The “Woyome-gate” scandal will be on the ballot-paper

Fri, 17 Feb 2012 Source: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

Samuel Okudzeto-Ablakwa,during the Kufuor administration, used to sit on media networks and say that the level of corruption and opulent life-styles of government appointees had incensed Ghanaians so much that, if any of those public office holders ever dared go out into the street without a police protection, he/she would be lynched by the people.Okudzeto-Ablakwa and his CJA hypocrites said provision of security for ministers was a waste since the police are to fight crime instead of running around with ministers of state. At the time all these pronouncements were being made by Okudzeto-Ablakwa and his people, then government ministers were driving Peugeot-605.Today, Okudzeto-Ablakwa who, until the inception of inept administration of saint Atta-Mills, had never had a job in his life, has been able to amass so much illegal wealth to the point where he could hire a plane, fly his friends to Bawku, take a wife and then embark on a nuptial-flight with her to America. He has also been able to pay his way through parliamentary primaries with truck-loads of purely ill-gotten wealth.

Saint Atta-Mills’ non-existent piety Ghana is now being governed by a group of deceptive characters who lied their way to power in 2008.Corruption against the Kufuor administration was the constant refrain of these NDC liars and then candidate Atta-Mills was presented to the good people of this nation as someone who had just descended from heaven.however,Baby Ansaba,editor of the punch newspaper and an avid proponent of saint Atta-Mills’ non-existent piety, has actually stated that "this Woyome case is a grand conspiracy to steal and if it is not handled in a way that will bring out the whole truth, I will personally campaign to make sure NDC loses the election" - Baby Ansaba, editor of 'punch newspaper'(Hot-FM morning show.6/2/12) But characteristically,Koku ‘the bull’ Anyidoho said in an interview with Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah on joy-fm morning show that such a monumentally scandalous fraud, from which saint Atta-Mills can never extricate himself, as rather boosting the integrity profile of an executive president who takes the ultimate blame? Indeed, our great nation has now been turned into a one big circus with this saint Atta-Mills-led bunch of pigs, cockroaches and rats as the clowns!!!

Betty mould must be arrested

Betty Mould who is neck-deep in this gargantuan woyome fraud and therefore need to have been arrested long time ago, has rather been given the luxury to rather opt for willingly assist the police with its investigation into the scandal. The question then is; being the person whose failure and negligence, as an attorney general, actually occasioned this whole gargantuan fraud, why hasn't she been arrested, but rather, left off the hook for her to turn round and behave as if she is doing anybody a favour?

This woman appeared before the parliamentary public accounts committee(PAC) on Friday,10th February,2012 and her alibi was she wasn't in the position to give evidence because she has absolutely no knowledge of her signature being on any document in connection with payment of "judgment debt”, be it construction pioneers(CP) or "woyome-gate" thievery

Simply put, this whole woyome saga is being handled in a 'concert party' manner and absolutely nothing is going to come out of it until saint Atta-Mills and his incompetent administration is kicked out of power in December this year!!!

We don’t have socialists in Ghana

Inspite of all this plain-faced massive thievery, these shameless NDC gluttons still call themselves social democrats who care for the ordinary person.Kwesi Pratt is receiving hundreds of thousands of British-pounds in bribes from saint Atta-Mills and using it to see his daughter through law school in wales-UK.Saint Atta-Mills also takes frequent cancer treatment trips, which are often disguised as holidays/business engagements, to America.

The question then is: do we really have socialists in Ghana when these characters who have persistently been shouting their Marxist credentials over the roof-tops, are rather so crazy with all the good things capitalist nations can offer?

Indeed, if socialism has the capacity to wipe-out poverty from society as you are deluding yourself with, then take it from me; famine ravaged North Korea would have been the most prosperous nation on the planet and its people the most well-fed. But what do we see?

Indeed, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il who died recently, actually educated his son, Kim Jon-Un, who is now ruling north Korea, in Switzerland.yet,the ordinary North Korean doesn't have the right to travel abroad .As a matter of fact, North Koreans are simply being held as prisoners.

In the same vein, Kwesi Pratt who is the chief proponent of this dead socialist ideal is actually paying hundreds of thousands of British pounds with the help of bribery monies from saint Atta-Mills, every academic year, for his daughter to study law not in North Korea or Cuba, but in a capitalist Britain. And where does your saint Atta-Mills spend his annual holidays, is it in North Korea, Cuba or capitalist America?

Will these Ghanaian pseudo-socialists be prepared to live in such a dehumanizing situation in Ghana? this can never happen in Ghana so if you really want to live under such a totalitarian and absolutely dead ideological dinosaurs nations, then I will advise you to make the necessary arrangements and emigrate to North Korea with your entire family. Don’t stay in Ghana, enjoy all the freedoms democratic governance brings and turn round to propound a completely dead ideology to anybody. We are simply tired of this abject hypocrisy by pseudo-socialists like!!

For me, everyone who calls himself a socialist (or the new cliché social democrat) is a hypocrite and a con. They shout these ideologies to con the poor to support them to live a wealthy life without sweating for it. These people are rather “democrat socialist”.

Fraud of the millennium

Now, after being caught pants-down with this gargantuan "woyome-gate" fraud, which for me, is the fraud of the millennium, the NDC is desperately trying to divert attention of Ghanaians with the arrest of Asem Dakke over the loss of alleged 77-parcels of cocaine. However, I would like to assure the NDC and their horde of shameless ‘chop-chop’ apologist, that some of us will make sure this gargantuan fraud keeps topping the news-charts and even printed on the ballot papers for the December general elections.

Pilgrimage by Volta region chiefs

And now, these Volta Region chiefs koraaaa, what at all has Woyome's gargantuan fraudulent act got to do with his benevolence to the people of his home-town? With this development, very soon, people who have been beneficiaries of benevolence of drug-pushers, armed robbers and nomadic Fulani rapists will also embark on solidarity pilgrimage to our police stations just to sing praises of arrested criminals.ooh, what a funny country!!!

.Enoch Teye Nyaunu(NDC-MP,lower-manya),in a reaction to Richard Quashigah's abject imbecility of always avoiding bread-n-butter issues and delving into plain-faced buffoonery, said that "Ghanaians are more discerning and are therefore not going to buy into this propaganda about drugs" (citi-fm,eye-witness news.9/2/12)

The EIU says it all

There is a poll on 'myjoyonline' as to whether saint Atta-Mills has handled the gargantuan "woyome-gate" scandal well? And the result, as at 6am 9/2/12 are: yes - 30.23%, no - 28.92, not at all - 40.86%

This brings the total percentage of those who believe the scandal hasn't been well-handled to 69.78% and God being our helper, these percentage figures will also turn out to be the results of this year's general elections. Again, the latest edition of EIU report says that President “Mills did himself no favours by dismissing the current Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Martin Amidu, shortly after the scandal broke. Mr. Amidu played a large part in bringing the potential wrong-doing to light. He had filed a case against Alfred Woyome to refund the payments to the government, citing that the claims were fraudulent.” The financial impropriety that has rocked the government could have far-reaching consequences for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the December elections, the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) has indicated.

I have also heard NDC propagandists, particularly Kwesi Pratt, saying that the only weapon the NDC has for the December elections is the "personal integrity" of saint Atta-Mills.Effectively,this means:1. NDC has failed as a government 2.no one in the NDC has integrity 3.if saint Atta-Mills is found not to have any grain of integrity, then the NDC must be voted out.

Personally, I can promise the good people of this nation that it is going to be proven beyond doubt that saint Atta-Mills is corrupt and that he is inextricably linked to this whole gargantuan fraud with woyome just as a smoke-screen. Therefore, if all their hopes are hinged on saint Atta-Mills' integrity, then I’m sorry to inform them that this so-called integrity is only a mirage and NDC is therefore history, as far as post 2012 governance of our dear nation is concerned!!!

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei

E-mail: justnoff@yahoo.com

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku