The Whirlwind is not Settled until it's Settled

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Fri, 3 Oct 2014 Source: Adofo, Rockson

If Ghanaians could have the courage of the lion, wisdom of the ant, cleverness of the serpent, perseverance to succeed, they will in no time overcome their difficulties. Were the majority of Ghanaians willing to pursue a concerted action to rid Ghana of the near-institutional corruption that is detrimentally tormenting all except those in the political arena and in government, Ghana would sooner be a paradise on earth.

However, Ghanaians have obvious attitudinal setbacks; hindrances to their collective wellbeing and progress as a people and a nation. Most of them are selfish, malevolent and mischievous. Some do always pursue individualistic agenda, hoping to be the only prominent person within their family or the area in which they find themselves. If everybody around them will die except him or her, so be it provided that will increase their riches, fame etc. to warrant the living and the dead (ghosts) kowtowing and prostrating to them.

No, am I not deviating from the subject matter? I should think so. Then let me retrace my steps to where I started erring. Yes, the Ghanaian attitudes that obstruct our forward ever movement, stagnating our efforts to progress if not causing our retrogression are the following: We believe too much in “Enye hwee, fa ma Nyame; Nyame bekyere; me mmpe me ho asem” (Don’t worry, leave it to God; Providence shall provide) kind of stuff.

Additionally, we believe in “Ehuru a ebedwo” (it will cool down after boiling, thus, the whirlwind will settle in the end). With these beliefs among the Ghanaians, the audacious criminals and opportunists within their midst, often capitalise on them to cause undesirable harm, be they physical, psychological or mental, to their fellows who always end up the suffering majority.

It is because of how immensely Ghanaians are hooked on to the factually true, but quite damaging and nonsensical belief of “the whirlwind will settle at last” that President Mahama is obstinately energised to pursuing that reckless agenda of open thievery. This self-defeating agenda of his is hinged on his philosophy of “Yen ntie obiara” (we shall not listen to anyone).

When did all Ghanaians become cowards to be cowed by the sheer towering presence of these NDC criminals in government? We need to rise up to confront the evil in these persons that compels them to steal with vim and zeal.

Until the majority of Ghanaians, especially the media, become like Rockson Adofo, who knows not, and does not accept, the phrase, “The whirlwind will settle at last”, Ghana and Ghanaians are doomed at the hands of the current NDC crooks and thieves in government. When something crops up, the media and the entire nation will talk about it for a week then completely do not mention it again. With that weakness in us, the politicians will be strengthened or empowered to steal all of the time, incompetent as they are.

When something bad happens and a change for the better is needed, please let us keep hammering it until the desired change is effected. Half a job done is no job at all.

Let us learn from the adage, “It’s not over until it’s over”. Until the current crop of Ghanaian politicians, principally the NDC, reap the whirlwind, (to suffer the penalties for one's misdeeds. Hos. 8:7) let us never rest on the oars.

Let it be to all discerning Ghanaians in our fight to wrestle the governance of Ghana from the current crop of incompetent, corrupt and greedy, but youthful politicians who are an eyesore, that “the whirlwind is not settled until it’s settled”.

Let us talk about Alfred Agbesi Woyome; all the judgment debt payments, corruption in government and the incompetence of the current government until positive results are obtained or justice is done.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson