The United Cadres Front, How United Are We?

Sat, 14 Sep 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Part I

The revolutionary organs have been serving useful purposes since their inception on 31st December 1982 which can only be abdicated to our national advantage.

The revolutionary organs were BORN OUT OF A FELT NEED which was relevant and is still very relevant today 2013 in our present circumstances. During the PNDC era 1981-1992, the Public Tribunals came in handy to supplement the work of our over burdened LAW COURTS in the administration of Justice in Ghana. It will be recalled that the country’s administration did not want to support and co-operate with the revolutionary governments of the AFRC on June 4,1979 and the 31st December 1981. Therefore, RADICALS are the products of poverty and DISCONTENT and every good democratic government must address these two important issues than depriving people of their fundamental human rights. Tribalism. Economic hopelessness, social in justice and POLITICAL OPPRESSION have been responsible for Civil Wars, ethnic conflicts and violent upheavals in many countries including Ghana in 1979 and 1981. This article is dedicated to the late. Kwame Adjimah a former member of the Volta Regional Secretariat of the National Defence Committee who was shot in cold blood together with five others on June 19th , 1983 in my presence.

However, a strange myth had been allowed to GAIN CREDIBILITY for the second time in this country, the FIRST strange myth was the bloody coup of 24th Feb. 1966. The second strange myth was when the NLC banned the CPP with NLC decree 345 and handed over power to Dr. K.A. Busia in 1969 on a silver platter, that was the time when even Dr. Nkrumah’s mere photograph was banned and if you were caught with his picture, you were jailed 5 years without the option of a fine. We hid Nkrumah’s pictures inside our trunks and chop boxes for fear of been arrested between 1966 – 1969. Therefore the awful tragedy of the 24th Feb. 1966 can never be forgotten by well meaning Ghanaians. The Republic of Nigeria have over 250 tribes and they tasted a bloody civil war that claimed over 2million lives of innocent men, women and children between 1969 – 1970 when General Yakubu Gown was the Military Head of State and the late General Odumegu Ojuku decided to breakaway from the rest of the country because his tribesmen were been killed by heart by Northern Nigerian Civilians and Soldiers, He then formed a “nation called “Biafra State” Today 2013, No Nigerian wants to hear about the name “Civil War” at all.

Military Force is what is left when a nation’s political goals cannot be achieved by NON-VIOLENT MEANS. It is simply a confession of COMPLETE FAILURE on the part of that country’s leaders, this was exactly what happened during the June 4 Uprising led by J. J Rawlings in 1979. Ghana was a dark state a hopeless state and a failed state between 24th February 1966 to July 1978. You calculate the years for your self. Flt. Lt. J.J. Rawlings told Ghanaians that and I quote” I want to see 12 million wealthy people in Ghana, that was Ghana’s population in 1979 –and not 5million wealthy millionaires whilst the rest are dying of poverty. The Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today 2013 deliberately TWISTED what Jerry Rawlings meant and they put an ANTI-RICH TAG ON HIM by falsely stating that Rawlings wanted BOTH THE RICH AND POOR PEOPLE IN GHANA TO BE EQUAL, and cadres kept mute – why?

It will be recalled that Kufour’s NPP government OUTLAWED THE JUNE 4 ANNIVERSARY – a very important landmark in the history of Ghana since independence in March 1957 which Ghanaians cherished so much. When 3 former heads of state and six Senior Military Officers were executed in June 1979.

All Ghanaians fully supported their execution including the CLERGY in Ghana. It was of course, only the bereaved families of the slain National Thugs who were very angry and sad. Ex-President Kufour outlawed the June 4 celebration by way of legislation that was rushed through Parliament, using the NPP’s parliamentary majority to REPEAL the June 4 Anniversary celebration law. The stupid excuse given by J.A. Kufour was that as a champion of democracy and rule of law, he abhors military coups and does not want anything to do with the celebration of coup events- What a hopeless former President. Did his tribesmen the Asante/Akyem politicians not organize all their traditional rulers who wore on ALL WHITE HUGE CLOTHES TO CELEBRATE THAT BLOODY COUP DE’TAT ON 24th Feb. 1966 and even went ahead to decorate “General Afrifa at a HUGE DURBAR with the title” Okatakyie” Afrifa?

Okatakyie in the Akan language means a warrior, but the same Asante/Akyem politicians rather describe President Rawlings as an “Owudinii” which means a murderer in the Akan Language.


There were 3 factions with different leaders within the United Cadres Front (UCF) in Accra namely The Kuku Hill cadres, the Dr. Kwabena Adjei Faction and the Kofi Portuphy faction with their various leaders all based in Accra. Furthermore, they are four others who are all lacing their boots to contest the next general elections as the National Chairmen of the NDC during the next NDC National Delegates Conference.

For all you know, Dr. Kwabena Adjei Mr. Kofi Portuphy as well as Hon. Ofosu Ampofo have all been in the trenches with cadres since 1992 up to date with Mr. Kofi Portuphy and Dr. Kwabena Adjei being former hard working PDC cadres since 1982 to date, Hon. Ofosu Ampofo was a former National Organiser of the NDC who led the great NDC from opposition to power in 2009. All the 3 gentlemen are highly qualified to contest the National Chairmanship position of the NDC at the next Congress and it is good for the NDC party.

Now why should the United Cadres Front ignore the women, especially those from the 31st December Women’s Movement and the Women’s Wing of the NDC from becoming women co-ordinators in the UCF? Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is the life patron of the June 4 Movement, yet she did not speak on June 4, 2013 just like her husband, what was her reason – she was sad at the way cadres of the UCF misbehaved right in her presence as well as the Founder of the NDC and Leader of the revolution when a lady was asked to give the VOTE OF THANKS on June 3rd 2013 and there was total confusion and anger. So how united are the cadres?


We have monstrous and vicious vendors of chaos and confusion within the cadre corps in Accra. Those cadres based at the Kuku Hill claims to be very powerful. (2) Those from Dr. Kwame Adjei’s faction also claim to be very powerful but are neglected by the Kuku Hill Cadres which should not be so. Thirdly, those from the Portuphy faction also claim to be very powerful, and another emerging group supporting Hon. Ofosu Ampofo is soon springing up, and I beg to ask – why is it so, and why should it be so within the United Cadres Front? All these factions must be dissolved at once to enable the system work together in total unity or we all forget it and perish.

Because of the 3 divisive factions in the UCF we have now got a Divided Cadres Front in the real sense of the word, instead of a United Cadres Front so, who are we deceiving in Ghana? Is it not the President of the Republic of Ghana? These three factions must be DISSOLVED IMMEDIATELY because cadres, have suffered for far to long and there must be TRUE DISCIPLINED CADRE CORPS IN THE COUNTRY to enable us tackle the savage politicians in the NPP who have threatened to cut off the heads of NDC members if President Mahama wins the Supreme court case. Yes he has won the case at the Supreme Court the NPP must now commence their head cutting of NDC members and we see. Once again, all out spoken cadres are often destroyed by these vendors of confusion who were no where to be found within the cadres corps when we were in hellish opposition between 2001 – 2008.

Yet most of these confisionists and half baked cadres vanished into thin air when we were in opposition. These vicious cadres alleged that comrade Lawson had collected a bribe of 1.5billion old Ghana Cedis which is a fat lie, while comrade Kwesi Anhwere had also embezzled GH¢1,000.00 Looking at the lifestyles of the above two comrades, they are as poor as Church mice and yet such false allegation have been levelled against them. We must fish out these wicked and vicious vendors of chaos and confusion in order to stop them from making wild allegations against hard working and out spoken Cadres. IF THE CADRES WILL NOT UNITE AS A FORMIDABLE TEAM TO PROMOTE THE BETTER GHANA AGENDA. The President must ignore them

Instead of explaining to the masses the reason why the NPP is deceiving the people of Ghana some members of the United Cadres Front are behaving like crabs in a bucket, pulling each other down, power struggles among themselves, unsubstantiated false allegations, vilifications, Pull Him Down Attitudes, Holier than thou attitudes, pomposity, arrogance, disrespect among ourselves, fabrication of fat lies against ourselves, greed, extreme selfishness, and bitter infighting among ourselves, extreme apathy and laziness and last but not the least 98% of members of the United Cadres Front nationwide refuse to buy our Newly Launched Newspaper entitled the CADRE NEWS, Championing A Social Democratic Order – Infact, we are not serious in championing the social democratic order at all for failing to always buy our own news paper which cost only GH¢2.00 and yet we all spend monies far more than that – l owe no apologies to any member of the United Cadres Front- Big or Small – because the June 4 and 31st December revolutions were NOT LAUNCHED WITH TOY PISTOLS. How on earth can the Cadre News paper grow and get money to continue its publication if we refuse to buy it. The “Daily Guide” newspaper cost GH¢2.50 yet NPP members buy it in hundreds and contribute articles always attacking Rawlings PNDC/NDC but UCF members just walk about with extreme hate campaign against other innocent cadres. Count yourselves as half – baked cadres, opportunists, fence sitters unrepentant cadres and a bunch of academic undesirables who can not tell Ghanaians the reason why June 4 Uprising took place and why Rawlings returned to power again through another revolution under the PNDC in 1981 or count yourself out completely as a PROPER CADRE WITHIN THE UCF. Most cadres are parading the corridors of power looking for appointments and that is why the UCF is going on a slow pace. So I beg to ask. How United are we in the United Cadres Front?

Some members of the United Cadres Front have now become vendors of confusion, hatred and mistrust, and it is high time we all sit on a round table and put our own house in order before we then move forward in total unity and then demand logistics like motor bikes and pick up vehicles from the government to undertake field work in the rural areas to advance the Better Ghana Agenda. All cadres must cultivate the culture or reading and stop backbiting one another.

All NDC members were constantly treated as 3rd rate citizens by the NPP government of President Kufour and the NPP will comeback easily in 2016 if we pretend to work as cadres for the NDC and yet undermine each other and fight for appointments in the corridors of power instead of doing field work. since the NDC is a community based party. Therefore, all the National and Regional Executives of the United Cadres Front must ensure that cadres buy the “Cadre News Paper and demand logistics from the government and we then into the field to educate the masses instead of doing field work. Since the NDC is a community based party. Therefore, all the National and Regional Executives of the United Cadres Front must ensure that cadres buy the “Cadre News Paper” and demand logistics from the government and we then go into the field to educate the masses. Do you know the reason why Jerry Rawlings Never gave a speech on the 34th anniversary of June 4 1979.

When Martin Amidu lit the Perpetual Flame and J.J. put his hands on the HOT FLAMES? Most cadres did not know why he did that but this writer knew the reason why. It was because Rawlings wanted (we) the remaining surviving cadres to spread the message of June 4 and that of the 31st December revolutions by also recruiting the youth who form 80% of the population and were not even born at that time – but we are folding our arms sitting down, waiting for what? Democracy is very Expensive so consult the government and let them fund the cadre corps. In conclusion, this article is written to the memory of the late Comrade Kwame Adjimah, a former member of the Volta Regional Secretariat of the National Defense Committee (NDC) who was shot in cold blood together with 5 others on June 19th 1983 in my presence by a PNDC Member whose name I will not mention for security reasons, and that was the very day that Cpl. Carlos Alidu Gyiwah briefly took over the Ghana Broadcasting House and announced the overthrow of the PNDC government but was driven out by a team of soldiers led by Major Courage Quashigah. Well, in terms of War any dissent means TREASON and Kwame Adjimah met his untimely death when he was campaigning against the PNDC government’s decision to swallow the bitter pills of the IMF/World Bank in human policies which the revolution kicked againts in 1982.

Now, at the Revolutionary Square, lay some brave patriotic cadres who were once living and working with us during the PNDC era – 1982 – 1992 but they fell through the bullets of the nation wrekers who are still in our midst due to Kufour’s amnesty for them to come and join his NPP government and find any means necessary to kill Rawlings but they failed since he was protected by the Progressive Forces and not the 1992 Constitution under President Kufour. This is what Rawlings wanted members of the United Cadres Front to uniform the Youth – but we are fighting among our selves so are we really UNITED and SERIOUS? I doubt it. When we were in OPPOSITION, NDC said it had no money – Now we are in government since 2009 to date the government says there is no money, so when shall we have the money to re-organise the innocent Ghanaian Youth – I beg to ask? I am done for now, but I shall return when the need arise. “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua! Are members of the UCF listening?


Clement Sangaparee

United Cadres Front


E-mail: clementsang@yahoo.com

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement