. In contrast, the subject of any fanatic's obsession may be "normal" but that of NDC cranks is abnormal and disproportionate. Several incidents of unprovoked attack on opponents express such conduct that can be deemed as malignant, obdurate, querulous and obstructive.

Knowing very well that they have no case to answer, NDC paranoia has pushed them to the Supreme Court with a joinder application whereby if successful, their obstreperous crowd would stream daily to the Court in their numbers as interested filibusterous group on a mission as vexatious litigants as well as to create havoc and mayhem. If truly John Mahama and his ‘spoilt’ bunch of cranks think they have genuinely won the 2012 parliamentary and Presidential elections, they should readily submit to the Court for the law to take its normal course to be exonerated whiles Nana Addo and his colleagues would be shamed. Contrary to the just above stated conditional advice, I see John Mahama as a person who has collaborated with others to stage a constitutional coup d’état against the will of Ghanaians. His book, ‘My first coup d’état’ must not be literally interpreted as a simple biographical story, but as a feat he was up to achieve during the 2012 elections. However, unfortunately for putschist John Mahama, this coup will not only be your first, it is rather your first and last with no more opportunity for you to stage a second and another and it will surely be a two months wonder with many years of regret to follow.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa; (London, UK)


Messrs ‘Gyae ma no nka’, ‘Fa ma Nyame’ & Co have Misled Afari Djan & Co into Constitutional Transgression

‘If you are not satisfied you can go to Court’ was the arrogant and pompus statement made by Kwadwo Afari Djan when he declined a request to revisit the election results from the constituencies in order to amend anomalies that had been uncovered before deciding to declare and announce winner of the 2012 Presidential elections. This same statement had eralier been made by a so-called Peace Council’ composed of oviform lupine hipocrites. Winner of the Presidential elections was a done deal long before even voters went from their homes and queued to cast their votes whereby their toils were frowned on and scorned as mere formality in the eyes of Afari Djan & Co of the Electoral Commission.

Naked robbery of the peoples’ mandate had come into play as the trust and integrity of the would-be trusted refrees had sunk into extreme venality for personal and parochial gains. Who and what factors would cause any person/group of persons/institution that is supposed to command, instil and enforce trust to lose the necessary and relevant will-power be so compromised, has today been identified to be in the ‘personalities’ of Messrs ‘Gyae ma nonka’, ‘Fa ma Nyame’, ‘Enye hwee’ wait for another occasion etc, a genre of ubiquitous self-styled moral and ethical advocates that have established their strongly adhered-to influential and readily applicable cultural institutions across Ghana, an institution that always persistently militates against justice but seemingly appeal to justice yet oblivious to the fact that Peace and Justice are didymous inseparables whereby Justice as the eldest carries along Peace with it everywhere but not vice-versa.

The above-named ‘personalities’ have lived in Ghana with premordial origin, have plagued society with a culture of counter-productive and timid mentality in the guise of ‘the fear of God’. These ‘personalities’ take on the image of orant religiosity without the least commitment to being religious and God fearing when dealing with their victim customers. They would always stand firm behind cheats and scoundels and promote a continuum of criminal negligence, recklessness and carelessness with their full support and encouragement because they have the skill to advice innocent and hapless victims to forgive and live for another day without prescribing any form of remedy or compensation. These ‘advocates’ capriciously hide behind potentially venal institutions and high-ranking personalities who act as their shameless prolocutors. Whenever criminals of any sort commit or intend to commit any infrngement in Ghana, bandits would lift up their eyes to either of the ‘golden’ images of these mischievous ‘Messrs’ for the relevant courage and aspiration, whence the offence procedes with the hope that the intervening interference of ‘Fa ma Nyame’ & Co would prevail. There is no wonder Afari Djan & Co have fallen prey to the attractive uncannies of Messrs ‘Gyae ma no nka’. In his responding affidavit to the Supreme Court he admits fundamental errors in his constitutionally mandated duties and responsibilities that can cost him a lot.

There are countless occasions on which Afari Djan & Co have, having appealed to Messrs ‘Enye hwee’ & Co, have won the day and escaped punition because these Messrs have been over-influential whenever such heinous constitutional crimes have been committed spanning twenty years of Electoral Commission avtivities in Ghana but this time they have met their match. Afari Djan & Co are about to be trapped and nipped as they find themselves trapped in a cul-de-sac with no escape route whiles their angry seekers have closed in on them. One very bad news is that, ‘Fama Nyame’ has brought a strong message expressing God’s extreme anger, saying that God has had more than enough of man’s wilful rubbish of commissions and ommissions in His warehouse so cannot accept any more of the ‘Fa ma Nyame’ nonsense on this occasion.

On 28th December 2012, as soon as a petition was announced to have been filed in the Supreme Court by a group that I have personally dubbed as Messrs ‘Nkwaseabuo nye & Nokware nna adi’ & Co, this ‘Fa ma Nyame’ and his cohorts have since suffered a serious cardiac arrest. Their adherents feel itchy and restless as if they have been sprayed with pruritus. The bold and fearless ‘Nkwaseabuo nye & Nokware nna adi’ & Co. trio and their supporters, working hand-in-hand with Messrs ‘Gyaesaayo’, a Themis incarnate, an upright equanimous socio-moral, ethical and legal Advocacy Consultancy are waging a politico-social, moral and ethical Velvert Revolution in Ghana’s electoral history, the like of which has never happened anywhere in the world. If successful, and God willing it will, its shells will surely wound, maim and scorge Messrs ‘Fama Nyame’ & Co in their capricious interventionist activities such that their influence will be drastically reduced to mere nominal levels whereby their operations will be few and far between. Its sweet perfumed-breeze will pervade the entire air across Africa and the rest of the world.

Soon after the filing of the petition became a reality and not a farce as earlier presumed, ‘Enye hwee’ has sensed serious forebodings ahead and is retreating and has signaled a plea of ‘Eye hwee enti fa kye me’ whereupon Afari Djan has come to admit vicarious fundamental errors in his affidavit. Gang leader ‘Gyae ma no nka’ is undergoing soterial if not a most probable escathological rebirth and re-christening to be known and called ‘Di nokware’ especially in electoral crimes and malpractices. Upon completion of acceptilation and rechristening, reborn ‘Di nokware’ will successfully apply to join the morally, ethically and legally exhalted chambers of Messrs ‘Gyaesaayo & Co. to herald rectitude in our Ghanaian socio-political and other institutions.

Pride, arrogance, pomposity, impudence with impunity coupled with stinking dirty-handed venality have continued to bedeck the EC institution so much that its members appeared in their own imagination to be sitting above the laws of Ghana, whereupon from their Zarathustrian heights they looked down upon and scorned Ghanaians and all of Ghana’s institutions except those which smoked from the same pipe with them. Strangely, controvertially and hipocritically enough, some of these selfsame institutions have never and would never accede to ‘Fama Nyame’ & Co. under any circumstance when or if ever they were confronted with such situations in which they would instead invoke these one-sided capricious anti-justice deities where others are loser victims. Rather, they would send gangs to physically confront, attack and assault neighbouring community heads and their people with dire, gory and devastating consequences and eventually go to Court even over minor land and boarder disputes. Certain media and communication institutions did not and will definitely not entertain Messrs ‘Fa ma Nyame’ & Co whenever they are infringed upon as they have been known to have behaved earlier before. Intrinsically the advocates of ‘Fa ma Nyame’ & Co may not be anti-justice as such however when the music is not about them, they may dance heartily with esoteric intricate steps never seen before but if they are directly mentioned or insinuated in the song, they would cower and cringe in silence. ‘Do onto others what you want others to do onto you’ has been an ancient Egyptian Maatian principle fiften millenia ago that has been rephrased and buttressed by the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucious three thousand years ago and also ingeminated by Jesus of Nazareth of the X’tian faith.

Detractors of Ghana’s fearless heroic trio, the determined who are seeking justice for Ghanaians of today and our future generations, must stop pining and moaning because if the ‘kukukuku’ had stopped, the ‘kekekeke’ would have un-noticeably vanished un-pursued. Therefore, kudos to you the fearless and determined. May the grace of the Almighty, the wisdom of the benevolent and beneficient spirits of the universe descend on our Supreme Court Judges for them to have the fortitude and will-power to display a high unprecedented sense of integrity and equanimity in their deliberations and subsequent determinations to save our dear Ghana from injustice!!

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa; (London, UK)

The ‘Crown’ That May Not Fit

The much awaited 2012 general and Presidential elections seem to have come to a close but not yet concluded. Never in the history of Ghana spaning twenty years of its fourth Republican era have Ghanaians been as enthusiastically appetant to be bold and travelled en masse, walked out of their homes, towns, villages and hamlets, streaming to polling stations to cast their votes aimed particularly at directing their mandate to their preferred leader and members of Parliament for the next four years. For all we know, the messages of the contestants and most especially those of the flagbearers of the two major Parties were more than clear with no words-mincing vocabulary that would require further interpretation. The ‘can do’ spirited message of Nana Addo doing battle against the ‘can’t do hebetating counter mseeage without any competing alternative of John Mahamah on free quality education up to SHS dominated the minds of the voting public. This posed as a major onslaught between the two for determination as to whose head would emerge the mandated choice to wear the ‘Crown’ in the electoral showdown.

Closed but not concluded is apt enough in reference to the 2012 Ghana elections because jaws suddenly dropped when on the night of 9th December the chairman of the Electoral Commission controversially pronounced John Mahama, the can’t do hebetating desperate assailant on free quality education as the wearer of the ‘Crown’. It was the one announcement that imported a deafening silence across Ghana; a declaration that petrified almost every citizen, winners and losers alike. Yes, this is Ghana in ‘Black Africa’ where everything is pitch black both on the outside and on the inside because money talks; a place where anything goes; a place where trust and fairness are alien entities yet even if the prevail their emergence is persistently few and far between; a place where the people sloganise Freedom and Justice yet unknown to them as a mere populist deceptive platitude and a place where people clamour for peace and tranquility but alienate justice. As to how John Mahama emerged the jaw-dropping over-all winner, I beg the question and can only sardonically suggest that the ‘spontaneous elation’ his supporters especially elicited across the country at the breaking of the news told the tale.

On Monday 7th January 2013 John ‘Macbeth’-Mahama goes to ‘Scone’ to be sworn-in, apparently to wear the Presidential ‘Crown’ not only with the blood of John Evans Atta Mills perpetually staining his hands and robes as it seeks justice but also with the obloquy of detected votes theft and subversion of Ghana’s constitution hanging on his neck, as a writ is filed in the Supreme Court for a hearing to determine if he really is the person who truly and most veritably has the mandate of the people to be President of Ghana for the next four years. The desperation and hurry with which the electoral commission beguiled a greater majority of Ghanaians and the world to declare the ‘can’t do’ edebee keke campaigner winner of the election can only be recounted after the matter pending before the Supreme Court of Judicature has come to a final determination. It will be written so much in style à la both Ovid and Hommer put together for education to Ghana’s posterity. From this point, it sounds sad to reverberate NDC communicators who have been ingeminating that a person who is not unctioned to wear a Crown but forces to wear it loses it in no time, not realising this Kedjetia thief adage points to their own John Mahama. In effect NDC’s John ‘Macbeth’- Mahama happens to be desperately and undeservedly clinging on to a crown that he is not unctioned to wear.

Frenetic necromantic invocation of the soul and spirit of murdered Prof JEA Mills, ritual zoothapses of bulls and heifers at the so-called asomdwe/nyaatwim park and vicarious sacrifices in the guise of road accidents involving Presidential convoys and innocent hapless victims to facilitate Mahama win have all been pursued without shame and guilt as equivocators’ occultic illusions filled their minds. The oracle’s equivocation went as follows:

• John Dramani Mahama shall be made substantive President of Ghana before the 2012 elections

• John Mahama shall be controvertially declared winner amid alarm raised about electoral fraud. This notwithstanding, ye shall be sworn-in as President.

• John Dramani Mahama shall never vanquished be until the Supreme Court may direct otherwise.

Come six months to election 2012 and Atta Mills is still President, full of vigour and dances to the tune of Azonto. Mills is poisoned the next day and hurriedly buried whiles John Dramani Mahama is quickly sworn-in as President. The first prophesy is fulfilled. Mahama and NDC mock Mills’ death as timely divine intervention to avert a would-be perceived 2012 electoral defeat

7th December 2012 arrives, people turn-out in their numbers to vote for a change, ostensibly for free quality education for all to SHS level. Schematically, to achieve a particular objective, voting in several particular polling stations breach electoral rules as enshrined in the Constitution of Ghana. Faxed Electoral forms containing constituency results are unlawfully intercepted and re-faxed with transmuted figures. Alarm blows. John Dramani Mahama is controversially declared winner notwithstanding. The fulfilment of this unsavoury part of the oracle’s prophesy still maintains some glimmer of hope because the ‘notwithstanding’ clause is not yet exhausted so John would be sworn-in as President. John consults his ‘Ahithophelic’ scribes and advocates for advice and direction. In their sciosophy as they are always wont to be, beleagured John is soothingly advised that the cheating was so perfectly scientifically and technologically designed and executed that there can be no evidence whatsoever however, even if any is found and tendered, as a continuing sitting President, once he is sworn-in again as President for another term of office, he would remain above the laws of Ghana and cannot be made to appear before any court of law in the country. But instinctively and realistically John now senses severe pressure and begins to accede to dismay when he learns from better erudite brilliant advocates from his pursuers side that his human image as leader and flag bearer of a political Party rather than his legal personality image as President can be sued and is what they have sued. If sueable, then the Courts of the land can direct anything otherwise juridically justifiable against him as a citizen. Here ends the gospel of the illusive equivocal prophesy that may perpetually shame and disgrace occult-inclined power-drunk John Dramani Mahama who on Monday 7th January 2013 will porrect himself at ‘Scone’ to be crowned with a ‘headgear’ that may not fit his head.

Like the mystery Cinderella pair of shoes, the Crown, this time may probably have been designed particularly for the head of the most principled yet misunderstood hence the most feared, the most hated, the most despised and the ‘Cinderellared’ Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, whereby it wouldn’t fit anybody else’s head let alone that of John Mahama’s, known thief of Baghdad however, in the interim and in fulfilment of the oracle’s ‘notwithstanding’ clause in his prophesy, it may, for the sake of convenience be adjusted with straps fitted to hold it in place to fit though he would feel very uncomfortable in it as if it were composed of nettle for which matter he would put it down sooner or later afterwards.

The massive and impenetrable forest of evidence that has marched its way to the Supreme Court, purportedly to militate against an alegedly perpetrated electoral fraud with enough force to demolish it once and for all is more than likely to justicerily exhort and impel the chairman of the Electoral Commission to countermand the misplaced Crown and put it where it rightly belongs according as Ghanaians have demanded it.

As a prelude to acceding to and impliedly conceding defeat, things unthinkable are beginning to happen as even Presidential state of the Nation’s address has had to be delivered in two phases; a new creation by John whose mind is currently full of worms over grave uncertainties. Does John have any reason to be dismayed and accede to imminent defeat? He realises he has the worst constitutional case ever to respond to whiles his trusted legal team have proved themselves to be non-starters.

John’s oracle has delivered an equivocal prophesy that he is more than likely to live to regret for the rest of his life; an event for which he is likely to remain wistful never to have ever come to pass. John Mahama would wish to have lived a better and happier life as former, though stained with scandals Vice President for three years and ‘spare tyre’ President for six months than having forged ahead to, by dubious means, completed a vicious cycle of moral and Presidential stigma including disgraceful thievery that would stain and tarnish his image; an incident in his life that will remain in Ghana’s and the world’s political history books for ever. Whether the Crown be adjusted to fit or not, John may live in doubtful joy thereafter with the most likelihood that the Crown will surely be given back as it wouldn’t fit.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa; (London,UK)

What News? Is Ghana’s Electoral Commission Exposed? Its yet to be Confirmed.

The Ghana’s electoral commission’s underhand chicanery for two decades since it was commissioned by the PNDC dictatorial administration to superintend over Ghana’s population census for purposes including economic planning, the electoral register and also act as refree in general and Presidential elections with impartiality is about to be detected.The commission’s work is believed to have been heavily flawed with botched up figures and huge performance difficiencies. The magnitude of bias, partiality and such untold institutional preference of one group to another as it is forensically detected in an up and coming matter involving the 2012 general and Presidential elections would merit the hither-to unasuming august institution being satirically rechristened the Selectorial Commission rather than an Electoral Commission in reflection to its nefarious activities over the past twenty years. The commission and most especially its chairman has been so unbecoming and arrogated to itself the title of the Monarch of all it surveys and wealds unequalled powers to, contrary to the popular would-be mandated choice of Ghanaians, select, choose and impose who it wants to lead the country as well as those it wants to represent people and communities in Parliament. If confirmed, there will be serious question marks not only on the credibility of the past activities of the Commission and its personnel, there would be follow up ad inquirenda as to the credibility of Ghana’s population as depended on by the statistical services and other affiliated stakeholder institutions including national economic planning. As it stands now it appears the commission has grossly misled Ghanaians just as much as they have killed many for less also in their individual public or private official capacities antecedent to becoming members of a supposed most trusted and respected institution in Ghana

The gloom that was spontaneously imported into the ever vibrant and glitzy social ethos particularly in this post-election spirit that gripped party supporters even including children and toddlers told the tale that there was something grievously wrong in Ghana. Retrospecting into the entire national jubilant character as it has always been, win or lose, Christmas has always been Christmas but this year’s Yulitide has been different. The usual lively solarium Ghanaian mood was not just seen to have been doused even to a glow but completely quenched, indicative of an omenous mismatched happening across the country.

Christmas, as the occasion is well known and celebrated in Ghana and elsewhere is markedly expressed in a blend and variety of feelings. Chrismas has a characteristic of ‘you’ll never walk alone’ spirit such that others spark up glows of happiness in others’ faces yet the 2012 X’mas was overtly markedly adiaphoristic. Not even a Presidential Christmas message was heard as is apparently the status quo in most Christian-dominated countries around the world. Somebody apparently has empocketed not only the Christmas festive happiness of Ghanaians but derailed, ditched and murdered the spirit and image of the destiny of the present and future generations. Who might this ugly gremlin be and where might it be lurking? The hunt has closed in on the supposed killjoy with all fingers pointing to the Kwadwo Afari Djan-chaired Electoal Commission whose greed has unequivocally sold Ghanaians into a home-made slavery of some sort to the powers that be for only God knows what reward but thanks to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, Dr Bawumia and Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamptey, whose fearlessness and never relenting astute leadership has propelled a spade of investigations into a serious electoral fraud and filed a suit before the Supreme Court. Mysteriously, the dark cloud that obnubilated Ghana’s post- Afari Djan declaratory allocution of John Dramani Mahama as winner of the presidential elections is thinning out. The mood of the country is changing, hoping for their mandate to be put where it should belong that will be known sooner than later.

Evidence before the Supreme Court, some of which are in public domain and for which reason I can set up my own court of personal opinion has sent riples of shock waves like pruritus to the respondents who felt and thought they could escape heinouis next to treason crime undetected but today feel so itchy that they can’t hide their feelings. This is purely an issue that the constitution provides for redress and follow-up action and mention must be made of the fact that win or lose either way, Ghana wins, democracy wins, our judiciary would then pass a serious and difficult acid test and it will historically dubbed ‘The Ghana way’; a shining example that all other African countries including those that have preceded a juridical process to solving similar electoral misunderstandings with causing mayhem to emulate its example. Between now and the final determination to be announced by the Supreme Court, Ghana becomes a unique star that will be focused on high above by all eyes across the whole world.

Before I proceed any further, as a point of interest, I deem it an important ergodic factor for readers to refresh their memory that, Dr JB Danquah, grand nephew of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, who led the UGCC in the Gold Coast struggle for self-government from the British Colonial masters spaning from the late 1930s depended on the provosions of the then Colonial constitution and took the Colonial administration to court on 21 (twenty one) different legal suits, seeking for the rights of the citizens of the Gold Coast colony and won all his suits against the Colonialists before finally the UGCC was launched at Saltpond on 4th August 1947. In all his suits filed before the Court, Mr Obetsebi Lamptey (LLB; Barrister at Law), father of Mr Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamptey was his lead counsel and lawyer who crushed and reduced the British Colonial lawyers representing the administration into rubble before the law as it was applied. Dr JB Danquah and his UGCC thence became a thorn in the flesh of the Colonial administration for knowing too much and pushin too far. Their cases, mainly drawn from constitutional provisions relating to abuse of powers, oppression and suppression of citizens and organisations were supported with hard core evidence and exhibits that were so obvious, so irrefutable and so compelling that though all the judges were of British extraction, however bias and prejudiced they were, totally forewent their inclinations and stuck to the law as it was applied to decide on the basis of merit as was required to be written down in their summing up and ratio decidendi.

Dr Kwadwo Afari Djan, chairman of Ghana’s electoral commission and candidate John Dramani Mahamah, flagbearer of the NDC square-up with Nana Akufo Addo, Dr Bawumia and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey before seven reputed high calibre judges of no mean standing of the Supreme Court in a few weeks in a suit that can be dubbed the clash of the Titans. Has Afari Djan bitten more than he could chew this time round? Do Nana Addo and his team have any case at-all? Are they not playing a ruse on their supporters by pretending appearances as a way to dulcify their defeat before their teeming supporters just to calm them down? Will they not take the Court’s verdict in tears and thereafter meet the wrought of NPP supporters? Can John Mahamah be implicated as a complicity? Has Afari Djan deceived Ghana and the international world that has showered on him several performance-related acclamations as a star of electoral commissioners in Africa and beyond? Can he retain and maintain his hitherto fame and glory and walk with head held high or keep his head bowed in shame and disgrace? Will John Dramani Mahamah wry his jaws and plead I dey steal keke before the Judges? Can the respondents/defendants be able to put up any credible defence or will they concede to having commited the offence? Will there be an unanimous, split or quorum per curiam decision in this matter or will the respondent/defendants be exonerated from any wrong doing by the Court? All these questions will soon be answered as the D-day is just in the corner and soon all appetant interested parties will witness everything across the world, so hold your breath.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa; (London, UK)

Institutional Corruption: Is Afari Djan’s Electoral Commission the most Mischievously Corrupt Institution in Ghana?

Lessons are taught and lessons are learned hence it is only fools who don’t learn lessons but it appears some people and some institutions refuse to learn lessons no matter how much is taught. Across the developing world, electoral disputes have cost precious lives of several innocent citizens including women, children and even the unborn as well as the old and weak; properties have been damaged and in most cases destroyed; nations, societies and communities have not only been displaced, they have been dispersed and accrimoniously set against one another with very bitter lasting consequences. Are these not enough lessons taught to be seriously learned for others who have not yet fallen prey to such unfortunate situations to guard against them? The cause of most strifes have been attributed to the respective countries’ electoral commissions whose role responsibility in conducting free, fair and tranparent elections have been flawed with blatant inaccuracies whereby the commissions accord clandestine unfair huge winning advantage to either a prefered contestant or a contestant who pays his way through at the expense of other equally competitive contestants. In many cases of electoral factional violence, the electoral commission so appointed may not be culpable but in others the institution could be jointly and severally answerable for such cheating cunducts involving fraud and unfair advantage.

It would be said that once bitten twice shy, but this adage seems to apply only to those societies, communities and countries who have gone through such bitter experiences as those who tend to learn lessons out of their past. Others who only observe the fallout attrocities that import sufferance, misery, death to persons and damage and destruction to properties seem to have nothing valuable to learn from such calamities until and unless they have by themselves had same or similar such bitter experiences. But in this context, it would take only a wise person to take measures to avoid untold situations of any nature just by learning about them but a fool would wait until sufferance arrives and enters to do mischief.

All said and done, some people who hold political and ultimately financial power have all tendencies to use all means availably possible to corrupt and drag institutions into conducting themselves mischievously to their favour. It would take only and only principled and strictly law-regulated and law-enforced human institutions to resist the temptations of compromising their trust and responsibilities that would cost lives as innocent as those of women, children and the aged as well as a nation’s peace and quiet. Not only does the greed and interest of the unprincipled institution affect the nation and its especially innocents, it affects the international communities in diverse ways too numerous to mention for lack of space, though some would gloat because it would enhance theirindustrial and financial interests.

Post-election blues have gripped Ghana and its entire communities by reason of some suspected and yet to be proved underhand dealings perpetrated by the electoral commission during the just ended 2012 general and Presidential elections. The victors subconsciously see a doubtful victory so they could not spontaneously welcome their victory won; having to wiat until there came a directive from the top hierarchy of their Party goading them on to celebrate. Could such a directive-oriented celebration be a heart-felt genuine pageant festivity of a true reflection of victory or a victory celebration that would be short-lived and merely epidictic? The ‘vanquished’ are dissatisfied by claiming ‘clever’ technological underhand dealings to the advantage of the victors that need to be reviewed by the Supreme Court of Ghana. The supposed ‘vanquished’, on the contrary see a clear victory-denied therefore justify a reason to

Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa