The Way Forward for NPP to Win Election 2016

Tue, 17 Nov 2015 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Hip, hip, hip, hurrah! God reveals to redeem. God reveals Himself, His purpose, and His answers to our supplications and prayers in diverse ways. He can reveal things to us in dreams or in a trance. He can make things known to us through fellow human beings. He can talk to us directly. He is the sole Supreme Creator with prerogative of choosing the method by which He wants to communicate with us without anyone able to question, let alone, fault Him.

Had any of you, my fans and the greater reading public ever experienced that sensation where they become wedged between two decisions when they hear a voice or two voices talking to them as to which decision or action to take in that dire moment? One voice may be urging you on to take a certain line of action while another may be asking you not to in which case you become hesitant or confused? This could be a way of God talking to you in answer to a request made to Him or revealing something to you. This is just by the way.

On Friday 13th November 2015 at around 11:30 hours (11:30 am), God through one of His many ways of revealing secrets, His intentions and purpose and in answering our prayers to Him, did disclose to me how best NPP can make a meaningful impact on the electorates in their quest to win election 2016 to liberate Ghanaians from their current socio-economic slavery or constraints brought to bear heavily upon them by President Mahama. Official corruption is inimical to economic prosperity and advancement of any nation hence the state in which Ghana and her citizens find themselves in where corruption is the daily main food cum food supplement intake (vitamins A, B, C, D, etc.) by the President and his government and their party gurus.

To overcome the upheavals NPP as a party is going through, the following questions, facts and statements were asked and made clear to me to be passed on to whoever wants to know the truth.

Insults do not build bridges but rather have the potential to burn them. How do you sensibly carry your message or views across to somebody when you become insulting to the person? Will that person listen to you even if you are making sense or have a genuine point or concern to express or to bring to their attention? The answer is a big NO! I was asked to put myself in the stead of the victim; the person at the receiving end of the insults to tell how I would feel. They put off not only the person being insulted but many of those listening to you rain insults on your targeted person.

Do insinuations and insults win you votes? Do they not rather drive away potential voters and friends? Why then do you seek to hurt the feelings of people by your insults and insinuations, driving them farther away from you rather than bringing them closer to you? How can you talk to, or win over, someone you perceive as your enemy if you do not approach them with open-mind? How will you know their real intentions to better plan in anticipation of the likely bitter repercussions of their actions?

Is it not said, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?" – The saying simply means "you always want to keep your friends close to you because they are people you can trust and rely on whereas your enemies are always going to be out there seeking to harm you so you want to keep an extremely close eye on them in order to make sure that they are not going to hurt you". How do you attain this objective where your insults keep them farther away from you? Can't you keep your enemies closer while behaving like the proverbial Akan's "aboa kwaa akyenkyena" (a bird) that says, "ma muna me tiri mu nanso me resere ma nno" (I am smiley on the face while being very abusive behind your back). Even this hypocrisy is not good but can be better accommodated than the demeaning insults.

Why can't you be very objective? Have you bothered yourselves to learn about why your perceived enemies are behaving the way they do? Why can't you find an amicable way to approach them to know what their worries are rather than to shove them away tagged as bitter enemies?

Why are you the acclaimed thinkers, intellectuals, people overflowing with wisdom, cannot find a way out of the little seemingly enigmatic or confused state your political rival (NDC) has thrown you into? Where then is your purportedly renowned wisdom if you cannot resolve little problems as those currently confronting you?

Do you know the value of effective communication and how important it is to maintain links of communication between leaders, activists, sympathisers and people sharing the same views and aspirations? Do you know how disastrous a breakdown in communication is? Is it not that which causes enmity and forms perceptions of all sorts in the minds of people hence the quagmire the NPP finds herself in today?

Elections cannot be won by sitting in the comfort zones of our living rooms, eating, drinking and hitting the keypads of our computers to churn out articles for publishing as I (Rockson Adofo) do or by simply running our mouths on the airwaves. However, election 2016 can be won by hitting the road with our truthful messages – going from town to town, village to village and house to house. Are you doing that as a member of NPP? Personal interactions with the electorates, dissemination of your messages and how to pass on the messages are things that win one votes.

Have you trained people on how to carry out the party's manifesto to the public? Do they know how to explain them? Can they persuade people to identify with NPP's cause to come into our fold? What are the benefits to people should they associate themselves with the cause of NPP?

Is it true that NPP is an Akan party? Did God seek to ask me that question? Yes, He did. It was a rhetoric question. He told me to tell anyone who poses that question or spreads that false information meant to tarnish NPP's image with intent to cause public animosity towards it, the following counter-question, "Have you, or has anyone you know been refused NPP membership, or been sacked from the party simply on the grounds of their tribal orientation?" If the person does not give a concrete "YES" answer with palpable proof cited, then treat them with the scorn it deserves but mind you, don't insult them, rather, point them to the right direction.

For lack of knowledge, my people perish. For lack of political cum election winning strategy, NPP is crouching behind insults about to disintegrate.

Further revealed secrets and questions posed will be passed on to the top hierarchy of NPP. They are the only ones able to implement them.

If the NPP faithful can cut back, or completely wean themselves off INSULTS to face reality but not get irrationally emotional, positive results able to win election 2016 will be seen, so was I assured. The ball is now bouncing in the court of all true NPP members wishing to see us emerge victorious from election 2016.

As God said in Deuteronomy 30:15 - Behold, I have set before you this day life and good, and death and evil – so have I by the grace and revelations of God indicated to you how we can overcome our dwindling chances of winning election 2016. God has done most of the work but it is left to you and I to do our little bit to bring God's purpose for NPP to a desired conclusion.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson