The anatomy of black history reveals black people are unwanted human beings

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Sun, 12 Apr 2020 Source: Joel Savage, Contributor

Decades after the abolition of slavery, the fall of colonialism power in Africa and Apartheid, it's clear to notice that Africa is struggling to be politically and economically independent, while at the same time, African-Americans are also having a very tough time to be treated equally as real Americans.

If today, there are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists and devil worshipers within our mist, then you don't have to waste your time to argue or deny that there are some people - eugenics, that think they are even above God, therefore, they can decide to who live and die.

Greed, racism, and the desire to take over African rich resources to develop Europe and the United States of America led to Africa's invasion. It was done with cruelty. The scars of slavery, colonialism, and Apartheid are still visible today.

Those physical and psychological scars have taken their toll on black people today, yet African leaders haven't learned anything significant from those bitter experiences which took place in Africa and the United States of America, against black people, to improve the lives of the suffering masses.

The black history is sad, emotional and unpalatable, yet those responsible feel so strong to call Africa a 'Shithole nation,' trying to put the blame on the corruptible African leaders, who are struggling to build a continent the US government keeps destabilizing the economies at the same time for their selfish gains.

African-Americans were used in two ways, firstly to build America and secondly, used as guinea pigs to test drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical companies in America. At one time, they were deliberately infected with the disease syphilis.

From 1932 to 1972, the USA Public Health Service carried out a study entitled "Study of untreated syphilis in the male negro in Macon County," involving 400 dark-skinned men (Africa-Americans) suffering from syphilis, who were deceived into believing that they were receiving effective treatment.

The disease and death of these men were carefully studied. 15 years later the knowledge from this study was used. From 1986 to 1989, the number of blacks in the USA suffering from syphilis increased by 132%, while the number of White Americans dropped by 69%.

The infections of the African-Americans could not have occurred as a result of sexual intercourse since at the same time there was a 23% drop in the rate of gonorrhea which was sexually transmitted. This reduction in numbers cannot be attributed to a new medication.

It, therefore, proves a reduction in the sexual spread of agents that can be sexually transmitted. The increased rate of syphilis infections of African-Americans was triggered by other methods.

The syphilis agents which were spread affected the brain at an earlier stage and particularly resistant to penicillin, compared with hitherto existing syphilis agent.

Why would a particular race be subjected to such cruelties in both America and Africa, yet the US government, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control will never admit that they want to destroy them?

America's lunacy democracy is meaningless and nothing than the oppressor, supporting European countries like Belgium, Germany, Holland, France, Portugal, etc, to commit horrible crimes in Africa with impunity.

Where did Burkitt's lymphoma, nodding disease, Kaposi's sarcoma, HIV-Aids, and Ebola come from? They were all man-made diseases triggered on the black population in Africa as biological weapons but mad scientists and the cruel US government, WHO and CDC, call them 'strange diseases.'

To find the truth, read books of the Dutch scientist, Johan van Dongen and the German medical doctor, Wolff Geisler, books that when you start reading will put you in a state of shock over crimes the US government, together with the World Health Organization had committed in Africa.

Today, look at how the coronavirus has decimated the country without any immediate solution. I only feel sorry for the death of innocent people and families that are receiving the wages of crimes the US government has committed around the globe in the past and are currently doing.

If Africans, African leaders, and African-Americans, think they are free, I need to remind them that the US government will never change its policy, since the country and entire Europe, especially, Western Europe, depend on African resources.

If America is in crisis, it affects the whole world, therefore, they will do everything both good and evil to hold the world's economy, that means whatever it takes to destroy Africa.

That's the reason today's biological weapons of Aids and Ebola are taking its toll on Africans through vaccines to depopulate the continent. The latter is the repetition of an old crime that wants to repeat itself following the coronavirus, just to take full control of Africa's resources.

It's a big pressure on African leaders about the foreign governments' clandestine crimes on the continent, yet they have no power to liberate themselves. This liberation can never be achieved until the entire African nations unite to liberate themselves.

The US government is aware that the oppression on the African continent will turn into an ugly scene one day, the reason they are secretly building military bases around the African continent to arrest the situation when African youth explodes.

However, I will remind the US government of African history, taken from a quote in Ghana that: "The bush is stronger than the cannon," that day, they will realize how useless those military bases are.

Columnist: Joel Savage, Contributor
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