The chattering of the infidels – Roads & highways on track

Tue, 23 Jan 2018 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

When we wrestled power from the disarrayed, confused, and failed John Mahama, the NDC machinery rushed to dish out to their urchins last minute contracts with inflated figures, as they engaged in free for all, bagging cash, and looting State Property. They purposelessly bloviated about unprecedented achievements that were sincerely non-existent except to say that they could only be unprecedented in the disgraceful precedent of unequivocal sullenness, pettiness, and shambolic nature of their rather unmatched theft, dishonesty, and creative mischief!

What harm at all hasn’t been done to this nation by the NDC masters of create, loot, and share? In the matter of roads and highways, let me give my fellow Ghanaians a brief. During the tenure of NDC’s Inusah Fusseini as Minister for Roads and Highways, the Presidential Projects were a treasure box of infinite free-bonto money that, it was alleged, he continuously tapped into. I was, also, reliably informed that the big projects were given to a select few, John Mahama’s sister including. Furthermore, it was alleged that when this woman stormed the ministry, the officers took cover, whispering to one another the monotonous news, “Madam aba ooo madam aba!” When she came around, it meant that she was about to shake the ministry to take her share of the money. And folks, she was LOUD, I was told.

So you can imagine how road contracts were executed. It was said that a contract given was executed quarter or half ways. Certificates raised were for the whole project. The contractor got paid, and no one seemed to care because some collusion paved the unfinished parts of the road in the blind eyes of corrupt officers. There was hardly any serious form of inspection, which was even overlooked where same had to be made.

Many of those contracts remained unpaid at the time of elections when embattled John Mahama was soundly beaten by current President Nana Akufo-Addo. As the NPP moved to take over the reins of power, the new government soon realised that it had walked into a quagmire of empty coffers and the bogs of bankruptcy. The IMF had taken charge of Ghana’s economy, giving the government two lists: what-to-do, and what-not-to-do!

The economic management team, headed by the astute economic magician, Vice President Dr Mahmoud Bawumia, may ALLAH grant him long life, took the necessary steps of austerity to control the freefall of our economy. Soon that was arrested, and, steadily but surely, the nation began to pull out of the mud. We are almost out, folks! Soon we will be back on track as we speed supersonically en route to the Promised Land with His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo at the steer.

That said, I want to register my disappointment with the ways of some people who, having had raw and unrestrained sex with the NDC, come to sing the praise of the NPP. They think that they can outsmart us with their ways that they camouflage with seeming affiliation and closeness to the corridors of Power. They threaten to report the current Minister for Roads and Highways, Honourable Amoako-Atta, to the President and other powerful personalities. They think that such utterances would scare him or for that matter the NPP persons who have actually added their might to help propel the bandwagon forward, and still are pushing! They think the President, if they should ever reach him, will fall for their cheap jokes.

Well, let me tell them a story. Once upon a time, Jesus Christ was sent by GOD to redeem the strayed people of the day. He succeeded to a certain extent and was raised to a heavenly abode. Before then he preached the long awaited anti-Christ, which we Muslims were informed about by Mohammed (peace and blessings be unto him), too. This anti-Christ would be slain by Jesus upon his second coming. In same, manner, NPP came in 2001 and cleaned the mess of PNDC/NDC. Then the anti-Christ governments of Atta-Mills/John Dramani Mahama, came to destroy the gains of humanity. Now, again, the NPP is back in power and has slain the anti-Christ forever.

So, the road to prosperity, blessings, and favour are now being resurfaced by Amoako-Atta; and he is doing a good job at it too. He will not pay for bad projects of the NDC except after auditing, and that is why some people are crying foul. They just do not want to be exposed. What they need to understand is that those projects that were paid for under his watch were audited and ascertained to be of good standing or were audited and adjusted to reflect the appropriate reading, then they got paid.

Kwame Adinkra of Abusua fm should be ashamed of himself for taking Amoako-Atta on. Is he so ignorant of the massive scale of work on the Honourable’s hands while he streamlines what the NDC jumbled up? Is Kwame Adinkra not aware that there may be slight delays in executing some promises given the considerable load on Amoako-Atta’s hands? Why did Kwame Adinkra keep his mouth shut in the face of the numerous unfulfilled promises of John Mahama and the terrorist liars of the NDC?

What was he receiving from the NDC that he seemed to be okay with unfulfilled promises, especially the lies about having completed the eastern and western corridors? Couldn’t he have been a little patient with Amoako-Atta, who is set to amend the four roundabouts along the kantinkrono road between KNUST and Boadi? It seems Kwame Adinkra accepted the idea of unfulfilled promises of John Mahama, but cannot accept to keep his mouth shut with the slight tactical delay of Amoako-Atta’s promise. Mtcheeew!


Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi