The clergy and politicians must educate the youth

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Fri, 22 Jul 2016 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The 31st December Revolution was launched to push Ghanaians to live transparent lives in which our consideration for our neighbours would be as high as we would wish it for ourselves.

Well, there is an old saying that "money is everything. Yes, in our world today 2016, money has become central to life; to choice of career; to one’s education and in fact to everything and yet, Rawlings did not train Cadres with money, since the PNDC era until the time he left office on January 6th 2001.

He trained us to sacrifice for our nation, Ghana. Therefore, Cadres including this writer sacrificed their lives in the early hours of the Revolution in 1982 honestly believing that Ghana would be a BETTER AND SAFE PLACE with Equal opportunities for all Ghanaians. We did not know that we would be asked to take the Revolution, while they (PNDC members, Regional Secretaries, District Secretaries and District Organizing Assistance of CDR’s took the money as ex-gratia awards upon the coming into force of constitutional rule when the NDC was formed in 1992 – 24 years ago until today 2016.

When the NPP came to power by default in the year 2000 under former President Kufour they said President Rawlings did NOTHING throughout the 19 years; that he had been in power but today 2016, the same NPP leaders are now the close friends of the Rawlingses – how sad.

You see, the NPP has a culture in which vice is Virtue since the National Liberation Movement (NLM) era to date 2016.

They glorify savagery otherwise they would not have erected Dr. J.B Danquah’s statue in Central Accra and that of Obetseby Lamptey at the Kaneshie Circle also in Accra, because they falsely believe that Ghana belong to them.

Therefore, If Ghanaians should fire shots over these nasty state of affairs in the country, then the targets are there for all to see and they can easily be crushed in a manner determined by the satanic intensions of the violent prone NPP for their role in glorifying savagery by erecting those statues of J.B. Danquah and Obetseby Lamptey at the two roundabouts in Accra because it is a big insult to the people of Ghana.

How on earth can we honour and praise Danquah and Obestseby Lamptey for their roles in killing innocent men, women and children between 1951 – 1966 throughout their numerous bomb throwing in their political fight with the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, first Prime Minister and first President of the Ghana who was finally overthrown violently on 24th February 1966.

These statues should not have been there because they are the statues of traitors who destroyed and crippled Ghana. You see, it is better to face the truth, no matter how bitter and painful than to result to soothing falsehood like what the NPP members have been doing since 1992 to date 2016, in order to satisfy their selfish ends.

All Ghanaians fear death, after that, the next thing all Ghanaians fear again, is the truth, and by so doing, we are killing the moral fibre of our society.

Today, go to most churches in Ghana and start speaking the truth and you will see some Pastors, Prophets and Bishops fleeing through the windows of their churches since they always turn their Bibles upside down and preach money, money, money, while praying for little salvation, honesty and patriotism.

They would never preach against tribalism, corruption, greed, dishonesty and stealing in the society as well as armed robbery and drug abuse because all what they know is wealth – period. Therefore, If Ghana is facing serious challenges, whose false is it? It is the clergy and not the President of the Republic of Ghana because the Clergy men and women meet the people every week and others meet with them daily.

If this is not done, our future graduates will have a very different education. Our country, Ghana has come a long way since her independence on March 6th 1957.

Dear Reader, keep your fingers crossed, I Shall Return.

Writer's e-mail: clementsang@yahoo.com

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement