The average Ghanaian has suffered enough and wants a leader who genuinely cares about the people

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Tue, 1 Nov 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Everyone is aware that corruption has been a key contributor to Ghana's poverty, unemployment, and lack of progress.

Since it is simple for politicians to win the votes of the populace if they make the promise to fight against it, Ghanaians who have been afflicted by this Methuselah problem, quickly put their trust in them, only to later realize that promises were made to win votes, and the politicians instead came to upgrade corruption. Akufo Addo utilized the same strategy to get to power.

Politicians in the present administration are unwilling to speak out against corruption because it occurred under the previous administration, therefore; the problem has gotten so bad. Why do you feel the need to deceive the populace with that promise just to make their life worse if it happened under the previous administration and you are not willing to fight against it? This is why I have never supported Akufo Akufo in any way because he is a charlatan who has duped the populace.

No African country, much less a developed one, would allow that foolishness considering the tremendous corruption and crimes Akufo Addo has been implicated in while still serving as president of Ghana. The continuation of Akufo Addo as president of Ghana and the continued appointment of his relative Ken Ofori-Atta as finance minister raises concerns about the IQ of Ghanaians. Because of our ignorance and stupidity in embracing garbage, we continue to make ourselves out to be a laughingstock in the eyes of the developed world.

Many people are reluctant to criticize Akufo-Addo because they are afraid of retaliation under his ostensibly democratic regime. He has so been profiting from the public's anxiety to keep lying shamelessly. The former Ghanaian president John Mahama, COVID-19, and the Russian-Ukrainian war are all to blame for Akufo Addo's failures and incompetence. Despite the Russian government repeatedly demonstrating to him that Ghana's economy was in ruins before the war started. Akufo Addo cannot accept his failures and incompetence.

His assertion that the coronavirus epidemic is to blame for Ghana's economic collapse is provocative since he neglects to mention the significant sum of money that the NPP government embezzled from the COVID funds while being fully aware of the damaging effects of corruption on an economy.

Instead of being a leader who can guide people, the present president has shown himself to be an annoyance. Even though he has failed at everything, his avarice prevents him from accepting his shortcomings.

After condemning the former Ghanaian leader and labeling him corrupt, Ghanaians are furious with Akufo Addo for lying to them and coming to ruin their lives. Since certain NPP politicians, including journalists and judges implicated in severe red-handed corruption scandals, are still in his government, corruption has gotten worse in every region of the nation today. What do Ghanaians expect from such dishonest individuals?

Akufo Addo, a power-hungry politician, lambasted the previous president of Ghana, John Mahama, on Twitter at a time when the dollar was trading at 3.72 to the cedi, saying that Ghana needed a new leader since Mahama's poor leadership was to blame for the devaluation of the local currency. Incredibly, you can't even find a Ghanaian journalist to bring forth this severe case against the president, even though his incompetence and ongoing corruption have not only caused the economy to collapse but have also rendered the Cedi the most worthless currency with about GHC 15.00 to a dollar.

I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it: I won't stand by while some ignorant, illiterate, or unable leader wrecks my nation. Insofar as I am a Ghanaian, I shall speak out for the good of my nation, even if that means getting my head served on a silver platter like John the Baptist. Ghana is for Ghanaians, not for an individual. How is it possible for a nation with so many different resources to resemble a parched desert? It is due to a leadership crisis.

I live in Europe, so I am familiar with good politics, politics for the people, and politics for accumulating wealth. Given the terrible corruption scandals that Ken Ofor-Atta, Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, Charles Bissue, Eugene Arhin, and Paul Adom-Otchere were involved in, not even an African nation will allow them to serve as public servants. So, Akufo Addo, how are you able to sit there and tell me that your government is doing a good job combating corruption? You are a worthless joke.

The worst mistake the NPP made was trusting and selecting Akufo Addo as their presidential candidate, I wrote on February 17, 2022. In that article, I claimed that the NPP is not inherently a negative political party because leadership is a crucial factor in everything. Without any hypocrisy, you would acknowledge that Akufo Addo is the worst president in the country's political history and that his ineffective and subpar leadership has hurt Ghana.

Saying that you are aware of Ghana's struggles today does not qualify Akufo Addo as a true leader. Due to the catastrophic events, he has caused in Ghanaian politics today, the president needs to apologize to Ghanaians for misleading them, or else these events will have an impact not only on the NPP as a political party but also on any future chances for members of his family to lead or hold office in Ghanaian politics.

I would write against John Mahama in the same way that I'm doing against Akufo Addo if the NPP had been in power before the 2016 elections and Mahama had come to disparage Akufo Addo and had lied to the populace to win power. No one should therefore imply that I detest or harbor animosity for Akufo Addo.

The biggest issue with most Ghanaians is that they hate the truth. They can communicate verbally, but when asked to justify their acts, they are unable to do so.

I won't put up with Akufo Addo and Mahama's lies because they can't rule anyone in a European country with them, and won't also accept that in my country because Ghana is an African nation.

If Europe and America do accept such deceptive politics Akufo Addo had applied to gain power, their countries won't be better places for African politicians to travel and receive medical attention.

Columnist: Joel Savage