The West to Wipe out the Black African Race

Fri, 11 Nov 2011 Source: Owusu-Ansah, Emmanuel Sarpong

The claim by some African analysts that western leaders are human vipers and the epitome of hypocrisy and deceit should never be discredited by any well-informed African. They always try to look like the innocent flower when they are in fact the serpent under it.

When in a move to discourage promiscuity and to promote righteousness, the Vatican strongly opposed the West’s extensive promotion of condoms as an antidote against HIV infection in Africa, the entire leaders of the western world including the UK were quick to condemn the move and to castigate the Holy See. During a visit to Cameroon and other African countries in March 2009, Pope Benedict XVI pronounced that handing out condoms to the youth was not a reliable answer to Africa’s fight against HIV. He reiterated his predecessor, Pope John Paul II’s message that not the use of condoms, but abstinence from premarital sex was the best way to prevent or curtail the spread of the disease.

I must confess that even though I am a staunch Roman Catholic, I have always been quite sceptical about the Vatican’s stance on the use of condoms and other contraceptives; what I have however never contested is the Vatican’s declaration that a responsible and moral attitude toward sex – fidelity in marriage and abstinence from premarital sex are the key weapons in the fight against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

As expected, the Pope’s statement drew massive criticism from several western states and media. They argued that by discouraging the promotion, distribution and regular use of condoms, the Vatican was practically creating an environment conducive for the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa, and consequently signing the death warrant of Africans who constitute a considerable percentage of the Catholic faithful. They were quick to draw the Vatican’s attention to the 2007 UNAIDS report which indicated that about 22 million or two-thirds of the people living with HIV globally were sub-Saharan Africans.

But Folks, if you have interpreted the West’s condemnation of the Pope’s stance and comment on the use of condoms, as a sign of genuine concern about the wellbeing of Africans, then the revelation and argument I am about to make should guide you to think twice or make a more informed judgement.

The stump (tree) capable of hurting you, as the Akan saying goes, is not cut but uprooted; in other words, the best way to tackle a problem is to first find and undo the main source. It is an incontestable fact that the best way to fight a stubborn disease or pandemic is to identify and dismantle the root cause. There has, as a matter of fact, been various and usually divergent propositions regarding the origins of the Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIV) that have become the scourge of the world.

One type of HIV (HIV-1) is believed to have originated from its equivalent in chimpanzees, SIVcpz (simian immunodeficiency virus in chimpanzees). Another type, HIV-2 is suspected to have originated from its equivalent, SIV in sooty mangabey monkeys. Scientists claim that it was mainly from these animals (chimpanzees and monkeys) that the SIV (simian immunodeficiency viruses) which have mutated into HIV (human immunodeficiency viruses) were transferred to humans, possibly around the 1930s. They emphasize the ease with which various SIV strains can infect and replicate within some cells in human blood. How the SIV strains (which have mutated into HIV) found their way into the human blood still remains a puzzle despite the emergence of numerous hypotheses.

Some scientists maintain that their transfer to humans is almost certainly a result of the sub-Saharan African practice of killing and eating chimpanzees, gorillas, and monkeys. Others believe that the viruses entered the human system through sexual acts of some men with chimps and other mammals. Another theory is that the SIV ended up in humans following the mistaken use of contaminated oral polio vaccine in Central Africa in the 1950s. Frustratingly, none of these hypotheses has survived the meticulous scrutiny of contemporary science.

However, one thing that is well-documented and confirmed by a great number of scientists is that in the western world, AIDS was first diagnosed among American white homosexuals in the early 1980s. It is widely held that the HIV entered the U.S. around the late 1960s, and was then primarily spread by homosexuals throughout the country and Europe. In a survey on AIDS conducted in various Europeans countries – Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.K, in 1983, the most important contributors to the AIDS epidemic in Europe were male homosexuals.

The truth therefore is that the original spread of HIV/AIDS is generally attributed to the promiscuity of homosexual men. Because overwhelming majority of patients were male homosexuals, the syndrome was initially called the ‘gay disease’. Reuter reported in September 2010 that at least one in every five gay and bisexual men in 21 major U.S. cities was infected with HIV.

A September 2010 report of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) also indicated that men who have sex with men (MSM) and bisexuals represent about 2% of the US population, yet they are the population most severely affected by HIV/AIDS and are the only risk group in which new HIV infections have been increasing steadily since the early 1990s. Alarmingly, men having sex with men and men sexing both men and women account for over 53% of all new HIV infections in the United States and over 40% in other western countries.

It has been established that homosexual men are over fifty times more prone to HIV infection than heterosexuals; and that men who have sex with both men and women are significant transmitters of HIV to women. Remember, that homosexual sodomy is an efficient transmitter not only of HIV but also a whole range of STD’s and other diseases such as, rectal gonorrhoea and gonorrhoea of the throat, anal cancer, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Syphilis, herpes simplex, tuberculosis, etc.

The rationale for the above-stated statistics is to demonstrate the devastating and deadly consequences of homosexuality (particularly men sexing men, and men sexing men and women), and to question why the West who seems to worry about the alarming rate of HIV infections in Africa are encouraging homosexual sodomy in the continent.

Ironically and hypocritically, the West who vehemently accuse the Vatican of signing the death warrant of millions of Africans by discouraging the use of condom (which only prevents the spread of the disease to some extent), are now compelling Africans to embrace homosexuality which is in fact the mighty tree that bears the fruit and seed of the HIV. So the relevant question is: which of the two is a sensible option? Uprooting the tree that produces and distributes the superlatively poisonous fruits (the HIV), and doing away with that rubber believed to reduce the distribution of the “fruits”; or planting and nurturing the tree that yields the highly toxic fruits (the HIV), and relying on an unreliable balloon-like stuff to limit the supply of the “fruits”? I will go for the former; but you, my dear reader, are your own judge.

I have absolutely no doubt that western leaders only shed crocodile tears when it comes to matters hindering the wellbeing of Africans. The plight of Africans is definitely not their cup of tea even though they may pretend to be concerned. It is in fact their least worry if the entire Black African race finds itself in danger of being wiped off the face of the earth.

The advice I have for my African homosexual brethren who are under the illusive belief that the West is behind them, is to think twice. Mr David Cameron’s Homosexual Rights gospel can only lead them not to a new life but to their grave and to eternal damnation. The human rights he is trying to secure for them are nothing but vain – an utopia. Clearly the West is knowingly or unknowingly engineering the total annihilation of the Black African Race; and this is the time for us to unite and battle for the survival of our beautiful KIND – our race.


References are available upon request.

Emmanuel Sarpong Owusu-Ansah (Black Power) is an Investigative Journalist and the author of Fourth Phase of Enslavement (2011). He may be contacted via email (andypower2002@yahoo.it)

Columnist: Owusu-Ansah, Emmanuel Sarpong