The Cathedral and the Judiciary: A case of common sense or deceptive Eucharist

Akufoaddo Sad1 President Akufo-Addo says the edifice will be an iconic centre for thanksgiving and to worship God

Mon, 27 Aug 2018 Source: Kofi Kukubor

The Religious Deception

0244 Hours GMT and I am awake being reminded of a part of my childhood Catholic closing Hymn, “Bread of Heaven feed me till I want no more” which was usually sang at the end of Sunday Service when every morsel and liquid were drained out of our body system. However, we tried to sing it hoping and looking out for some bread to appear from the Reverend Father’s tabernacle or aumbry.

The Struggle For Gastronomic Rights

It became worse when the school matron also decided to be the head of the women in the church and had to attend to the Reverend Father’s special needs after Church Service.

The Sunday lunch at 1230 Hours GMT could not be guaranteed, especially when it became clear that the duration of the special needs of the Reverend Father was dependent on emotional and hormonal comportment. The bell boy in hungry anticipation forgets the wooden handle of the bell and unconsciously attempts to strangulate the clapper of the bell. The Dining Hall Prefect was always seen moving angrily between the school pantry and the avenue leading to the Reverend Father’s residence.

This kept on until one Sunday the entire student body led by the school perfect revolted and rebelled with a Taliban precision which led to the removal of the Reverend Father who doubled as the headmaster, and the school matron. Thereafter, we ate our bread on Sundays without a stretch of our necks overlooking the tabernacle. Our fundamental gastronomical rights were fully restored and guaranteed.

The Return To Religious Slave Plantation

After we have successfully fought against The Cathedral and its unseen Eucharist at the local Mantse Agbona yard with all Bukom boxing skills, President Nana Akuffo Addo and his NPP government intends to impose a National Cathedral of monstrous Eucharistic mouth. Ravaging and consuming, humans, land, law, taxes, and judges on its path. To prove that we have arrived democratically as a nation, Nana Akuffo Addo need to build a cathedral so we can boast that we have indeed arrived.

In furtherance to this, one other person who donated 2 million Ghana Cedis to support the construction of The Cathedral stated that, “this year, we together as a board have prayed to God, and he says he needs a permanent place to abide.” You see, as Ghana celebrated its diamond year, the Ghana God says he is tired of walking about from Hamile to Elubo, Elubo to Aflao, and from Aflao to Bawku. He is tired with all the wahala in the country. No money for free SHS, no money for NHIS, no money to build hospitals and schools, no money, no money and no money. “Charlie, God taya!!

The Ghana God also needed a permanent place to reside. By so doing, the followers have to render others homeless by demolishing the property of other residents and sack them to somewhere far away to prevent noise pollution from tongue speaking and hand clapping worshippers at dawn.

The Appeal Court Judges even have no right to appeal to the law of Ghana God.

The Consumption of Our Bread

A 14 acre land belonging to us i.e. Ghanaians have been allocated for the construction of the National Cathedral. Residents including judges, have been asked to vacate the area under a certificate of urgency so as not to invoke the Mosaic burning anger of Ghana God. Residential properties with millions of cedis, and new ten six-bedroom houses built recently with our taxes for Appeal Court Judges will have to be demolished. And very expensive luxury houses will be temporarily rented to the affected judges by the government with our taxes. Thereafter, the government will acquire land to rebuild new homes for the affected judges with our taxes.

The cost of The Cathedral just like that of Basilique Notre-Dame de la Paix (The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace) built by the late President of Ivory Coast, Felix Houphouët Boigny, the cost of The Cathedral still remains a mystery. Ghanaians may need a prophetic unction to know the actual cost of The Cathedral and how much of the State’s money will be invested in it. Because Ivory Coast boasts of less than 50 percent Christian population they estimated their Basilica to have a cost of between USD175-USD600 Million. May be Ghana’s over 50 percent Christian population may guarantee some accuracy.

The Unseen Eucharist

The revenue to be generated from The Cathedral into our economy is not known. Just like the unseen bread of heaven, we may sing it, but we will not eat it. The hype that surrounded the economic benefits of The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Ivory Coast which is now a debt to the country and being administered by Polish Pallottines at a cost of US$1.5 million annually, may befall this monstrous Cathedral.

Closing Hymn

May the LORD rescue his children from emotional and hormonal decisions that take bread away from our stomachs. True worshippers worship in truth and in spirit.


Columnist: Kofi Kukubor
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