The United Cadres Front, How United Are We?

Thu, 3 Oct 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Final Part

When a snake enters a room, it cause panic, but when it finally comes out in the open after being sprayed with chemicals and is surrounded by many people, it is easily killed. Secondly, no sane person will allow a crazy dog to bite him when he is holding a big stick. On the other hand if a blind man challenges you to a stone throwing competition, it simply means that he is stepping on more stones. That mysterious snake I am referring to is the NPP whose negative activities must be killed before they kill us.

After the dismissal of the time wasting petition of the NPP by the Supreme Court on August, 29th 2013, cadres should now let the people know by explaining the Better Ghana agenda to them. What kind of Democracy is the violent prone NPP trying to introduce into the politics of this country?

This is the first time since Ghana’s independence in 1957 that an Election Dispute has been sent to the Supreme Court and this is also the first time that a Presidential candidate used only 40 days to campaign and beat a violent opposition leader who used 3 years to campaign and was beaten hands down even though he promised to give Ghanaians Free Senior High School Education.

It will be recalled that in the first and second part of the above topic- my cell phone have always been jammed with calls from Cadres across the country and those in Accra always asked me whether I made any consultations before writing about the behavior of some members of the United Cadres Front.

For their information, I do not need any consultations before writing on issues affecting the United Cadres Front because of the following reasons.

1. Did those cadres who leveled the false allegations against Comrade Lawson, accusing him of a ¢1.5 billion bribe consult anybody within the UCF before making that false allegations against him? The answer is capital No, it was pure hatred and total mischief.

2. Did those cadres who made the false allegations against Comrade Kwesi Anhwere also consult anybody before that false allegation that he embezzled GH¢1,000.00 belonging to members of the United Cadres Front in Accra? That answer is also capital No. it was also pure hatred and total mischief on the part of some selfish cadres whose agenda is to destroy the two hard working cadres in order to achieve their own selfish ends which we must NEVER ALLOW to take roots as a normal pattern of politics within the United Cadres Front at any level of the UCF in this country.

3. The third question is this. Did that hired cadre who is paid GH¢100 daily by a top party guru to destroy Comrade Kofi Portuphy, consult anybody before making those false allegations against the NADMO boss who is also the National Vice Chairman of the NDC?

I sincerely believe that I have answered those cadres who have been calling me on my cell phone from Accra to make enquires while others decide to query me to get an insight into the rational behind the articles I write. I think they are now well informed. I am therefore using this

opportunity to appeal to all NDC members, and members of the United Cadres Front (UCF) not to speak EVIL OF ONE ANOTHER because it leads to SELF DESTRUCTION. We may have our individual differences but there is no need TO GO PUBLIC BY USING THE PRESS since a lot is expected from the NDC government by Ghanaians who regard the NDC as a community based social democratic party. The NDC is a formidable party, so the United Cadres Front must also become a formidable organization that must stand solidly behind the NDC as a political party to implement the Better Ghana Agenda so that the President of the Republic His Excellency President John Mahama will hand over to another NDC Presidential Candidate in January 2021. We must demonstrate this by standing together in unity and love, so that the violent prone NPP will never get any chance to petition the Supreme Court again after the 2016 general elections when they would be crushed by the NDC again hands down. It will be recalled that the official position of the NPP was to eliminate all the 9 Supreme Court judges who sat on adjudicated their useless petition at the Supreme Court. It is the official position of the NPP and they are seriously planning to kill more people in 2016 other to win the Presidential and parliamentary election at all cost. What Mr. Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie a.k.a Sir John and his comrade-in-tongue- Hopeson Adorye told Ghanaians and were charged with criminal contempt by the Supreme Court of Ghana must not be taken lightly.

Had the NPP General Secretary and his comrade-in-tongue Hopeson Adorye not been convicted and fined by the Supreme Court, there would have started their head cutting of innocent Ghanaian men, women and children by now, because the NPP leaders believe falsely that Ghana belong to them and what they want to tell Ghanaians and have not been able to say so boldly is that they (the NPP) must always be in power and not the NDC, CPP, PNC, GCPP, PPP at all. Therefore, when they lose power, then the ruling government must be subverted, undermined, to the extent that they always made and still make the nation ungovernable. These are the important areas that must be tackled by members of the United Cadres Front and not self-destruction among ourselves is that clear?


The main agenda of the NPP government of President Kufour and his Asante/Akyem dominated cabinet was to dismantle the NDC completely and scrap the party from the politics of this country. So intense and serious was their agenda that a 24 hour surveillance was placed on Flt. Lt. J.J. Rawlings- the Founder of the NDC and several attempts were made to assassinate him. He was regarded as a “Social Nobody” in the eyes of the NPP on the orders of President Kufour from 2001-2008.

All those who regarded Jerry Rawlings as a “Social Nobody” were not even qualified to polish his shoes at all and that was the funny thing. As if that was not enough, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings was arraigned before court and this patriotic former first lady had to go to and from the court continuously for 8 solid years until the charges were dropped because the violent prone NPP had lost the 2008 general elections, and so President Kufour cowardly dropped that useless case against Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings. The NPP in power was intolerant of the views of the then opposition NDC because they thought that such tolerance would make the opposition look very good- that was a sign of weakness for the then incumbent NPP government in its impossible attempt to destroy the great NDC and rule in a One Party State.

Today, 2013, the NPP is in opposition and blindly opposes the ruling NDC government FOR THE SAKE OF IT. NO MATTER WHAT, in the false belief that making the government in power appear BAD will rather accord it (the opposition) some respectability, yet when the (NPP) was in power, they thought that they HAD A PERPETUAL MANDATE and as a result of that, Mr. Mac Manu former National Chairman of the NPP bragged to Ghanaians that the NDC would be in opposition for 30 years. We knew the TRUE NDC MEMBERS BETWEEN JAN. 2001 – 2008 WHEN WE WERE FIGHTING TO SNATCH POLITICAL POWER FROM THE FASCIST GOVERNMENT OF THE NPP AND ITS SMELLY PRESS.

Those who sat on the fence and refused to get involved in the struggle for power at that time when NDC members were constantly attached and reduced to 3rd Class citizens by the NPP in this country are the very people creating confusion and backbiting innocent NDC members and cadres with false allegations and character assassinations to match.

Such characters are now telling us that they (the confusionists, and character assassinators) are rather the TRUE NDC MEMBERS within the Party. True democrats DOES NOT FEAR any competition.

Hundreds of committed members of the NDC including this writer PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE OTHERS PUT THEIR JOBS ON THE LINE and worked day and night without looking at their clocks in the villages, workplaces, cottages, communities in which we lived, went from house to house amidst boos, insults, threats and intimidations in order to ENSURE THAT THE NDC under Presidents Mills BEAT THE NPP led by the Nana Akuffo Addo, the Presidential candidate of the NPP and also the tribal warlord on war path and the dreaded blue elephant of the NPP was driven into the bush. Therefore, all those who put their lives on the line in order to ensure the victory of the NDC in 2009 have their HARD WON REPUTATIONS TO PROTECT and would therefore NOT SIT DOWN for some few self seeking politicians within the same NDC party to gang up and destroy their hard won reputations through unfounded wild allegations against them. If anything, they would have to put the NDC aside and SUE SUCH SELF SEEKING LAZY POLITICIANS whose only mission is to destroy the hard won reputations of innocent party members at the National, Regional and Constituency offices nationwide. If you fail to listen to my advice and you are sued in court for destroying the reputation of any NDC member – I will come out to say that “A fly that has no adviser follow the corpse to the grave”- because it serves you right – period.


Ever since my second article was published with the title “How United Are We As Cadres, my cell phone was jammed with several calls from concerned cadres nationwide. In reply. I told them that” Who The Cap Fits, Let them Wear it.

This is because that dishonest “Azaa” cadre whose name I did not even mention in my article, and whose intention was to destroy the reputation of Comrade Kofi Portuphy has BACK TRACKED when he called me on phone. I told him on phone point blank that, I have credible evidence to bring him on his knees if he does not stop vilifying the NADMO boss with unsubstantiated allegations and he agreed, let’s wait and see.


The above proverb is an Akan expression which literally means that an insinuation knows its target, I am subject to correction because I am not an Akan and it is not my language. Some cadres also descended on me for boldly defending the integrities of Comrades Lawson and Kwesi Anhwere. I still stand by my words and what I wrote about them that (1) Comrade Lawson NEVER collected a PESEWA from any person or group of persons let alone collecting ¢1.5 billion old cedis. It was a frame up and can not be substantiated by his accusers. I dare them to prove it or shut up forever.

On Comrade Ahwere, he too did not embezzle the GH¢1,000 (One thousand Ghana Cedis) as alleged – let his accusers also come out with the facts and we all see.

Those cadres whose main agenda within the NDC and the United Cadres Front (UCF) is to make false allegations against government appointees National, Regional and Constituency Executives must rethink and revise their notes because they would never succeed but rather be exposed leading to their own destruction- period – you mark my words.

After 8 good months of waisting our time at the Supreme Court and the NPP, it is high time cadres define Personal Interests from Political Interests and cast our minds back and recall the reason why all major markets in Ghana were set ablaze during the Petition Hearing of the NPP. They have 5 million supporters and we have to infiltrate their ranks and capture at least 2 million of their innocent supporters to the NDC to add to our over 5 million 700,000 votes totaling 7.7million votes in 2016 by which time President Mahama would have inaugurated the brand new University in the Eastern Region, that is Nana Akuffo Addo’s own backyard so that the NDC will capture 9 Regions leaving the Ashanti Region alone with its backward archaic “Mate meho” politics. This should be, and must be the agenda of every True NDC member it must be the true agenda of every True member of the United Cadres Front.


We must wage a FRONTAL ASSAULT on deviant cadres of the UCF whose main agenda is to knock the heads of hardworking cadres and top Party officials together through character assassination, outright lies and what the Akans call “Konkonsa” within the Party and the Cadre corps. Those who behave that way were nowhere to be found between 2001-2008 when we were in hellish opposition and were reduced to 3rd class citizens under President Kuffour’s NPP administration in his impossible attempt to destroy the formidable NDC but failed completely. Cadres of the UCF nationwide must therefore close their ranks to enable us CLIP THE WINGS OF THESE DARING KONKONSA CADRES IN OUR MIDST AND FINALLY STOP THEM IN THEIR TRACKS ONE TIME: it is a must, and we can easily do that to enable the UCF Stay very United just to enable us tame members the violent prone NPP who are armed with smoking guns always ready to kill innocent Ghanaians for political power. It is Now or Never President John Mahama will continue walking TO and FROM the Flag Staff House for 8 years and will officially hand over to another NDC Presidential Candidate in 2021 and the Better Ghana Agenda will continue un- abated. The NPP can get lost or burn the sea if only they can do so. Frankly speaking, Back bitters and character assassinators are dangerous species whose utterances bring division, suspicion, mistrust and disunity in every organization. In Ghana, we call such characters Konkonsa men and women, and no organization or institution can advance and prosper if character assassinators and backbiters who specialize in distructive activities are entertained in such institutions.

Cadres must stop awarding them selves with PULL HIM DOWN DEGREES and rather go to the grassroots and Let the People Know that Politics is about RESOURCE CREATION and RESOURCE ALLOCATION and so the people should bear with the PURC on the recent increase of Water and Electricity tariffs and pay the RIGHT BILL for Better Service Delivery by the two service providers. CADRES MUST FIGHT ON……….NO BURGER WIRE! The NDC is Heir to the June Four Uprising in 1979. As a June 4 Cadre, this is my Rich Advice to All Cadres of the UCF. If you take my Advice, You will always walk to success, but if you reject my advice, you will always be used and dumped by money bags within the NDC and you will end up as a vendor of chaos, confusion, jealousy and dishonesty – You mark my words. A GREAT OAK TREE HAS FALLEN IN THE PERSON OF PROFESSOR KOFI AWOONOR He was not only a Poet, Professor, Diplomat and a Statesman but one of the great pillars of the June Four Movement even though he was an intellectual in the real sense of the word.

I will write a Tribute For This Great Ghanaian Patriot and A Comrade whom I thought was a Fante man until the first Anniversary of the June 4 uprising in 1980 when I met him face to face and realized that he was rather a full blooded Ewe man from Weta in the Volta Region after his speech at the June 4 celebration that year. This is the final part of my advice to Cadres. Is Anybody listening? I am done.








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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement