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The ancient greeks predicted thousands of years ago that the NDC would be full of idiots

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Tue, 22 Dec 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

The NDC as a political party of persons had correctly been predicted and decipher National Democratic Congress by the ancient Greeks to overflow with idiots. The ancient Greeks could foretell the composition and membership of the (NDC), thousands of years before its birth through metamorphosis.

According to the Greeks who gave us the modern civilised way of living through democracy, an idiot is a selfish person who is so myopic as to pursue his or her personal interests all of the time. The idiot places his or her interests above the collective interests of the society in which they find themselves.

From the very inception of the formation of the NDC as a political party, its members have believed to be violent hence must always have their way in all things. If they can't get what they want, then nobody must get it. This is the characteristic of an idiot as understood and told by the wise ancient Greeks.

From the permanently publicly demonstrated characters by the NDC as made worse by the recent developments following election 2020 declaration of results, there is no doubt about how correctly the Greeks foresaw the NDC membership as being complete idiots.

Has John Dramani Mahama not become the Head Idiot, believing his wish must have the day but nobody's? Why is he refusing to conform to constitutionally laid down procedures to seeking redress of any grievances he may have but to resort to violence? Is not only an idiot as defined by the ancient Greeks that will behave in that bestial manner?

Again, the NDC typify the second worse characteristic of making a society difficult to live in by being tribalistic? How many times and occasions had John Dramani Mahama not campaigned in the northern part of Ghana asking the people there to vote for him because he is of their northern extraction, and truly, his hearers doing exactly as he says or requests?

We should rather strive to be citizens, the best human characteristic prescribed by the ancient Greeks for the harmonious living of people in a society or a country.

Has the current liberator President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, not subscribed to this principle wholeheartedly and advised Ghanaians to do same? Had he not requested Ghanaians to be citizens but not spectators?

Who is a citizen as seen, understood, and defined, by the ancient Greeks? Please watch the video below to see who a citizen is. It is informative. And, you will never be the same if you watch the video and understand the import of the message therein contained.

I hope no traditional overlord would come across as an idiot in the ongoing Kumawuman chieftaincy dispute of which I have been a livid critic, and avid to help bring justice to the Kumawuman citizens through my researches, publications, pronouncements and actions. Any traditional overlord who comes out selfishly, as one is already noted to have become, will suffer my vituperation loaded with facts. I will not spare the rod to spoil the child.

Asabre Basoah, thank you for sharing the video with me hence this publication to alert Ghanaians to the fact the ancient Greeks well predicted the idiotic membership of the NDC thousands of years ago.

Don't be an idiot but a citizen!

Please, share this publication on your social media platforms to educate Ghanaians. Let us learn to be citizens but neither idiots nor tribalists.

Seasonal greetings of Merry Christmas to you from Rockson Adofo, the proud, fearless, no-nonsense, and a critical thinker son of Kumawu/Asiampa soil.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo