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The clock to save life

The clock to save life

Sat, 25 May 2013 Source: Mohammed, Ali

On the other side of the coin, are the few bad ones. Those who are

constantly dragging the image of the profession into the mud, as the

saying goes; in every house there is "Mensah", they are those who fell

into the profession by accident and some too by

the "stepping stone phenomema" They roar at the sick at the least

provocation as if they have land dispute problems with them. They

either do not understand

the nurses' pledge or attach any significance to it which states in

stanza three " I promise to respect at all times the dignity of the

patient in my charge".

The Ghanaian nurse since time immemorial have worked tremendously for

the sake of mankind. Their work deserve better remuneration, better

condition of service, respect and publicity. When their two sisters in

the health sector embarked on strike demanding what others described

as "avaricious demand", the Ghanaian nurse for the sake of mankind was

in the ward attending to that unconscious patient who have soiled

himself from head to toe with vomitus, urine and faecal matter,

dressing that stinky gangrenous wound, carrying bedpan and what have

you. Those in the psychiatric wards are sometimes physically attacked

by restless, anxious and deluded patients. Some staffs have lost their

eyes, teeth, others with broken limbs some of which eventually led to

their deaths, without any insurance cover nor “risk allowance”. As for

the rotation nurses, the little you talk of them the better. Ghanaian

nurses need a sturdy association with leaders who can always

mount the negotiation table and hold the bull by the horns for the

betterment of their condition of service. May God bless the hand that

cares for the sick.

Ghanaian nurses, AYEKOO, your reward is in heaven.

By: Ali Mohammed(Chibaro Ali), a staff nurse at

Ankaful Psyciatric Hospital.

Email: chibaroali@gmail.com.

Facebook: Chibaro Ali.

Mob: 0242122597

Columnist: Mohammed, Ali