Opinions Sun, 20 Mar 2011

The Vermin Called Kobby Acheampong!

A fool will forever remain a fool; regardless of the discipline and training s/he undergoes. It is in such people’s make up; they are simply incorrigible. S/he is what s/he is, a fool and a repugnant idiot! They also say that, if you bath a pig and put lipstick on its mouth and call it a “Super model”, it will still remain a stinking-mud loving pig! It will run straight to look for the nearest mud as soon it leaves your grip. There is also a Nigerian expression which goes like this; “he who the gods want to kill, they first make mad” so that in their madness, they will make more mistakes to justify being struck-dead by the gods.

Kobby Acheampong, the Deputy Interior Minister has gained notoriety for his penchant for lies, insults and vicious mudslinging. Yours truly have had the occasion to take him on a couple of times in the past to drum into his mucus-filled head that his uncouth language is an anathema to his position. Again, I have also had the occasion to caution him that his intemperate use of insults on his political opponents would leave him open for others to queue up to rain similarly stinking insults on him but obviously, he didn’t need my advice. The recalcitrant fool that is, he is incorrigible and stiff-necked like the biblical Nebuchadnezzar! So on Tuesday, 15th March, the repugnant Kobby Acheampong referred to Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo as a “fruitcake” when he addressed the KNUST branch of the Tertiary Education Institute Network of the NDC. He went on further to state at the same forum that; Nana Addo is “a typical villager” for his “all die be die” declaration. This is the same Kobby Acheampong who recently referred to Sir John as “Kokoase kuraseni”. I needn’t repeat the insults and lies he told about President Kuffuor. That is the character who serves as Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Interior! But I blame President Mills for creating this mess in the first place. How could the President appoint this slimy slug and a nauseating scumbag as a minister? They tell us that the President is a Christian so he probably knows this biblical quote by heart: “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you”-Matthew 7v6. It is empirically clear to any conscientious observer that Kobby Acheampong is a buffoon, a bloody hoodlum and a silly so and so. The incongruity of the position he occupies and his utterances is obvious to the uninformed. Crass stupidity, unbridled language and his repugnant demeanour are an abhorrent to the Ghanaian ethos. The President has indeed given “...that which is holy” to a dog and “…..cast our pearls before…” a swine in the person of Kobby Acheampong and why wouldn’t he “…trample them under…” his feet. He has turned again us as predicted in the biblical quote above to “rend” prominent Ghanaians; among them: President Kuffuor, Sir John, Kumasifoo, Kokooasefoo and Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo. Kobby Acheampong would not be changed by the formalities, tact and diplomacy required for his office. It is indeed true that a pig with lipstick and other expensive make-ups would remain just that; a pig!!

Dr Martin Luther King Junior once said; “nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” and I couldn’t agree more with him. Kobby Acheampong is either sincerely ignorant or conscientiously stupid to refer to Nana Addo as “a fruitcake” when NDC has been the only party with the track record in the history of our democracy to have given Ghana 2 Presidents whose sanity have been questioned by their own members. Since stinking ‘Koobi’ Acheampong has amnesia, I would like to prompt him with these 2 instances which are all facts: back in 1999, it was alledged by inside sources in the NDC that then President Rawlings refused to descend from a Y-branched tree at the castle after excessively puffing on his usual morning cannabis. Legend has it that, Nana Konadu at the time wept her eyes out pleading for her “dearest” to descend for a cuddle but her pleads fell on deaf ears. It was a big issue then but the NPP refused to make political capital out of it because it would have demeaned the status of the presidency. Now that is what we call patriotic and mature politics moron! Secondly, let amnesiac Kobby Acheampong be reminded that, only last year, Herbert Mensah and Ato Ahwoi engaged in a heated argument on radio blaming each other for being the first to put President Mills’ “schizophrenia” and apparent symptom of “hallucination” in public domain. Herbert Mensah went as far as telling Ghanaians that it was rather Ato Ahwoi who made it known to him that the President’s “hallucinations” were so bad that latter saw human being as “trees”. Since then, Ghanaians have seen the President’s palm turn as black as that of a chimpanzee. Only God and people close to the Presidency know the treatment the President is undergoing. Whether it is chemotherapy, Chinese herbal treatment or Ghanaian herbal treatment we don’t know. In fact Okudjeto Ablakwa came out to tell Ghanaians that the President suffered side effects from some medication he was taking which turned his palms black; meaning, all is not well with our President’s health. Everyone in Ghana knows about this perhaps except “Koobi” Acheampong. With this unenviable record of the sanity of Presidents from the rank of the NDC being challenged by their own members, Kobby should be very worried about using the word “mad” in reference to any person in Ghana let alone any member of the opposition. The wise talks with their heads whereas fools like Kobby Acheampong do so with their mouths. But who do I blame? I blame the President for making such dysfunctional idiot with low IQ a minister in the first place. The President has demeaned the position of a minister in this country with some of his appointments; prominent among them, Kobby Acheampong.

It is quite interesting though for a vermin like Kobby Acheampong to query the NPP for selecting Nana Addo as the flag-bearer but that is exactly what he sought to do at the forum. He quipped: “I do not know why the NPP selected Nana Addo as their leader…….” A simpleton and a celebrated d***head who wears his relic with glee, Kobby doesn’t even know that the NPP does not need his opinion on who they choose as their flag-bearer. Him and his think-alike can go ahead and insult Nana Akuffo Addo for all I care but they should know that, the NPP do not need to consult their malfunctioned brains before they make a choice of who their leader should be. His recycled lies wouldn’t change the truth about Nana Akuffo Addo. The truth about who is or are mad in our politics today is out there in the public so Kobby Acheampong’s desperate effort to forcibly place that crown on the head of Nana Addo wouldn’t work. Once again, Dr Martin Luther King said; “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant.” Let Kobby Acheampong peddle his toxic lies and insults but like Dr Martin Luther King, I also believe that “unarmed truth” about Nana Addo will come out stronger and will have the “final word” in the current political climate of lies, deceits and insults. Kobby Acheampong has been canonised in buffoonery and stupidity and wears this infamous robe with pride. A time is coming and it is nigh, when the sheepish grin on his bloated face would be wiped off ad infinitum. Kobby Acheampong is himself “mad” and sadly does not even realise the need to take the mole from his own eyes and that of the NDC before commenting on the NPP. The Nigerian adage might be true that the gods first make “mad” those they want to kill. Kobby Acheampong and his ilk, beware!!!

Kofi Kyei-Mensah-Osei

Columnist: Kyei-Mensah-Osei, Kofi