The breast we loan to our kids deserves unconditional love

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Sat, 14 Oct 2017 Source: Isaac Kyei Andoh

Grow with her beast.

When it sags, condition your mind to salivate for fallen breast: the one on her chest precisely.

Don't be looking over your shoulders for ladies with hanging firmer breast than hers. She was once like that and you had enough feel of it. She's grown past that, you too grow past that.

The success of every marriage is the ability to keep the drive after the physical things that naturally activated the desires begin to fall apart.

When the breast loses its standing, when the nipple stops pointing at you and begins to look downwards, change your taste to down looking breast.

Don't deceive yourself that your wife can keep her wedding day look all her life.

It was for a stage. If something changes and you have issues, know that you are the problem. It's you who has refused to grow.

Allow the unmarried ladies keep their point-and- kill breast for the young men. You messed up one, live with it and love it.

It is lovely when you love her for who she is. It is lovely when you know that the best breast is the one you're with regardless of its posture.

If you think it is not good enough after you and your kid have sucked the life out of it: remember that it is you who is refusing to grow.

Men, as we grow, our sexual desires must change in accordance with the direction of our spouse’s physical development. If she can live with you in spite of the fact that your six packs has become one big pack, you should live and love and desire the new body she has like you did on the wedding day.

Time changes, our body changes: our heads should always follow that direction: change too.

To the single ladies out there, the married men chasing you are only after what they took away from their wives.

You are just being used to satisfy a desire born out of his immaturity and deliberate refusal to grow.

You are just the prey for his stupidity

Don't be a tool for prolonging his childishness.

Say no to breast cancer

Isaac Kyei Andoh

Columnist: Isaac Kyei Andoh