The bribery allegation in parliament, denials all over

Newwboakye Agyarko899 Energy and Petroleum Minster, Boakye Agyarko was accused of bribing Appointments C'ttee

Tue, 7 Feb 2017 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Those members of Parliament involved in the bribery case swore with the holy Bible that they NEVER paid any bribe to anybody and the accusers. Another swore by the Holy Koran that he never collected bribe money from anybody to be shared among the appointment committee members, you must rather swear and curse yourselves with “Antoa Nyamaa” if you are men with balls in between your thighs. In reaction to their false Denials, God quickly sent a powerful storm to rip off the roofing sheet of parliament House amidst heavy rain, on Tuesday 31st January, 2017. Ghanaians must not be surprised if the NPP majority in parliament start demanding bribes from President Akuffo Addo in order to pass bills in parliament as they did to Ex-Prez. Kufuor during the sale of Ghana Telecom. Again, we must not be surprised if the NPP government sells the whole country (Ghana) over a dinner table. With their new found power, they would divide Ghana and depopulate her.

ENTER DR. BAWUMIA Any time the NPP comes to power, they always change the National Currency and people who matter most look on-Why? He is an impatient hot headed vice president who has the tendency to rush to the public without cross checking his facts or taking the time to understand the rationale for reforms and initiatives since an amount of Gh¢7 billion that the NDC government failed to disclose as the amount is part of a contract database and outstanding commitments. Again, as Dr. Bawumia was beaming with smiles and excited that both the majority and minority members of parliament were around when he visited parliament to inspect the damage caused by the rain storm, he falsely stated that “we are together, once Ghana, one people “trying to do the peoples business. The vice president made that deceitful remarks at a time his NPP majority in parliament were busy amending the local Government Bill 2017 to pass the Bill which restored the power of the president to REVOKE THE APPOINTMENT OF GOVERNMENT APPOINTEES TO THE ASSEMBLIES as the Minority walked out of parliament, Is this one Ghana with one People? Come Again, Mr. vice President. The NPP will soon tell you where you belong on top. The NDC is a Builder whiles the NPP is demolisher. They cant unite the country. Parliament is too important an institution to be sacrificed for the NPP as a political party. For me, I don’t blame the NPP government, I blame the NDC leaders who turned deaf ears to several petitions from the grassroots complaining about some party executives and government appointees who were running down the party and driving some active foot soldiers away from the party then in government. Even when one points out some mistakes to the party executives in the constituencies, they run to the Regions and paint you black and they had backing of the Regional Executives. Today, it is all over, isn’t it? We are all feeling the heat, but the only difference between them and the foot soldiers is that, they have amassed wealth whilst the footsoldiers wallow in object poverty and so with anger and frustration, most of them refused to vote for the NDC as well as the NPP. I mean they simply refused to go out and vote on 7th December, 2016. The hard hitting progressive articles that I have been writing in the media since 1992 were seen by some Constituency and Regional Executives as well as government appointees as destroying the great NDC, How sad it is. You see, the only thing HARDER than what you are feeling now is QUITING. Because you HAVE FAILED does not make you a FAIULURE. Is that clear? Look here, I will NEVER QUIT because, I am a citizen Not a Spectator. Is anybody Listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done “Jaanbie/ Iwaii” Aluta Continua!

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement