The Vuvuzela - You Better Get Used To It

Tue, 22 Jun 2010 Source: jaja lawerh / writing.com

I just do not understand why certain people (especially those in the West) always want to impose their ways of doing things onto Africans. This mentality of viewing everything African as inferior must change.

All the over the world, sports fans have their own ways of cheering up their teams/athletes and Africa is no exception. In Europe, it is common to hear the chants of “oleee ole ole oleee” and other numerous loud songs. In South America, the Mexican wave is very common and in other parts of the world; drums, fire crackers, etc. are used by fans to cheer their teams.

The Vuvuzela which originates from South Africa is a plastic horn which is blown by fans to cheer up their teams especially during football matches. Unfortunately at the ongoing FIFA World Cup in South Africa this harmless plastic horn has come under attack. Many people especially ‘foreigners’ are calling for the ban of the Vuvuzela at the tournament which I find very insulting. Africans have participated in several World Cups and have never ever frowned over the ways fans in other host countries cheered up their teams.

For those who want to lose some pounds (weight), doctors claim the Vuvuzela is quite an effect tool for that. It is argued that people who blow the Vuvuzela regularly use a lot of energy hence getting rid of any excess reserves in the body. Therefore instead of paying huge amounts of money to gyms and health clubs, acquiring a Vuvuzela which is obviously very cheap, may be just what you need to flatten that pot belly or tone those flabby muscles.

My advice to the critics or those who simply find the sound of the Vuvuzela irritating is simple; they should get ear plugs when visiting the stadiums and with those who are watching on television; they can also turn off the sound on their sets and just watch the pictures.

This is Africa’s world cup and we will not allow anyone to dictate to us how we should cheer our teams. It took Africa almost 80 years to get the opportunity to host the world cup and Africans want it to be different from any other world cup event in the past so please allow my people to blow their Vuvuzelas. For God’s sake, the world cup is for only a month and if the Vuvuzela is what makes African fans happy then the world must respect that.

Long live the Vuvuzela! Long live Africa!

By: Jaja Lawerh (Freelance Writer)

Source: jaja lawerh / writing.com