Opinions Tue, 20 Aug 2013

The Winner of Election 2012 Court Case is Obvious

The Winner of Presidential Election 2012 Court Case is All Too Obvious ? If anyone was to seek my views on the outcome of the presidential Election 2012 Court case, I would simply refer them to my published articles. Have I not made things clearer both from the point of view of God Almighty and my White legal brains on which candidate or party will emerge victorious from Election 2012 Court case? ? ? For how often have I not mentioned Kofi Basoah’s dream had in November 2012 and his most recent dreams in August 2013? His recent dreams reveal that Nana Akufo Addo, the Chosen One by God, will ultimately be crowned the winner of the case. God is not a liar and Kofi Basoah has never been failed by the interpretations of his dreams ever since he was born. The manifestations of his dreams are same as revealed to him when dreaming. ? ? For his latest confirmation dreams on the winner of the presidential Election 2012 Supreme Court case, please refer to my article published on Ghanaweb, Modernghana and SpyGhana on or about 18 August 2013 entitled, "Latest Excellent Revelations about Nana Akufo Addo". God through him has made His intentions clearer. ? ? Have I not also long ago made the observations of my White Legal brains known to the public? From the credibility and volume of evidence made available to the Supreme Court coupled with those gathered at the cross-examinations of the Chief-witnesses, they could not wait for the final addresses by the lead counsels but to declare their view. It went in favour of the petitioners. ? ? It had never been with malice that I reveal things made known to me in advance. I should not be assumed to be pre-empting the Court’s decision but be seen as only making certain facts known to the public. ? ? Do you kill the messenger? Whoever wants can hate me or like me for revealing hidden secrets well ahead of time. For people to know how great and truthful God is, I shall always reveal whatever Kofi Basoah dreams about Election 2012 alleged or claimed to have originated from God well in advance before it materialises. ? ? To any doubting-Thomas who upon all the credible evidences still do not believe that the Supreme Court judges can pronounce judgment in favour of the petitioners but affirm Mahama as the winner, because judges in Ghana are corrupt and cannot be trusted must bury their heads in their palms in shame. They should understand that the judges are going to avail themselves of this unique opportunity to demonstrate their integrity in this landmark case. It is the one and only chance for the Ghana judiciary to redeem their sinking image. ? ? The whole world has watched, and continues to watch the presidential Election 2012 Court proceedings live on Television and on air. It therefore makes it hard for the nine-member panel judges to disgrace themselves, the image of the judiciary and Ghana by coming up with any judgment other than one based on truth and justice. ? ? No application of technicalities or cited case laws can scupper the truth as resolutely in pursuit by GOD ALMIGHTY as revealed to Kofi Basoah. Kofi Basoah’s dreams have been the unique source of my invigoration or drive to write copiously about Election 2012. This source coupled with the evidences made available to the Court combines to inform my conviction that Nana Akufo Addo has won the Court case already. ? ? Can anyone prove me wrong? Anyone who dares to, is proving God wrong but not me, I must stress. If nothing serious demanding clarification happens, then I may decide to end about writing on Election 2012. I hope I’m done. I have to be researching and planning solutions to the problems at the nation’s harbours and how to curtail, if not to uproot, armed robbery from Ghana. ? ? The solutions will not be published but passed on to the incoming responsible administration. ? ? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson